TDG Chapter 392 Teaser

Nie Li sat under the Spiritual Void Wall with the verses of the chant projected on his retinas.

It was the [God Tongue] cultivation technique!

This cultivation technique was created by a supreme expert. Reaching the limit, you’d be able to gain Deity ranked power.

The [God Tongue] cultivation technique was on par with the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique.

Could the owner of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace be the legendary Ancestral Master Daozang, the same one who’d created the [God Tongue] cultivation technique?

The Ancestral Master Daozang was an extremely formidable figure.

He was also one of the most mysterious figures lost to history. No one knew anything about his life, only that he’d fought and held his own against the full-strength Sage Emperor. He hadn’t won, but he’d manage to fully escape. Afterwards, he sealed away the Sage Emperor’s demonic bone, and vanished without a trace.

Nie Li wondered whether this Void Illusionary Divine Palace was actually…