TDG Chapter 365 Teaser

It’s useless even with Xiao Yu in the room. Long Shuyun was a 9-stage Dao of Dragon Realm expert, whereas Xiao Yu was just a Heavenly Fate Realm. It was impossible for Xiao Yu to save him!

“Thank you, Big Sister. Big Sister has worked hard!” Although he was depressed in his heart, Nie Li still managed to pay lip service.

Xiao Yu’s face turned black as he scolded Nie Li. “Nie Li, you’re filthy! Earlier, it was Long Yuyin and now, it’s another woman! You’re simply shameless!” He slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

Long Shuyun watched Xiao Yu make his exit, patted Nie Li between the thighs, and chuckled, “Not bad! You’re still rather tactful.”

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  1. Am I the only one who noticed that this milf is not really enraged but actually quite desperate to have Nie Li join her family? Seems like she really wants Yuyin to get the patriarch position but knew that Long Tianming(or whatever the villain name is) is more qualified and had more supporters. Now that Nie Li had shown how powerful he is, with him as a support for Yuyin the family patriarch position is pretty much on her hands. She knew that many family will try to curry favor with Nie Li as soon as tomorrow so she starts making her move as soon as possible to ensure that no other family had him first, going so far as saying he had done it with Yuyin. Pretty sure Nie Li also had it figured out too.

    1. That’s one of reason isn’t it, beside whose mother don’t want to see her daughther to be happy married with someone she like, Long Yujin just won’t admit it, yet.

    2. I’ll repeat myself here, its exactly like you said, she is desperate to get the MC on her family, she’s not mad at him at all, and as I thought she knows that he is the responsible for her daughter changing her attitude, I still wonder what Long Yuyin will have to say about this mess. She clearly loves him but she also doesn’t like when adults interfere, remember when Nie li beated her and she refused to get this to the family. So besides her daughter’s affection there is also a political game involving the leadership of her family and the whole sect. Mother in law is clearly one of the five, she sees the big picture.

      1. It’s not just that; she’s jealous. Nie Li was able to affect her daughter, while she was unable to make the daughter do anything, much less fight for the patriarch’s position. Thus, she wants to put Nie Li in his place. Because she doesn’t know how ridiculously strong Nie Li actually is, she thinks this will cow him into staying away from the dangerous elements in the sect, the people who caused the sect to fall apart in the previous timeline. I bet in the other timeline her daughter wouldn’t listen and ended up being abused by that faction. Perhaps the mother even sacrificed herself for the daughter, the daughter who wants help from noone. That would explain her previously nasty personality.

    1. Nie Li didn’t call out for help, instead he played along with Long Shuyun. Explain why Xiao Yu should have thought something else was happening?

      1. Yeah that really pissed me off. She can’t frickin’ kill them here?? Just have Xiao Yu witness this and you’ll screw Shuyun’s whole life.

        She surely wouldn’t kill Ming’s son right? He’s also an authority if my memory serves me right.

  2. Maybe its just me but I feel a part of Nie’s masculinity is being stripped away from him as he is forced to marry / capitulate to demands by a woman at literal knife point to his balls. I would think he wouldn’t be so threatened even in the face of such a blatant threat considering everything he has going for him.

    He is:

    A) In the Sect Territory.

    B) Has complete support from a PILLAR OF THE SECT.

    C) Has a God Growth spirit hence even the other Pillars at least semi-support him since he is of the same sect.

    D) Said Pillars would not take lightly to their prized geniuses being attacked on Sect Territory and would retaliate with a vengence which is what she would know.

    E) The daughter would not want to know Nie is being forced into it due to her prideful attitude as she clearly hated the idea of telling her family she was defeated by Nie early on in the story and trained up to defeat him. When she couldn’t do it she became his Disciple which clearly shows she can survive without her families influence.

    F) Nie is the ONLY ONE who has EVER made the Daughter, Long, obedient and he is a male who is able to do it to boot.

    All of these factors should have made Nie on the offensive the MOMENT he figured out the identity of his attacker. Instead he pussy footed around and stalled and stammered instead of being the man we know he is.

    Really disappointed in the author in this moment as I expected more from someone who fought the SAGE EMPEROR, aka THE FINAL BOSS, and didn’t even sweat it. That same mentality he cultivated in his last life has followed him all the way till now yet suddenly he’s as meek as a kitten just because “she’s higher leveled than me!!!”

    1. She said she doesnt care about rules and she might possibly be one of thoes pillars
      Also the fact that he, unlike certain other MCs, doent/cannot fight someone who completely out classes him is one of the better points of this story
      Although i hate it how the author is forcing a harem on him,i mean why make a guy who doesnt want a harem and ends up with one?

    2. Nie li thougt bout it, if he fight against her, he abasolutly die,his struggle till now will be useless, and he dosnt have that demonic book which can bring him back to life.

      And if it end with harem it will be good story ☺

    3. I wholeheartedly agree.
      F***ing get your ba11s sliced and just fix them later.. I doubt she can do anything to him after that- And that is IF she actually did it.
      She sounds very desperate to get him into the family but she can never kill him if he refused. So what if she wasted his a$$? He could just get protection from Skycloud and she wouldn’t dare to do this again.

      I really don’t think she would waste him if he literally refused, why? Killing him is not an option of course, so he would definitely and thoroughly pay her back when he gets big. And she seems to know that too…..

      1. Nie Li mentioned that because he hasn’t placed his fate soul in the soul hall, that repair his manhood to it’s current condition after she waste’s him will be extremely difficult if not impossible. Plus I doubt he’d want to go to hierarch skycloud and say “hey, last night Long Yuyin’s mom cut off my balls”. As is Venerable Flameless wouldn’t get a hold of this info eventually, he’s a pain enough already when he doesn’t have any ammo to sling at Nie Li

  3. Man… If it’s like that Nie Li doesn’t even need to do anything, just take out his **** and go bang Long Yuyin.
    Also seems like Xiao Yu, is truly female in soul xD

    1. I think Xiao Yu’s a girl anyways ?? but i don’t get it, Nie Li could have gone to the myriad something called map thing and all left to that ninja woman was a map… (if i remeber correctly when he goes inside the map is left on site?) And Xiao Yu doesn’t even know about Ye Ziyun xD He/she thinks that Ning’er is his wife…. akward xD

  4. Damn. When this aunty wants to have them marry so badly.
    It would have been so nice if Ning had asked for Ying Yueru’s hand in marriage too.

    Would have loved to see that womans composure crack.

    Because isn’t it totally normal for a man to have 3 or 4 wives?

      1. Rofl I thought that too. Just ask everyone for marriage! Yeah, you might have a few dozen females who want to kill you, but they won’t because they’re competing. And the males will want to stay very far away from a group of angry women. Yeah, no chance you’ll end up imprisoned somewhere with candles all around… (eek)

        1. No, I just had to think about Ying Yueru because she too is of the Dragnsealfamily and one of the few people who helped him in his ´past´ life, furthermore she knows that he returned from the fight with the Sage Emperor plus she has that divination something technique to go agaisnt the the Sage Emperor.
          Nie Li had at least some feelings (more than only gratitude) for her, even if Ying Yueru and Nie lie were far apart in age and cultivation at that time (his ´past´live) because she was his master and brought him into the sect.

  5. I wonder what would’ve happened if Nie Li simply said: “I’ll definitely make her get the patriarch seat but I can’t marry her.”
    Guess she would be like “oh this kid knows what’s going on!” and then be like “Yeah, let’s do that!”.

    Anyway I’d be so disappointed if Nie Li stayed on the losing end. He can totally refuse her VERY ARROGANT demands and she’d never kill him! Say she tortured the heck out of him till the dawn, she can wait and see how he repays her with worse.

    1. No point. He just needs to buy time. As long as he can do so, he doesn’t need to take such a risk. As it stands, he’s not committing to making her fight for the position. So if the mother does something nasty, he can actually say, “well I didn’t agree to that.” Sometimes you need to take the submissive position to keep your options open.

    2. I don’t think he’s too worried about her threats, cause in five years he will totally surpass her strength and this isn’t a formal agreement, he can just deny it later, and what could she do about it? Absolutly nothing… So he’s just buying time, also many things can happen in five years, he might as well fall in love for Long Yuyin and willing marry her.

  6. Fate is getting such sweet revenge on Nie Li. The amazon woman pretty much did to him what he did to Ye Zong. She put his back to the wall and refused to let up till she got most of what she wanted.

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