TDG Chapter 384 Teaser

Chapter 384 – Outer Hall

Long Tianming had traces of demon blood power in him?

NIe Li looked at Wu Yazi and asked, “How did you sense it?”

“There’s a trace of demon blood hidden within his body. No one else, not even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, unless he releases it. But don’t forget about who I am. I’m a member of the Divine Blooded Raccoon Clan; my ability to sense bloodlines is much sharper, and isn’t something that an ordinary human can compare to!” Wu Yazi proudly stated.

Nie Li nodded. The Divine Blooded Raccoon was an extremely mysterious clan. Even Nie Li wasn’t well aware of their abilities. There were also very little records of their capabilities.

It would be impossible for a human to obtain the Demon Blood Sacrifice without the willing aid of a demon.