TDG Chapter 366 Teaser

“Aunty, I just had a thought, though I’m not sure if I should say it?” said Nie Li. Although he’d been tortured by Long Shuyun, he knew that this was still one of his few chances to speak with her. If he missed this opportunity, then who knows when the next time would be?

“Speak!” Long Shuyun cast a glance at Nie Li with a “hmph”. She was still rather unhappy about the way things had turned out. If Long Yuyin wasn’t there with them, then her temper would’ve erupted a long time ago.

“Aunty has a high position inside the Dragonseal Family. With your support, Long Yuyin would have a really good chance of obtaining the Patriarch’s position. It’d still be slightly inferior to Long Tianming’s, but it shouldn’t be too far apart.” Nie Li said as he probed.

“You’re wrong…

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  1. … her chances would be much greater! After sleeping with all the elders, all she needed to do is attempt to get the position.” Shuyun snorted with a slightly blushed face.

    – Don’t drive and PoGo.

        1. Basically: the failed scholar Meng Hao is drinking one day and has a fateful encounter allowing him to enter the world of cultivation. His destiny is greater than anyone would’ve possibly imagined, fated to either rise to the pinnacle or die along with his Dao. Mysteries surround Meng Hao as he delves deeper into the truths of the world, pushing him even further.
          He was a failed scholar due to how ancient China was rife with corruption, and it’s heavily implied that he failed due to not having a background since scholars are like high level officials.
          The series is heavily introspective and at first the magic will definitely not make sense. It’s somewhat aggravating with…events, until Meng Hao finally begins to forge his own path, his own Dao. I’d recommend avoiding any other reviews since they often mention the best parts of the series. Right now, it’s definitely the best current series on Wuxiaworld in my opinion. The series can get REALLY intricate though, with prophecies spanning hundreds of chapters and casually mentioned things that turn out to be extremely important hundreds of chapters later when you almost forget them. It’s actually kind of lucky for you since a few of them were adjusted after I read them, since Mandarin can be vague and the translations weren’t the correct meaning since a lot of the stuff can have multiple meanings and consequences. It also has amazing characters, easily the best in that regard that I’ve read from Xianxia. The main characters can be considered a bit of a scrooge which turns into comedy relief a lot of the time later on.

          1. Sounds good enough for me.

            790 chapters in 1 month…

            Hmmm Nursing School + Pokemon Go + Hentai + Sleep + Wuxai… I guess sleep can go down the toilet. I need them 5mi walks!

          1. My avatar’s image is over 3 years old… It took me 1 week to find it :/ (I uploaded it on Imgur/qTqadsU)

            As for recommendation, I don’t understand what you’re asking for.

    1. That would be incest catagory though because she said she made her husband take her name because she came from the better family. not that i dont mind the tag though i do read bro con im not reall comfortable with it unless it streaches to cousin

  2. i want to be her husband!!!! except she wouldn’t need to use all that force ill give her plenty of child making hawt steamy foggy window snoo snooo allllllllllllllllllll NIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTTTTT LOOOOOOOONG. XD

      1. I dont think so…

        Even if he´s craving and panting for punishment I´d say he overestimates himself here and advice you to reconsider…

        As we have seen it is nearly impossible to reason with her so propably spread your:
        “steamy foggy window snoo snooo” as far as you can, before you get neutered.

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