TDG Chapter 373 Teaser

“Alright! I’ll treat your injuries!” Nie Li said to Xiao Yu.

He furrowed his brows for a brief moment, then said, “If we don’t treat you now, then your wounds definitely won’t be able to heal! It’ll definitely affect your cultivation!”

“Treatment isn’t worth the trouble. Just send me back to the Soul Hall for revival!” Xiao Yu was resolute, though uneasy for some reason.

Nie Li knitted his brows again and replied, “Your wounds might look serious and cover your whole body, but treatment isn’t troublesome at all. I’ll only need one or two hours, at most! This is obviously much easier than letting your cultivation drop a level.”

Xiao Yu looked anxious and shook his head, “Forget it! There’s no need!”

He was covered in wounds. If he didn’t want treatment, doesn’t that mean…?

“You don’t trust my medical techniques? Rest assured! I guarantee that I’ll have you back to your normal, handsome self in less than two hours! Huang Yin and the other girls will still scream when they see you!” Nie Li laughed.

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  1. What he meant to say:

    Rest assured! I guarantee that my golden hands have you back to your normal, tsun self in less than two hours! Huang Yin and the other girls will scream when they see you after I’m done!” Nie Li laughed.

    (Not actually what he meant to say :/)

    1. What he actually meant to say is:
      “My two wives are so far away and I don’t want to tie a knot with Yuyin YET. So you better help me release my lust and I’ll fix you up as payment.”

      1. Oi… Nei “The MILF Magnet” Li does not say such shameless words!!!

        He waits for the author to introduce a “bad guy” and take the “bad guy’s” fiance. Pshhh 🙁

    1. OH REALLY? well… then you’re just late…
      Since his/her first appearance, lot of things made us though that she’s a girl, but nothing has been confirmed yet :/

    2. Yeah me too even before they went to the skysoul institute, ive had some hints and doubts; getting annoyed coz of a woman, doesnt want to change clothes, blushes when nie li goes topless… Etc… Hahahaha

      1. Except the death god made it PRETTY damn obvious Xiao Yu was a girl because he stated that the nether master had absolutely no sons but did have a … and didn’t finish the sentence before laughing.

        Some tried to make up some dumb excuse about Xiao Yu being the nether master’s adopted son but the death god clearly knew that the nether master had a child but not a son and Xiao Yu has not once mentioned siblings.

        Plus there have been dozens on hints since then that have been basically screaming that Xiao Yu is a girl.

    3. Really? suspect? and the other guy still thinks hes a guy?
      Its pretty much been thrown in our faces that he/she is a reverse trap…
      -no interest in girls at all
      -gets mad a nieli when he is intimate with other girls
      -Nieli groped boob
      -her father was said to have no sons, only a daughter (pretty much the kill shot)
      fyi, his/her “girlfriend” is one of those clingy wont take no for an answer “hes my boyfriend” types that doesnt even realize that he is really a she (yet)
      She obviously has feelings for Nieli but she is trying to maintain her cover of being a boy (althou I have no idea why, there doesnt really seem to be a reason for it, must be political or something…)

      1. probably family related. u know how monarchy works, they want a son to be heir for the family. remember Mulan? she tried to be a man for the sake of his father…well, u get the point

          1. well i have a feeling the next couple of chapters will reveal for sure their gender…..i dont think Nie Li is going to let it go at this point he WILL treat them

  2. Nie Li rips Xiao Yu clothes bit by bit until all of Xiao Yu shoulder is quickly revealed. Nie Li puts out one bottle of medicinal balm from his Interspatial Ring, then has smudged it on the shoulder of Xiao Yu slowly.


    1. Slowly, Nei Lie ran his hand down Xiao Yu’s shoulders. The cool temperature of the ointment made Xiao Yu shiver slightly, but the warmth of Nei Li’s hand quickly made the ointment comforting. Without thinking Nei Li’s hands applied ointment on all the burns unknowingly he touched Xiao Yu’s chest. Xiao Yu face flushed red, but did not resist. Nei Li raise a blow, but did not wish to stop as Xiao Yu’s pearl like skin became even more alluring with the glistening of the ointment. A warm touch moved from Xiao Yu’s sternum, pass the navel, and towards a place of mysteries.

      Xiao Yu’s face finally stopped facing the ground and now facing Nei Li. The allure of soft pink lips closed the gap between them. -Stuff happened- And the Sage Emperor was defeated, everyone lived happily ever after, the end. <3

        1. No. Actually, the Sage Emperor is actually just Nie Li himself.

          Thus, when *-Stuff happened- between him and Xiao Yu,
          Sage Emperor’s MANLINESS got destroyed.

          1. hrm…..the Nie Li being the sage emperor is an interesting theory……but i doubt it because it brings in more questions than it answers

  3. is xiao yu a girl? omg its really going through that routine where a boy that is actually a girl is trying to hide the fact that he well she is a girl lol.
    but nie li had already said he confirmed that xiao yu was a guy… does he have some special body or disease where he can either be a girl or a guy or something ?
    or there is a secret method used on him/her that conceals xiao yu as a girl extremely well?
    lol wonder if he really is a girl xD

    1. If you had paid attention to the scene in which Nie Li “confirmed he was a man”, he didn’t actually even *try* confirming that for real. His test was literally just to feel up the chest of Xiao Yu, not considering that a woman can have as flat a chest as a man either naturally, or by binding her breasts with cloth. He didn’t actually get any confirmation beyond “lack of breasts when touching chest”.

      There is literally not a single chance in any potential universe that Xiao Yu isn’t a girl. It’s just not possible. The author is not good enough to write that kind of plot twist – because Xiao Yu being revealed as a girl isn’t a plot twist, it’s the assumed fact of nature and the will of the heavens, going against this would be to say “oh everything I wrote before was just made up, and I changed my mind”. Xiao Yu cannot be a man. It’s simply not possible. Not sure why you would think otherwise.

      In fact, the totality of every single description of Xiao Yu says she is a girl, and not even a single line in the entirety of these 373 chapters actually suggests she is a man, and because of this I would be as shocked by the potential plot twist of Xiao Yu actually being a man as I was shocked at the plot twist of Ned Stark getting his head cut off, or the Red Wedding. It’s *that* level of plot twist we’re talking about here, because the author has never even once come close to suggesting that it’s even worth considering that she’s somehow magically a man. The author has always said she was a girl, and that Nie Li is the dumbest person in the entire world for not noticing it.

    2. There are many evidences that Xiao Yu is a girl someone already mentioned them in the comments before, the only evidence that she isn’t is when Nie Li touched her “boobs” and it was actually flat, it could be a flat girl, or she could be wearing many bandages, I hope we will find out next chapter.

    1. The author isn’t good enough at writing plot twists to actually make that kind of a plot twist. Because it’s so blatantly obvious that Xiao Yu is a woman and has been ever since she was introduced to the story, that it’d actually genuinely be a HUGE plot twist if it turned out that she wasn’t a girl. It’s genuinely unthinkable.

  4. I have been thinking ever since Nei Li met Xiao Yu way back, that XY was a girl, not just a dude with girl reactions and feminine face, it would also somewhat explain why “he” was getting so mad about Long Yujin floating around… Every time he pops up somewhere i always think if he is really a guy, and that protectiveness over the body between guys is just too strange. I think we will get a “I had to pretend I was a guy to get respect” kinda story XD but if i am wrong then i will be genuinely surprised XD seriously because the story has been screaming woman for ages XD

  5. So there are still people who think Xiao Yu is a guy? Since the start there were heavy doubts and after the Spiritual God of Death said that the Nether Master doesnt have an son it was crystal clear to me. The behaviour just made it even more obvious than it already was.

    Well, soon it will be unraveled.

    1. ”Spiritual God of Death said that the Nether Master doesnt have an son it was crystal clear to me”

      Have you read the story at all!??
      The Nether Master isn’t his father… It’s his FOSTER father….
      The god of time & space is his father.
      And like Yu said last chapter, he doesn’t know anything about his origins, he was just an orphan taken in by the Nether master. So he’s not his actual kid.

      1. Whoa…uh, is that a SPOILER about Xiao Yu’s true parentage? Or is that a guess? Or is it actually mentioned in the story somewhere because I might have glossed over it.

      2. thank u i knew i read very attentively and when everyone said that the nether master had no son I remembered that but i still remembered thinking that xiao yu was a guy and i could not remember y but it was bc he was a FOSTER son ty very much =)

      3. When the God of Death talked about Nethermaster son he naturally didnt add any telling of the relationship (bloodrelated or not) because even he pretty sure doesn’t know of that because its top secret after all. (Even if he would know about Xiao Yu not being the Nether master blood related son, he probably wouldnt add it into his speech or maybe even a portion got lost in translation.)

        So the God of Death thinks that Xiao Yu is Nether Masters only child and naturally this proves, that Xiao Yu isn’t a guy.

  6. Thanks for the Teaser and the Current Updated Chapter! 🙂
    While Nie Li and Xiao Yu make rubbing rubbing ( Adult Thoughts ) ..

    The Sage Emperor suddenly appeared!

    Nie Li & Xiao Yu: *shocks*

    Sage Emperor: Opps sorry.. I’d just tracked a Legendary pokémon here..

    1. more like:
      legendary pokemon sage emperor appeared!

      someone runs over and uses a masterball… nie li be like: … I eeh… I didn`t need to train to… (sigh) …didn`t need to train I could just… just buy that shit?

      nie li enrages and destroys the world… And they lived happily ever a… no right they all died, ehehehe… ehe…

  7. For at least the past twenty chapters I haven’t even thought of xiao yu as a male. During dialogue I imagine her having a super squeaky voice especially when she getting angry at Nie Lie. I can’t even imagine Xiao Yu with a manly voice, body or anything along those lines. If Xiao Yu is a girl, I won’t complain cause I actually kind of like her character however if she’s not then I’ll have to give the author a round of applause for the surprise because at this moment I’m about 90% sure shes a girl.

  8. Hi all. At first, thanks for the chapters, i’m GLUED to them. at the point i picked a point 100 chaps behind to enjoy the reading non-stop. By the way, Xiao Yu’s real identity is still a mystery. In the middle of the conjectures, you all missed an important point. But let’s go in order. The most important points are: 1) ‘He’ has a special body, at the point the spiritual fruit is useless for ‘him’. 2) If XY was picked by the Nether Master when orphan, and one can suppose XY was at least a child, who is the daughter the Death God refers to? If you are convinced the D.God actually knew the real offspring of Ming Fei, that’s it! 3) XY is really ambiguous, having a strange sissy-like behaviour. If an HE, XY is a sissy 120%. if a SHE, XY surely hates to be called sissy, of course. But this is the point. There’s a 3rd chance on the horizon. Xiao Yu could be an herm! Having a special body with female and male traits, that could lead Nie Li & Co into puzzlement. But hey, we could also accept the idea this individual was raised as his\her opposite sex, for some twisted family rule, or special situations. I know other manwhas with MCs having misleading figures, like a male child raised by female martial artists, and using yin body tecniques the MC grow with a female-like body, slim and beautifyed. Or the opposite too, of course. A fem forced to grow as a male.
    Just sayin’…

  9. I’m going with a different approach. Xiao Yu is a Time-Space beast that Nether Master found. He used the ring to change it’s body into a human while also acting as a faucet for it to use it’s powers when really needed. As a bonus feature it probably sealed his/her memories from before having it, hence not knowing their origins.

    Just an idea

    1. I kinda like that approach but with a little add to it. Xiao Yu “origins” might be a genderless species or something that once it reaches a certain heights on their level of cultivation it can choose to be either a female or a male……just like Kuroumaru Tokisaka from UQ Holder once Kuroumaru reach a certain age he/she can choose to be either a man or woman…….

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