TDG Chapter 367 Teaser

Could Nie Li really be as noble as he claimed?

Long Shuyun didn’t believe it. She’s seen too much deception in people. Someone who helped others, but didn’t ask for anything in return — people like that simply didn’t exist! Was Nie Li just that confident that Long Yuyin would help him?

Nie Li tried his best to persuade Long Shuyun. “Regardless of what Auntie thinks, there’s no harm in waiting a few years to see how things turn out. Right now, Aunty thinks that my talent is extraordinary; however, there are many talents who have fallen. Aren’t you afraid that after I marry Long Yuyin, that I would not longer strive to improve myself? Of course, Auntie could tear up the engagement between us, the same way you plan to with Hu Yong’s. But if you keep breaking promises, then I’m afraid it won’t be very good to reputation!”

Long Yuyin nervously looked at Nie Li as she tried to explain that her engagement with Hu Yong was made between her mother and the Hu Clan. Back then, she was still young and didn’t know anything about it. She’d never seen Hu Yong as her fiancé!

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      1. it was everyone ESPECIALLY men, she is her mother’s daughter afterall. the only reason Yuyin makes a change is because not only did nie li show he was stronger but then turned around and made amends with her even training her and helping her in a mutual fashion

  1. I wish the original would update as fast as this does 🙂
    At this rate we will be caught up in a month or 2.

    I think he will end up marrying Ziyun, Ning’er, Xiao Yu and Yuyin in the end if the original story would continue as usual.

      1. Please tell me there’s something in the Chinese culture that supported male relationships XD

        To be honest, I loved Xiao Yu a LOT when he first appeared. He was kind of really cool and he actually teased Nie Li for a while. But then he suddenly turned into a sissy with no shard of his previous coolness..
        Either bring back his badass-ness or officially add him to the harem lol

        1. He was a badass if not being able to change clothes when nie li wss around xD he was a sissy from the start! But I kinda hope that he really is a guy and Ning’er would be with him and nieli and ziyun would not be bothered… but these of course are just dreams and all of us know that authors are too cruel to let that kind of nice thing to happen >.<

      2. Well throughout the LN it’s been hinted at that he is a she. The way (s)he reacts to things, like girl attention. The jealousy of him meeting with Yuyin and many other parts.

    1. Oi… I had to bite my tongue so much I started to vomit blood trying to keep that a secret! Hideyoshis need to remain Hideyoshis you don’t blatantly say it. Grrrr

  2. I kind of wished Nie Li could put more emphasis on what he will get rather than “We need to unite! We need to protect the Sect!”…
    I don’t know but I really wanted him to add “I will be the one who benefits the most, but that works for the Sect’s favor anyway!”

    1. Well, he can’t explain the benefits to him without telling everyone about the Sage Emperor. He did tell Long Yuyin about the Sage Emperor, but it’s probably best that as few people as possible know about it, in order to reduce the risk of being discovered. There’s no benefit in telling people who are too weak to confront the SE, and are already too old to ever grow strong enough. He has to limit the people he tells to those he trusts and have the potential to reach the pinnacle.

  3. The raw novel is currently only up to chapter 440. So, we have a few weeks left of regular translations here, then it will be only about one or two chapters per month, as the author releases them. (Although he did release 5 chapters in April.)

    It will be sad when that happens, so enjoy these frequent releases while you can!

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