TDG Chapter 386 Teaser

The trio stepped into the side chamber and were greeted by the sight of a grand hall, hundreds of meters in radius, supported by towering stone pillars that were dozens of meters high.

Everything, from the ground to the pillars to the walls, was filled with mysterious inscription patterns.

The designs spiderwebbed over every surface and filled every possible crack and crevice.

Dozens of chests, forged of pure gold, were scattered throughout the hall. Each one was tightly shut, concealing its contents from prying eyes. Embedded into the lid of each chest was a Luster Pearl, magnificent and dazzling to the eyes.

One could tell that the chest’s contents definitely weren’t ordinary, just by looking at the craftsmanship of the chest.

Wu Yazi’s eyes glowed with greed when he laid eyes on the chests. He wanted to immediately rush forward and open them.

Nie Li extended a hand to stop Wu Yazi. “Do you want to die?”