TDG Chapter 382 Teaser

“Stop!” Long Tianming halted his underlings as they were about to charge forward. He landed in front of them.

Long Tianming lightly cupped his hands towards Nie Li’s group of three. “It seems that there was a misunderstanding earlier. Please do forgive us! Since the three of you haven’t suffered any injuries, how about we just end things here?”

Wu Yazi’s brows twitched at Long Tianming’s words. “So it looks like you’re the one in charge. When I arrived, one of your underlings told me to ‘get lost’. Who the hell does he think he is?”

Long Tianming frowned for a moment, then said, “So it seems that one of my subordinates has been rude to you! However, you’ve also killed nine of my men. Weren’t you being a little too heavy with your attacks?”

Long Tianming didn’t want to provoke any trouble, but if Wu Yazi was going to be insistent, then he wouldn’t back down. He was already angry over the fact that nine of his underlings had been killed.