TDG Chapter 363

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Chapter 363 – Pick One of Two

“Brat! So now you’re afraid? You’ve offended so many people, so there are plenty who want you dead. But I’ll be generous and let you die fully knowing why. Venerable Flameless was the one who sent me here!” The black-clad embodiment of seduction smiled and continued, “Now, do you want an easier death or more painful one? It’s your choice!”

Her slim fingers softly slid across the skin around Nie Li’s thigh area. He felt an aura so cold that he had to suck in a mouthful of cold air.

His crotch was being threatened. How could his scalp not tingle?

“Senior, please don’t joke with me!” Nie Li bitterly smiled.

“Joke? You think I’m joking?” The person in black patted Nie Li’s crotch with the dagger in her right hand and showed an expression that was a smile, yet not a smile.

“This Senior definitely wasn’t sent by Venerable Flameless. If that was true, then ghosts must be real! Venerable Flameless is a 3-stage Dao of Dragon Realm expert, at most. Meanwhile, Senior must be an 8-stage Dao of Dragon Realm, at the very least! Senior could kill the likes of Venerable Flameless with a flick of your finger. How could you be willing to heed his orders?” Nie Li said as he looked at the black clothed person.

The woman in black was obviously startled. She never thought that Nie Li would’ve been able to determine Venerable Flameless’s strength, let alone her own.

After all, Nie Li was just a Heavenly Fate Realm. How could a lowly Heavenly Fate Realm tell the difference between the strong and weak of the Dao of Dragon Realm?

“Continue speaking. If you can tell me why, maybe I’ll spare you today!” The black robed person crossed her arms and slightly smiled. Because of the way she’d positioned herself, her arms were squeezing her chest and making it bulge out with a shocking curve.

Nie Li bitterly smiled. At his current level, how could he possibly guess his opponent’s identity so easily? He racked his brains for other clues. She was such an alluring woman and possessed great strength. She must be quite a figure within the Divine Feathers Sect.

Nie Li recalled the memories from his past life. There was one person who fit snugly into that category.

“From the strength that Senior has displayed, it doesn’t look like the Dao of Dragon Realm. So… Martial Ancestor Realm?” Nie Li’s eyes were fixed on the other party.

Her cloak trembled.

Nie Li felt excitement in his heart. Could he have guessed correctly? If it’s a Martial Ancestor Realm, then there’s a high chance that she was that person…

Nie Li pondered for a brief moment before saying, “According to the cultivation technique that Senior displayed just now, you should be from the Dragonseal Family! Furthermore, you’re an expert in the Dragonseal Family who has reached the Martial Ancestor Realm. I believe that Senior’s identity is quite obvious right now. There’s really no need to guess!”

“Hahaha! You’ve guessed wrongly! I haven’t reached the Martial Ancestor Realm, yet. Actually, I’m at the 9-stage Dao of Dragon Realm!” the black clothed person laughed as her body shook and there were waves roaring before her chest, “However, since you’re able to guess that I’m from the Dragonseal Family, you indeed have some capability!”

Dragonseal Family? 9-stage Dao of Dragon Realm?

With the new information, Nie Li realised that he didn’t know who his opponent was and bitterly smiled, “Looks like I’ve guessed wrong!”

The black clothed person patted Nie Li’s crotch with the dagger and said, “You’ve humiliated my daughter so badly. So much so that now her mother has come looking for you. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?”

Upon hearing her words, Nie Li finally knew who she was. This black clothed person was Long Yuyin’s mother!

“Aunty, listen to me…” Nie Li immediately said as he tried to explain.

The black clothed person waved her hand to dismiss his words. “I’m well aware of everything. Since you’ve guessed so much, I don’t plan on killing you!”

Nie Li finally felt some relief at the black clothed person’s words.

“I won’t kill you, but there’s no way I’m letting you off without any punishment. I’m only going to cripple you. I don’t think you’ll have any objections, right?” The woman in black patted Nie Li’s crotch with the dagger once again.

Nie Li sensed a chill in his crotch and immediately hunched forward to move his pelvis away from her. He bitterly screamed inside his head. He still hadn’t placed his fate soul in the Soul Hall. If he got wasted like this, then it’d take a huge effort to heal. Furthermore, getting wasted like that, even just once, that feeling would be rather depressing.

“Aunty, you’ve misunderstood! I didn’t bully Long Yuyin! Furthermore, she’s taken me on as her master!” Nie Li immediately explained.

“Oh? Is that so?” The black clothed person removed the hood and her long hair fell like waterfall. She looked very similar to Long Yuyin, but more mature and charming. She had a devastatingly beautiful appearance. Her figure, wrapped by her tight, black clothes, was also more fiery than her daughter’s. Especially her chest. A thought flashed across Nie Li’s mind. Would Long Yuyin be so spectacular when she grew up?

“Yes, that’s true!” Nie Li immediately nodded his head, though he was still rather depressed. Back then, he was an expert who’d stood his ground against the Sage Emperor. Although his cultivation had risen rather quickly in this life, he was still quite far from the Dao of Dragon Realm. Before this expert, he didn’t have the slightest power to resist.

“I’ve heard it all from my daughter. You have two choices. First, marry Long Yuyin. Second, I’ll waste you. Choose one!” Long Shuyun patted Nie Li’s crotch and showed a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Where should I start with the knife?”

Nie Li immediately replied, “That’s not possible! Long Yuyin and I have a master-disciple relationship right now. Wouldn’t we be messing up seniority if we did that?”

Long Shuyun coldly snorted. “Psh! Your master-disciple relationship is nothing but children playing house. It’s nothing to be taken seriously. So what if the seniority gets messed up a little? If anyone dares to say anything, then I, Long Shuyun, will cut their tongue out!”

Nie Li was quite depressed within his heart. Really, could this Long Shuyun not be so rampant?

“Aunty, we should still consider this matter rather carefully. I already have a wife! It’s not that I dislike Long Yuyin, but I feel that I’m not a match for her!” Nie Li quickly followed up.

“So what if you already have a wife? It’s extremely normal for men to have three or four wives. I only have one request. My daughter definitely must become your first wife!” The corner of Long Shuyun’s mouth twitched. “Since the two of you are already like that, then there’s nothing to be done. You might not be a match for my daughter, but she’ll have to put up with it!”

“Like that?” Nie Li felt an urge to vomit blood. What had he done to Long Yuyin? “Wait, doesn’t Long Yuyin already have a fiancé?”

“Oh? That engagement can be easily annulled!” Long Shuyun waved her hand.

“It doesn’t seem morally right to break off an engagement just because you want to!” Nie Li righteously replied.

“Morals? Dogs shit morals. The one who has the larger fist has the justifications. Nie Li, I’ve already put my words on the table. Are you going to marry Long Yuyin or not? If you keep dilly-dallying, then don’t blame me for being impolite!” A chilling bloodlust flashed through Long Shuyun’s eyes as she coldly snorted.

“Aunty, I’m not dilly-dallying! There’s really some stuff that I can’t understand!”

“Speak!” Long Shuyun coldly glared at Nie Li.

“Your Dragonseal Family is prominent and Long Yuyin is also one of the successors. Whereas I originated from the Tiny World, just a poor guy without a background worth speaking of. Why does Aunty want me to marry Long Yuyin?” Nie Li bitterly smiled.

“You don’t have to play humble. My judgements are accurate. You may be from the Tiny World, but you have a Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon and you’re also one of Hierarch Skycloud’s disciples. Your future prospects are unlimited. Therefore, you’ll still make quite a match for my daughter.” Long Shuyun said with a light smile as she looked at Nie Li.

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