TDG Chapter 387

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Chapter 387 – Unlucky

Nie Li had thoroughly studied the Celestial Bound Inscription Pattern Array.

Densely packed inscription patterns reconstructed themselves within his mind. Nie Li had fully grasped the layout of the entire chamber, and knew exactly where the traps and safe spots were located. As for earlier, when he told Wu Yazi that one misstep could activate the Celestial Bound Inscription Pattern Array… he was bluffing.

Wu Yazi was completely in the dark, and probably frightened of Nie Li.

Since one wrong step could get him bound to death by the Celestial Bound Inscription Pattern Array, how could he dare move independently?

Nie Li stood before the third treasure chest, which was located at the heart of the Celestial Bound Inscription Pattern Array. This spot was surrounded by traps, and was the one with the most security measures.

It was very likely that this chest contained the most valuable treasure!

Nie Li lowered his head to study the chest that was covered with strange inscription patterns, different from the chests that Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi had unlocked. This pattern was rigged; if you couldn’t unlock it on the first try, it would trigger the traps!

Nie Li began writing inscription patterns onto the chest. The lid creaked open, inch by inch.

Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi were dumbfounded. Neither of them would ever be able to crack such a complex array of inscription patterns.


The inscription pattern lock opened all the way.

Nie Li leaned down and lifted the chest’s lid away. The instant he did so, the brilliant glow of the treasure within leapt out of the chest and dazzled their eyes.

A flood of Heavenly Energy saturated the hall.

Wu Yazi’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Just what kind of treasure could possibly contain such majestic Heavenly Energy?

Nie Li peered into the chest and saw a jade strip1 with the image of a mysterious demon spirit engraved upon it. It looked simple and unadorned on the outside, but still held an imposing presence.

Nie Li stared at the unadorned jade strip and traces of emotions flashed through his eyes.

He never expected to find this in a such a place!

According to the legends, there are ten Evil Warding Jade Strips, created by the first ancestor of the human clans and scattered throughout the worlds. Each strip contains thirty-six thousand inscription pattern incantations, each of which has a different use. Once in awhile, one of the strips would turn up somewhere and thus would begin an intense battle for ownership.

Most of the inscription patterns were used to suppress the demon clans. For example, the Evil Warding Jade Strip could be activated to suppress the aura of an enemy demon by at least thirty percent. He could also inject his demon opponent with the strip’s inscription pattern incantations, which could then suppress the demon’s bloodline.

Those were only a few examples. There were many, many more uses to the Evil Warding Jade Strip; even the ancient records didn’t know all of them.

This was definitely an extraordinary find!

With a flick of his right hand, Nie Li tossed the Evil Warding Jade Strip into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Having obtained this Evil Warding Jade Strip made everything worth it, even if he ended up killed by Wu Yazi.

Wu Yazi hastily called, “Hey, hey, hey! I didn’t get to see what kind of treasure you found. Why’d you put it away already?”

Nie Li didn’t even let him take a look!

The Heavenly Energy had surged when Nie Li opened the chest; it proved that the treasure wasn’t something ordinary. However, Nie Li had put it away without giving Wu Yazi a single look!

Nie Li waved his hand in dismissal. “It’s just something ordinary. There’s no need to worry about it!”

Wu Yazi showed a bitter expression. Nie Li was just too cruel. But either way, whatever Nie Li found would end up as his in the end. Wu Yazi thought that to himself, restrained his curiosity, and let it pass. “Fine. How do I open the fourth treasure chest?”

“Alright. Follow my instructions. Left three, forward six…” Nie Li began instructing Wu Yazi until he reached the fourth treasure chest, lowered his head, and opened it.


Another golden puppet popped out from the treasure chest and pounced towards Wu Yazi.

Wu Yazi’s fist landed on the golden puppet, shattering it.

Another one, dammit!

Aside from the puppet, the treasure chest was empty. There was nothing inside.

Wu Yazi almost wailed at that. Why him? Why did Nie Li and Xiao Yu’s treasure chests have all the amazing treasures, while his only had puppets?

Wu Yazi forlornly glared at Nie Li. “You’re doing this on purpose!”

Nie Li looked back at him and said, “Wu Yazi, are you trying to break our agreement? There are over twenty unopened chests; how was I supposed to know what’s inside? We agreed that we’d all pick a chest and try our luck! Furthermore, my chest had an inscription pattern lock on it. Even if I gave it to you, you wouldn’t be able to open it!”

Xiao Yu couldn’t help herself from secretly laughing. She’d also noticed that Nie Li was doing it on purpose! Otherwise, the situation never could’ve turned out that way — that her chest and Nie Li’s held astounding treasures, while Wu Yazi had landed two puppets in a row.

“Fine, fine. I won’t argue with you!” Wu Yazi couldn’t help mumbling to himself as he thought more ruthlessly in his heart. ‘They can hold onto the treasures for now. I’ll take it back later. It’ll be the same, anyways.’

What Wu Yazi didn’t know was that Nie Li’s treasures had been stored away into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Therefore, Wu Yazi wouldn’t be able to get it back, even if he killed Nie Li.

Nie Li knew what Wu Yazi was planning; that was why he’d been stringing Wu Yazi along. Wu Yazi was thinking of killing them after they exited the Void Illusionary Divine Palace; otherwise, he would’ve lost his temper a long time ago. How else could he watch one treasure after another land in someone else’s pocket?

Xiao Yu opened another chest. It was a Grade 7 artifact, a set of battle armour. It had to be worth millions of spiritual stones, at the very least!

Wu Yazi’s heart trembled with envy!

‘Take, take. I’ll let you take all you want, after we get out of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, it’ll all be mine!’ Wu Yazi thought hatefully. Only then did his jealousy lessen.

Nie Li opened the fifth treasure chest, which held a Grade 7 artifact, a Long Sword. Another considerably priced treasure. It wasn’t as great as his Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, so he didn’t have much of a use for it. But it was still better than nothing.

Wu Yazi’s eyes almost fell out as he stared. He could only stand by and watch as Nie Li put away the Grade 7 Long Sword artifact. Afterwards, he followed Nie Li’s instructions and moved to the seventh2. Another puppet popped out.

Wu Yazi punched and destroyed it.

He was much more calm and collected this time. He didn’t expect anything after killing the puppet.

Nie Li shook his head and sighed. “Brother Wu Yazi really has terrible luck. To think you opened three puppets in a row!”

Wu Yazi’s brows twitched at that. If he didn’t have other plans, he would’ve already exploded and started a fight with Nie Li. To think Nie Li was still heaping insults on him!

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  1. The ancient Chinese wrote on thin strips of bamboo, then strung them together into books. Except this one seems to be made of jade. Google “Chinese bamboo book”.
  2. The raws said he moved to the seventh.


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