TDG Chapter 372 Teaser

Now that Nie Li and Xiao Yu had safely escaped, the others rejoiced!

What else did they have to worry about?

“Everyone, retreat!” Li Xingyun barked.

The Demon League and Heavenly Path League split into dozens of smaller groups and charged out, retreating while fighting off their enemies.

Gu Heng led his men in a chase for a few hundred kilometres. Although both sides had suffered quite a few losses, at least half of the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues’ combined forces managed to retreat safely. Gu Heng could only watch as they escaped.

A quick count told Gu Heng that the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues had suffered a total of five thousand casualties, while he’d suffered six thousand. Li Yufueng had also suffered over a thousand deaths.

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    1. Yeah seriously F’ gu heng, i hope his fate only worsens.

      I never once forgot what he did, this is a start but not enough to alleviate my disdain for gu heng, he is beyond vile.

          1. Throw him in the blood mask with the Li Clan patriarch and Ji Ninteen! Then we just have to wait for Meng Hao to recapture UV and Lord Fifth.

  1. I feel like Nie Li is about to finally realise Xiao Yu is a woman for some reason, It kinda seems like it’s been building up to it the last few chapters. I’m probably wrong though of course, I often am.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. It’s the burn… nie li will insist on ‘checking those wounds’. =] Master of the nether realm guy said he was watching over glory city as a favor to a friend, with the time-space ring making an appearance here, i’m thinking its the spiritual god of time-space… Any idea what nie-li gave him as a gift right before he stepped into the portal?

      1. I can almost guarantee that’s it. Why else write in that bit about “him” getting hit and groaning? They escaped just fine so it’s not like the injury was to slow them down.

    2. But Nie Li already confirmed that Xiao Yu was a man. He’s 100% sure of that. Remember back when they met and had gone to the Spiritual Death God’s tomb?

      1. wasn’t that only that Xiao Yu is bare chested?
        And it could even be some kind of special technique that let’s the user look “manlier” or something like that

        1. Nie Li see that Xiao yu was flat chested and because Nie Li is only surrounded by busty girl
          (Zihyun and Ninger) , he assumed that Xiao Yu was a man.

    3. I would love either way but I´m getting more of a vibe from a gay Xiao Yu. Haha, someone wrote on a previous chapter how good it would be to have a gay Xiao Yu join the harem.

  2. How long do you think it’ll be before we only have the titles as chapters? These just keep getting shorter and shorter. I feel at this point we need two chapters per release in order to have the same amount of reading material as before.

    1. The novel is currently only at chapter 440. We are weeks away from catching up, and then we will only get 1 or 2 chapters released per month. Be thankful you’re getting what you’re getting now, because it won’t last long.

  3. Is Xiao Yu a boy or girl find out next on dragon Ball z…

    Thanks for the chapter:)

    Is it me or do the chapters feel lik like they are getting shorter?

    1. Xiao Yu is obviously a girl. the questions to ask are: what magic artifact is keeping up his disguise. What cultivation level did his dad say he had to reach before revealing himself as a girl.

  4. So the body count death toll on both sides was fairly even. If it wasn’t for Nie Li’s strategy of Hit and Run the Deity Lake, then it would’ve been seen as a tie, or if he wasn’t able to extract the root them it would’ve been a lot more bloody and drawn out even longer. The Demon League has grown so strong so quickly. It’s frightening if you are an enemy and not an ally, but to those whom truly have the Sects future and not their own self first, should choose to ally with him early on. It would show great wisdom on their half if the allied with him, or follow Skycloud’s role and “nurture” but in actuality provide him privileges that come with the name of Skycloud Hall.

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