TDG Chapter 395 Teaser

Ancestral Master Daozang’s voice drifted. “I am only a remnant of intent left behind inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Like the others, I also have a reincarnation. However, I do not know where my reincarnation is, at this moment.”

How would it be easy to find the reincarnations of six people?

If Nie Li couldn’t break the Sage Emperor’s seal on time and space, then he wouldn’t be able to kill the Sage Emperor. Nie Li felt even more pressured.

After all, the Sage Emperor had controlled this space-time for tens of millions of years already. No matter how Nie Li tried to plan things out, destroying the Sage Emperor’s law was still a momentous task. However, his chances would increase if he could find those six reincarnations.

After all, those six were supreme experts from ancient times. Even though they were reincarnations, they’d still possess frightening bloodlines.