TDG Chapter 369 Teaser

Guyu Deity’s Lake

By the time Gu Heng and his entourage arrived, the place was already empty. There wasn’t a single trace of the Guyu Deity’s Lake.

Gone again?!

Gu Heng had practically gone insane. Gu Bei really wasn’t sparing a single patch of dirt! It wasn’t just the Heiyun Deity’s Lake! Even the Guyu Deity’s Lake had been destroyed!

“They definitely left just a short while ago!” Gu Heng said hysterically. “Search the area, within a dozen kilometres. Everyone else follow me to the Lightning Deity’s Lake. We’ll slaughter them all!”

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    1. Actually they are shorter because around this time at the original release mad snails grandfather took a turn for the worse and they thought he was gonna die so he was writing less and he was also having to take care of his new born child

    2. Decided to compare them.
      Last chapter was 1445 words.

      Coiling Dragon chapters were 1700-1800.
      Went to random chapter In book 1, and It was 1798 words.
      So yeah, It is a good 2-4 paragraphs shorter.

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I feel like instead of becoming the divine feathers sect sect master nie li could just use the spirtual stones to buy the whole city.

    1. He probably could, but Nie Li wants military power… While a city is nice, a sect trains warriors. From Nie Li’s point of view, the choice is obvious.

  2. Can’t anyone stop for a goddarn minute and think what does Nie Li do with the deity roots? I mean he gets literally the most spiritual stones in the whole realm like, aren’t you a bit interested? I’m not sure but only this could explain it: the only ones who know that Nie Li is the one funding the whole guild are the next-to-be-patriarchs + Lu Piao and Xiao Yu.

    I wonder what happened to the others now.. I really hope they are not just “Very talented kids” in the other sects.. Du Ze should be the next Sect Master, Ye Ziyun should too. Um.. other than them.. I kind of hope that Duan Jian is being the Demon Lord’s rival and that he made him suffer losses.
    That’s it for now, the only concern is how do they get so many spiritual stones.. I imagine Lu Piao is going to be the second strongest guy in our party because he was with Nie Li and he could get as much stones as he want.

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