TDG Chapter 391 Teaser

Chapter 391 – Spiritual Void Wall

They walked for another several hundred meters before they finally reached a set of stairs and headed up.

The trio slowly ascended the flight of steps and entered a majestic hall.

This hall was several hundred meters in radius, and extremely spacious without a single stone pillar in sight. At the other end of the hall was a mysterious mural depicting a fierce demon beast and a shirtless human in intense combat. Behind them was a vast starry sky where a pair of eyes calmly observed everything.

Nie Li stared at the painting. It wasn’t the demon beast or the human that caught his attention; it was the eyes in the starry sky. An existence akin to the king of gods.

Even though it was only a mural, Nie Li felt a massive pressure bearing down on him, so heavy that it nearly stopped his breathing.

Even though it was just a pair of eyes, Nie Li knew that they belonged to the Sage Emperor.