TDG Chapter 385 Teaser

Chapter 385 – Illusion

Both Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu’s hearts trembled at Nie Li’s words.

Nie Li’s expression was graver than ever before. His mood affected Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu, making them serious as well, as they scrutinised their surroundings.

Nie Li stood in the center of the thick pillars and saw a faint sheen light up the space before him. It was a transparent wall that loomed before them, preventing them from taking another step forward. Nie Li quickly wrote down a few inscription patterns, which glowed brilliantly before forming a large inscription pattern array that projected itself onto the unseen barrier.


The inscription pattern array exploded and a majestic energy swept over them. The five pillars that surrounded them shook violently, and began cracking.

The earth trembled with the force of earthquakes.