TDG Chapter 364 Teaser

Nie Li was extremely depressed. It didn’t matter whether they made a good match or not. You should still get peoples’ opinions before you try to marry them off. Was she even aware of the saying “unwillingness cannot produce desired results”?

Nie Li’s thoughts whirled. How could he deal with Long Yuyin’s forceful old lady?

Nie Li felt extremely depressed under the threat of the cold dagger. He’d heard that Long Yuyin had wasted her own fiancé, Hu Yong, twice. Had she learned that from her mother?

Long Shuyun stared at Nie Li as she coldly said, “So, will you?”

The chilling aura made Nie Li shiver.

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      1. Are you crazy? Imagine how terrifying the man who could do “it” with that woman is. No sane man would want that crazy b!tch, and her conclusion reaching mind, 10,000 li close to them.

          1. I agree.
            Tsundere character tends to be shy in bed, and thats just the perfect recipe to get a boner

  1. Don’t be ridiculous guys… If she’s anything like Long Yuyin, she won’t marry any regular person. Nie Li can’t fight against someone who gained the approval of the mom. That person’s probably at the Martial Ancestor realm.

  2. Xiao Yu is already pissed due to NIng’er… Adding Long Yuyin will not make the situation any better… And how can Yuyin’s mom be that crazy, someone should beat her up.

  3. Man I really wish to find a good chapter to stop reading TDG fo a while. Its really frustrating having to read a short chapter a day, and not as enjoyable as reading it in one go like i used to.

    The problem is the story always go straight to another cliffhanger as soon as one finished right in the same chapter

    1. Hey I am just happy that it comes out almost daily. I mean most everything is weekly or monthly, so it really only feels short because you want to keep reading more and more. I do get what you mean about the cliff hanger though, but that is just because the story is constantly progressing. Never really having slow or dull parts because the world is so large and dangerous, but mainly because Nie Li doesn’t stop to rest. Knowing events and people from the future, and that he can change his and his loved ones fates. He can’t do that if he sits around taking it easy. That is why it never really stops and makes it hard to find a suitable breaking place. If it were weekly or monthly, it’s easy enough to just not read it, but the almost daily is a double edged sword. One edge you get the enjoyment of the never ending story~, but on the other end you have the never ending cliffhanger~!

  4. Though I wholeheartedly support Yuyin ship, her mother can’t just cripple Nei Li as she please as well.
    Nei Li is rising star that 5 major powers recognised, and sect is in dire situation no matter how fierce she is she is no idiot to cripple genius and delay his cultivation for couple months.
    Nei Li will also realize that she’s just empty threat him now.
    So he can refuse and claim she won’t need her daughter to marry someone who yield to empty threat and ask her to consider Yuyin feeling.
    And that’s when he corner himself cos Yuyin will then have right to woo him instead.

  5. Yuyin’s mom has got it goin’ on
    She’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long
    Yuyin, can’t you see you’re just not the girl for me
    I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Yuyin’s mom

  6. wtf is this plot, since when did TDG have comedy tag in it, I tell you he should just destroy the whole dragonseal family after he has the power, all their family are freaking psycho they shouldnt be left any longer

  7. I honestly hated harem so much that I can’t stand it but.. This is literally the only story that made me support the harem.
    I mean, it’s not all ecchi and irritating and what’s more, it is actually accepted as a part of the tradition and he can officially marry all of them. Unlike most stupid 15 years old harem anime that are suffocating to watch…

    Still auntie, you don’t make her his first wife! Ye Ziyun is his one and only love anyway so I’d be pissed if he chose to marry Yuyin first.

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