TDG Chapter 393

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Chapter 393 – Mysterious Aura

The experts returned to the task at hand: staring at the crystal jade wall and attempting to comprehend the chant inscribed on it.

Suddenly, Nie Li began to rapidly write inscription patterns, which imprinted themselves upon the crystal jade wall.

At first, everyone thought that Nie Li was only fooling around. But suddenly, the crystal jade wall began glowing and Nie Li’s figure began to fade.

“What’s going on?”

“Stop him!”

Several experts stood up at the same time and tried to stop Nie Li.

However, they could only watch as Nie Li swiftly entered the crystal jade wall and disappeared.

The crowd was dumbfounded. Could the method for entering the crystal jade wall actually be something easy? It’s just that no one had attempted it before? If they’d known that this was going to happen, then they would’ve detained Nie Li and interrogated him!

Wu Yazi was also dumbfounded; he never expected Nie Li to be able to enter. He turned to Xiao Yu and asked, “So, Nie Li knew how to enter?”

Xiao Yu shrugged. “I don’t know, either. Maybe it was by luck?”

Wu Yazi was extremely crestfallen. Nie Li had gone in without him! Wouldn’t Nie Li go ahead and snatch all the main hall’s treasures, leaving nothing for himself?

Wu Yazi glanced at Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was still here. He didn’t know if Nie Li would return, but he could only patiently wait.

Some of the experts approached the crystal jade wall to study it.

One expert copied Nie Li and knocked on the surface a few times. Aside from the echoes, he found nothing.

He thought about it a little. Those two person wrote some inscription patterns before entering… Therefore, he too, began writing on the wall. The inscription patterns glowed brightly as they sunk into the crystal jade wall.


That expert couldn’t help showing an expression of glee as he watched the wall in excitement.

Suddenly, with a *boom*, that expert was sent flying by a surge of energy that shot out from the crystal jade wall. He soared for a few dozen meters before he landed heavily on the floor. His entire body was charred and smoking. His legs twitched a few times before his entire body stilled.

At the sight of that, the other experts who were trying to enter all decided to back off. Their hearts were stunned and their scalps tingled as they no longer dared to experiment.

The crystal jade wall wasn’t that easy to solve. One wrong move and a price must be paid.

They’d managed to enter the Void Illusionary Divine Palace only with great effort, and had been given a chance to comprehend an exceptional cultivation technique. How could they bear to leave?

The experts returned to their seats and continued comprehending the crystal jade wall.

Wu Yazi glanced at the charred corpse. Nie Li was extremely knowledgeable; it wasn’t surprising that he knew how to enter the crystal jade wall. Wu Yazi then wondered about the person who’d gone in before Nie Li. But either way, Wu Yazi himself didn’t have a shot at entering, so he decided to stay there and comprehend the crystal jade wall.

Xiao Yu looked at the crystal jade wall in a daze. She didn’t know why, but she felt a pang of sadness. Nie Li was like a comet, a bright star that would appear, then disappear from her life.

Right now, she was two ranks beneath Nie Li in cultivation. And that gap would only grow wider in the future.

Suddenly, she sensed two mysterious auras flowing together within her soul realm, which then rushed through her four limbs and all her meridians. These two auras definitely had some sort of connection to the ring on her right hand.

Xiao Yu had always been aware of those two auras inside herself, protecting her. Whenever she suffered a setback or encountered a difficulty in her cultivation, they would always appear to her aid.

She didn’t know where they were from, but she sensed that they were related to her origins. They were a part of the reason she pursued the origins of her birth.

An energy rushed into her soul realm and stimulated the Demon Blood Sacrifice.

Xiao Yu’s cultivation shot like an arrow as it surged and raged.

Even Xiao Yu was astonished by the development, and realised she couldn’t completely control the energy.


The eighth fate soul ignited inside her soul realm, followed by the ninth.

In the center of the ninth fate soul, a small star quietly appeared, filled with boundless energy.

It was the fate star!

Once a person comprehends their fate soul’s energy, they can step into the Heavenly Star Realm!

Wu Yazi was peacefully cultivating when he suddenly sensed Xiao Yu’s aura surge to 9-fate. He even had the vague feeling that she’d broken through to the Heavenly Star Realm.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu, those bastards! This cultivation speed was too insane. How could they possibly make consecutive ranks? Usually, it takes dozens of years to break through a single rank. At the very least, it takes a few months. How could these two possibly exist in this universe?

Even Xiao Yu was inwardly surprised by her progress. The power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice was great, indeed, but she sensed that her two mysterious auras were even stronger than that.

The two auras danced within her soul realm for a while longer, before rushing from her chest to her eyes. Suddenly, Xiao Yu’s eyes were filled with divine light.

The crystal jade wall suddenly became strange and contorted to her, while the inscription patterns clearly displayed themselves before her.

She suddenly understood it all. So that’s the method to entering the crystal jade wall!

Xiao Yu stood up and approached the wall.

“Wait up!” Wu Yazi called out to Xiao Yu.

Wu Yazi had a feeling that Xiao Yu knew how to open the crystal jade wall.

“What is it?” Xiao Yu halted her steps and looked at Wu Yazi.

Wu Yazi rubbed his hands and chuckled as he transmitted his voice to Xiao Yu. “Brother Xiao Yu, please tell me how to enter the crystal jade wall. You can’t just both go in and leave me out here, all alone. Besides, since I’m a Heavenly Axis Realm, I can protect you!”

Xiao Yu thought about it for a moment, then decided that there was no harm in letting Wu Yazi follow them; on the contrary, it might even benefit them. Nie Li might end up fighting the Demon Lord, so it’d be nice to have an extra fighter. She lifted her right hand and pointed at Wu Yazi. Lines of inscription patterns flowed into Wu Yazi’s mind.

It’s the method for entering the crystal jade wall!

Wu Yazi’s heart shook. It looked like he’d really underestimated Xiao Yu. This guy was capable of transmitting inscription patterns directly into his mind. A Dao of Dragon Realm expert might not even be able to do that, but Xiao Yu wasn’t even a Heavenly Star Realm, yet. Wu Yazi felt cold shivers all over his body, despite the normal temperature in the room.

Both Nie Li and Xiao Yu were too mysterious and impossible to predict.

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