TDG Chapter 374 Teaser

Xiao Yu struggled for quite a while before he finally realised that there was no point. The only thing he could do was widen his eyes and helplessly resign himself to his fate.

After Nie Li treated Xiao Yu’s back, he turned his friend over and leaned him on the tree.

What Nie Li caught sight of there stunned him.

Xiao Yu was extremely slim, and his chest was flat and smooth. Although there were several burn wounds, it wasn’t terribly serious. A huge portion of his pearly white skin could be seen.

However, that white and unharmed skin was covered by a mysterious tattoo.

The design was extremely complex, as though it was crafted from high-level inscription patterns.

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      1. I’m guessing it is because people can’t control themselves and started to post spoilers…

        At least here in the teasers the number of spoiling can be minimized. Since not everyone reads the teaser.

    1. The inscriptions seemed familiar somehow, as if he had seen then in his previous life. He blankly stared into Xiao Yu’s pearly white washboard trying to recall. “Nei Li you lech, you already have Ye Ziyun, yet you stare straight into a mans bare body!”

      Nei Li snapped out of his deep thought and turned around. Quickly he turned around and replied “Where did did you get those inscriptions from?”

      “I’m not too sure myself, It’s like I’ve had them for as long as I could remember.” Xiao Yu shyly replied.

      Nei Li’s eyes widened as he remembers where’d seen the inscriptions. “Hmmm so that’s what it is!”

      Nei Li broke into laughter. “Hahaha I know the master that placed that inscription! Alyschu that racist shotacon!”

      “Alyschu? Shotacon?” Xiao Yu tilted his head.

      “It’s best if you didn’t know, well for now it seems that inscription won’t do you any harm.”

      -If I find Alyschu in this life time, I’ll make sure this inscription gets activated-…

      ~Alyschu was the first person I met when I entered the Draconic Ruins Realm, back then everything seemed so gloomy. However Alyschu’s spontaneous personality changed all that. All those hilarious remarks about people’s eyes, accents, and ways of doing things really broke my vicious cycle of self pity. Well there was that and what she did with me on my down time, Ye Ziyun forgive me for not being faithful.~

      Afterwards Nei Li got super powahs and confronted the Sage Emperor. And that is where the story began.

      (Alyschu is not from TDG, but from ATG… Which I haven’t started, look at the most resent update on the side bar xD)

          1. You make it sound like this here was ATG. You know nothing about things being dragged if you believe this is long…

    1. At this point, Xiao Yu struggling and the way his body and skin looks, already is an indication he is actually a woman

      Can’t help but say, couldn’t help but think that Xiao Yu was acting as he was going to be raped

          1. I agree that for justice flat chested women should always be a possibility, but apparently a bigger chest is needed for the plot.

    2. At this point, Xiao Yu struggling and the way his body and skin looks, already is an indication he is actually a woman
      Xiao Yu’s struggling almost gave the impression that he was being raped

    3. I think it’s pretty darn obvious which it is from the beginning. It’s just horrible though the way they have dragged this issue out for so many chapters. I’ll be glad to see when Nei Li finally figures it out, and can stop with the “oh what’s wrong were both guys stuff”

    4. i’m going to laugh if the inscription has been the entire reason he is so protective of his body and not because he is a she…….but i doubt it, more likely the inscription is a disguise

  1. Nei li asked Xiao Yu “this looks to be a very complicated seal on your chest, no worries I can fix this too”. As Nei Li undid the pattern one by one, Xaio Yu’s chest began to grow dramatically in size

    1. Then to Nie Li’s surprise they kept growing till they slowed down and stopped at what looked to be at least a 34DD or even a 36F! Nie li thought inwardly to himself how complex the inscription pattern really was to hold back such a magnificent pair of breast Xiao Yu has on herself.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!!

    We get a short chapter of just nie li healing xiao yu’s wounds …. Well I can see what the people were saying on the forums of this novel declining in quality. What is the author thinking?

    1. Author is thinking, “Hmm, now i’m out of ideas. time skip? or make a new antagonist? fuuu. well. at least i left this mystery, wonder how long i can draw it out.”

      1. True but maybe it’s because of his new born child but despite that it seems like he’s been making a new Light novel under an alias pen name. And there is speculation by the chinese and western fan base that the author got bored of TDG and is trying to run the novel into the ground and end the series early or axe it without an ending.

        TDG’s LN only gets monthly updates while his new novel is updated almost daily, tho he says the reason behind it is so that the manhua can catch up to the LN and not spoil it for the manhua readers. But according to how slow the manhua is updated it will take at least a year or more for it to catch up. By then a lot of the LN fans would be gone from the dry updates.

        It’s his LN he can do anything he wants to it. If he wants ruin it thats fine with me I’ll just read another series thats hasn’t have his name as the author.

        1. Yeah, I heard these rumors too. But as for me, I think it’s fine. As long as he ends the novel while I’m alive, I don’t care if will take 1 or 5 years to get back to write it.

          Furthermore, he even must write the novel from a better way than he would do if he had continued no stopping.

          Since a lot of persons are complaining about the decreasing quality, it’s going to be good.

  3. This exactly what’s in my mind since Xiao Yu appeared. He is not ‘HE’, He is ‘SHE’. I dare to bet my entire Spiritual Stones for my statement. That inscription is for concealing his(?) ‘real’ identity.

  4. What happened to Jindan and Yu Yan? I’m already excited to see the result of their nonstop crystal consumption…
    Oh, I almost completely forgot about other “brothers” from tiny world – apart from Lu Piao, Du Ze is the only name I can remember. We can never have it all: few characters will be boring but too much would be hard to concentrate fulfilling them all. I need soft spoiler if we will ever read about them at all?

  5. The author want me to believe that a sage like Nie Li wouldn’t be able to tell a man from a woman, specially with most of the characteristics intact, and he even touched her! What a poor and childish way to develop a story.

    1. Yeah this is where I feel the author’s writting falls apart a bit. Like his infinite knowledge will occasionally just not work for the sake of making things happen and it’s really obvious.

      I mean it was stated he had been with women before even after his wifu’s passing he just never really gave his heart to another besides that “mysterious” masked woman who sorta died before he fully opened his heart to her.

      So it’s like like he’s not familiar with women. But the author is so stuck on “teasing” us with this bullshit mystery that he makes it painfully obvious just to rub it in our faces but doesn’t let Nie Li figure it out to keep the sub plot going.

        1. Well a lot of the other flaws in the story kind of stem from this issue. Where things happen for the sake of forcing an event without regard to having it feel natural or how the characters are supposed to react to it.

      1. Maybe his large knowledge enables him to know that there’s persons who behave themselves from different ways, regardless of their gender.

        And it seems like Xiao Yu has inscription patterns to change her gender. So beyond her reactions, there’s nothing to suspect about her gender. As for her weird reactions, you can regard it to a weird personality.

  6. chapter 373 was only slightly longer than the god damn teaser!!!

    I don’t care what the author is doing in real life he should just take time off for a bit and got his stuff in order if that is the best he can do.

    1. He apparently started on a whole ‘nother series around this point, so he’s basically put all his focus in that. In the end it kind of looks like both are going to crap.

      1. I might be mixing up my authors but didn’t he do this once already? Start a series but then lose interest, start another, and just killed the first one?

        In any case authors who do that should just die. You wrote a story and got people interested in it so now you have to finish it. Don’t take on another story if you can’t handle two at once and don’t just quit on a story part way through.

  7. I
    just put me out of my misery T-T

  8. Thanks for the chapter!
    By this point, I think we all agree that Xiao Yu is female, yes? And that Xiao Yu has a crush on Ning’er. Well, I for one ship them. I really do hope Xiao Yu succeeds in wrestling Ning’er’s heart from Nie Li’s grasp. I do love me some yuri. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. What the hell, this cliffhanger is getting absurd, a whole chapter to say that he rubbed some cream on her back and legs, I’m kindda mad. This scription pattern on her chest better win me again cause I’m getting really pissed at this story. >.<

  10. Why does TDG’s chapters so short compared to others? And they have so many filler chapters to, Make’s me feel like I’m reading Naruto all over again….

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