TDG Chapter 370 Teaser

As Nie Li was laying down his inscription patterns, Gu Heng arrived with his men.

The moment Gu Heng saw Nie Li and his army gathered at the center of the Lightning Deity’s Lake, he immediately flew into a rage.

Gu Heng didn’t know what methods Nie Li was using to destroy his Deity’s Lakes, but he instantly knew what Nie Li was trying to do when he saw him standing in the middle of the Lightning Deity’s Lake. Nie Li must trying to destroy the Lightning Deity’s Lake right this moment!

Now that the Heiyun and Guyu Deity’s Lakes were gone, Gu Heng only had the Lightning Deity’s Lake left!

And now, Nie Li was preparing to take away even that!

Gu Heng went insane.

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  1. I don’t get it… brilliant sage, but can’t recognize the fact Xiao Yu is a woman… Anyone know roundabout what chapter this gets revealed in? Would that count as a spoiler?

    Thanks very much for the chapter!

  2. Just how big is the Myriad somethinsomethin area? From what I’m imagining, each lake is around 1km+ in radius so if Nei Li has 30+ floating around, the Myriad somethinsomethin must be massive.

    1. Chapter 322:

      Inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting

      Nie Li hovered in air as an endless mountain range stretched beneath him with slow-flowing rivers.

      *This vast space that extended for tens of thousands of miles.*

    2. You can deduce it from the name of it. Only one moment can be wrong, it’s ten thousand li (0.5 km), not ten thousand miles, so probably territory of 5000 km2, or diametre of territory is 5000 km.

        1. well, in name it wasn’t “tens of thousands”… it was “万里河山图”. First symbol is “ten thousand”, second is “li” (0,5 km), and others are “river”, “mountain”, and “painting”.

          It was only in chapter 322 was remark about
          *This vast space that extended for tens of thousands of miles.*
          Which I didn’t even remember at that time…

    3. I think that Myriad Miles Rivers picture is like a portal to that forbidden area that Sage has blocked, it’s like a small space crack or back door, well just one opinion.

  3. Thanks for the chapter. Gu Heng will vomit blood and intestines greening after Nie Li is finished with him? Gu Heng deserved this. Does anyone have a guess how much spirit stone/essence Nie Li will get from the painting once he’s done taking this deity root?

          1. umm lets see………..he just took like 3 roots since the last time he went on a spending spree. he was making a million a day i believe and i think he only had like 2 or 3 roots at the time, he just doubled that…………2 million then? i dunno it might be exponential so it might be billions

  4. thanks

    it’s just me or there is no comment section for 369?

    also, it’s time the author make it clear of Xiao Yu is a woman or a man! let’s have them celebrate the crushing of Gu Heng with a hot spring relaxation where Xiao Yu can’t enter the man bath or something, i dunno

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