TDG Chapter 384

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Chapter 384 – Outer Hall

Long Tianming had traces of demon blood power in him?

NIe Li looked at Wu Yazi and asked, “How did you sense it?”

“There’s a trace of demon blood hidden within his body. No one else, not even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, unless he releases it. But don’t forget about who I am. I’m a member of the Divine Blooded Raccoon Clan; my ability to sense bloodlines is much sharper, and isn’t something that an ordinary human can compare to!” Wu Yazi proudly stated.

Nie Li nodded. The Divine Blooded Raccoon was an extremely mysterious clan. Even Nie Li wasn’t well aware of their abilities. There were also very little records of their capabilities.

It would be impossible for a human to obtain the Demon Blood Sacrifice without the willing aid of a demon.

“Could someone from one of the demon clans have helped him complete the Demon Blood Sacrifice?”

Wu Yazi smiled bitterly and shook his head. “I can sense that his demon blood wasn’t obtained through ordinary methods. As for how, specifically, I’m not sure.”

Nie Li looked at Wu Yazi and asked, “Don’t you have ways to investigate?”

“The only way would be to tie him up and use my Divine Blooded Raccoon Clan’s secret technique. However, that’d be too difficult. In our exchange just now, I realised that I’m actually not his match. I can protect myself, but if we really fought, I might be on his level if I mobilised the power within my bloodline. However, overpowering him is impossible,” said Wu Yazi. “Furthermore, I don’t know how much stronger he could become, if he merges with his demon spirit and activates his demon blood.”

Nie Li went silent for a moment before he responded. “Forget about it. Let’s just kill all his underlings and leave him all alone, by himself!”

It looked like killing Long Tianming was impossible. If that was the situation, then he’d let Wu Yazi do the things that could still be done.

“That’s easy! Wait for the good news!” Wu Yazi said as he launched another attack.

Nie Li observed the far-off figure of Long Tianming with a deep expression. In his previous life, the fall of the Divine Feathers Sect must have been connected to Long Tianming. After the fall of the sect, Long Tianming had left for the Ancestral God Land. A hundred years after that, the Ancestral God Land had been destroyed by golden flames. Nie Li wondered whether that was connected to Long Tianming as well.

Long Tianming was hiding a lot of things about himself. The more Nie Li dredged, the more he realised how complex Long Tianming was.

Nie Li had always vaguely sensed that Long Tianming was a threat.

Xiao Yu noticed Nie Li’s peculiar expression, and sensed that he must have discovered something. “Nie Li, what did you find?”

“Nothing much. Be careful of this Long Tianming from now on. Especially for you. It’ll be better if you limit your contact with him. Keep yourself as far away from him as possible!” Nie Li replied.

Xiao Yu was surprised. “Why?”

Why her, specifically?

“Just listen to me!” said Nie Li. Xiao Yu’s body concealed her parents’ consciousness. If Long Tianming realised that, it’d probably attract quite a bit of trouble. However, Nie Li felt that it wasn’t yet the time to tell her those things.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help mumbling to herself, “Why should I have to listen to you? You’re not even giving me a reason! Aren’t you being a little too overbearing?”

However, she still replied in acknowledgement.

Wu Yazi was already taking action over there. Even though Long Tianming was stronger than him, Wu Yazi was from the Divine Blooded Raccoon Clan; his speed wasn’t something that Long Tianming could match. He launched one guerilla attack after another, and Long Tianming’s men fell in that order.

What was originally thirty people became twenty, then ten. Finally, only Long Tianming and Long Liu were left.

Long Tianming was so enraged, he was almost smoking. He’d tried to catch Wu Yazi several times already, but he was only able to see the afterimages of Wu Yazi. Wu Yazi clearly didn’t want to confront Long Tianming head-on; that’s why he’d been sneaking around and attacking those who couldn’t guard against him.

The Raccoon Clans had simply unimaginable speed.

All of Long Tianming’s subordinates had been killed, except for Long Liu.

“Let’s get out of here!” Long Tiaming snarled in rage. With Long Liu in tow, he quickly flew off and disappeared.

Wu Yazi landed back beside Nie Li and Xiao Yu, and shrugged. “I dealt with the ones I could deal with. The only ones left were those two, who were a bit troublesome. Let’s just forget about them!”

Nie Li couldn’t help smiling lightly at Long Tianming and Long Liu’s sorry-looking silhouettes. This was probably the worst defeat that Long Tianming had ever suffered. However, this was still just the beginning of Nie Li’s fight with him.

Nie Li smiled back at Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu and said, “Alright, let’s go! Follow me closely, and make sure you don’t fall behind more than three meters. Otherwise, don’t blame me for getting lost!”

Under Nie Li’s lead, the three of them headed for the center of the Thousand Illusionary Array.

Outside the Thousand Illusionary Array

Experts from various majors sects were gathered here. Quite a few of them were of the Dao of Dragon Realm.

Everyone here had heard of the name “Void Illusionary Divine Palace”. They’d visited this location numerous times in attempts to enter; however, they’d always failed. Some simply gave up, while others still dropped by whenever the Void Illusionary Divine Palace reopened.

Regardless of whether they were from one of the three demonic sects or the six divine sects, they were all powerful experts, who eyed each other like tigers stalking their prey.

Several hundreds of forces, which amounted to at least a hundred thousand people, were all searching for the entrance to the Thousand Illusionary Array.

Some of them were lucky, having already found the entrance, and had entered. Others were still locked out and wandered around the border.

However, even if there were some people who’d managed to enter the Thousand Illusionary Array, entering the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was still a difficult feat. As difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Long Tianming and Long Liu were circling the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, totally trapped within the array. They were unable to distinguish their directions, and kept circling back to their starting point. The two of them were almost driven insane.

While that was happening, Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi were walking onwards, following Nie Li’s lead. As they drew closer and closer to the Void Illusionary Palace, the landscapes flashed as if they were viewing them from the back of a horse’s back.

Wu Yazi was astonished from the bottom of the heart. This Thousand Illusionary Array was nothing to Nie Li!

However, he wasn’t quite sure if Nie Li had been telling the truth, when he said that he could lay down a Thousand Illusionary Array, as well.

Roughly half an hour later, Nie Li, Xiao Yu, and Wu Yazi stood before a massive, ancient array. Five great pillars stood high and mighty, as if brushing the heavens. The area past the array formed the outer hall of the Void Illusionary Palace. The trio had yet to enter, but they could already feel the frightening pressure bearing down on them.

It was a grave and awe-inspiring force that even made Wu Yazi show respect.

Wu Yazi didn’t know which supreme expert had laid down this Void Illusionary Divine Palace, but he knew not to be rash. He was even cautious with his words.

Who knows, there might be a remnant piece of will left behind by that supreme expert!

It wasn’t just Wu Yazi; Nie Li and Xiao Yu expressed similar sentiments. Nie Li raised his head towards the majestic architecture before him and said, “Once we enter, you must listen to me. Don’t go out on your own. Otherwise, don’t blame me if you die!”

He was dead serious this time.

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  1. Why doesn’t the mc use his light, dark, and death energy? I vaguely remember him using the wings once since he got them. They made such a big deal out of one law creation, you would think that he would have shown it to the school more.

    1. Because all this time at the school and outside of it, he doesn’t want to show that he has these kinds of powers. If he does, he would gather so much attention for having such a unique power that it would hamper Nie Lie immensely. Keep in mind that that having the light, dark, and death energy, is something the school and the entire city has not seen been accomplished.

    2. The idea is to not stand out too much until the opposition can’t do anything about it. Nie Li already has to worry about people like Flameless who tried to kill Nie Li just because Skycloud wanted to talk with him, that was before he showed his God level growth rate dragon. What do you think would happen if he tacted on controlling 3 laws? He wouldn’t be able to walk out of his door without being in danger

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