TDG Chapter 371 Teaser

What Gu Heng didn’t know was that in addition to the Heavenly Path and Demon League members, Long Yuyin had also sent a hundred of her own Heavenly Axis Realm experts as reinforcements.

Long Yuyin hadn’t formally announced that her Profound Note League was allied with the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues; however, the Profound Note League had always been supporting them. For example, by sending over a hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts.

These hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts had masked their outer appearances, so that Gu Heng’s men wouldn’t be able to recognise them, much less tell that they were from the Profound Note League.

Since Gu Heng had some reinforcements, it wouldn’t be unusual for the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues to have their own reinforcements as well.

As the two forces fought each other, another five or six thousand people flew in from nowhere and joined the battle. They were obviously there to aid Gu Heng.

“They’re Li Yufeng’s men!”

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    1. Don’t worry soon it finish just wait one chapter or 2
      I have read the bad translation
      What’s next is way more interesting than this battle I promise ! It’s xiao yu centered story

  1. I just thought of something the divine feahter sect and all the other sect’s in this realm use spirtual stones as an currency but what if you want to buy say something worthless that doesn’t help in cultivation. Paying one spirtual stone for food, clothes, entertainment, and etc seems like overpayment as it seems getting even one spirtual stone is hard for anyone.

    1. No, Spiritual stones can only be exchanged for services to those who need Spiritual stones for cultivation. There is MAYBE separate currency for everything else. Technically, they barter with multiple “currencies” like the spiritual scales they need to farm in training grounds to exchange for spiritual stones and others alike.

    2. The value of spiritual stones comes from it as a cultivation resource. However, not everyone trading has to use it for their cultivation. If a farmer who doesn’t cultivate trades his vegetables for spiritual stones, he can then trade spiritual stones for a pig, etc. Even if they don’t need it for their own cultivation, the value of the stone still stands as what someone else is willing to trade for it.

  2. O man i want to see more MOOOOOORE!i finally cathed up.i have bend reading like crazy scince chapter 51 of the novel because i loved the manga and wanted to keep up the story faster. Its good that they guive one each day becayse if i had to wait a whole week to see another chapter i would definetly freak out

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