TDG Chapter 363 Teaser

“Brat! So now you’re afraid? You’ve offended so many people, so there are plenty who want you dead. But I’ll be generous and let you die fully knowing why. Venerable Flameless was the one who sent me here!” The black-clad embodiment of seduction smiled and continued, “Now, do you want an easier death or more painful one? It’s your choice!”

Her slim fingers softly slid across the skin around Nie Li’s thigh area. He felt an aura so cold that he had to suck in a mouthful of cold air.

His crotch was being threatened. How could his scalp not tingle?

“Senior, please don’t joke with me!” Nie Li bitterly smiled.

“Joke? You think I’m joking?” The person in black patted Nie Li’s crotch with the dagger in her right hand and showed an expression that was a smile, yet not a smile.

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      1. good thing i’ve already read ahead a bit, so i knew, but that seriously was a dick move. wish there was some way to flag your comment so others wouldn’t have to suffer what the others above me did.

      2. I’ve removed the spoiler, and will notify Ren about it so he can take the appropriate measures. I don’t use to handle these matters.

        Still, Ren was busy and I was a bit swamped with other stuff, sorry for taking so long to act.

    1. No kidding, tried reading ahead with Google translation but only understood about 60% of it till about chapter 190 where my understanding of it didnt seem to follow the arc story… cant wait for a more coherent version of it. Thx for the good work

  1. It’s really disappointing though that he could have lost his life so damn easily if it was an enemy. For someone who has live as long as Nie Li has, he sure is naive. The writing is quiet terrible.

    1. Agreed.

      Though I feel this is a forced plot since he is probably hiding a few hidden cards in order to use them on her when he finishes pretending to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. But a real assassin would have ended his little life the instant he let his guard down.

      Forced plot is forced plot.

    2. Yeah… at first i tought it was the demon lord or some other of his enemies that Nie Li left alive, i was already yelling at the screen ”BULLSH*T” xD

    3. Easily?, Naive?
      It was already stated that at most times he would’ve been safe
      Now is the one in a million chance that someone far stronger than what Nie Lie anticipated actually attacked him fully knowing that who would ever try to attack him would suffer under the laws of the sect
      Nie Lie is still in no way unbeatable he’s far too weak but put anyone else in his shoes and they would have died before even getting into the east district.

      1. WTF he’s just 14, he knows there are a lot of people a lot stronger than him, in one year in this life he got to the level he’d took decades to achieve in his previous life, he´s just not ready to face a dao of the dragon opponent, he is still training and his enemies know that if allowed he will become too powerfull, that’s why they are trying to stop him before that happens, otherwise they wouldn’t have the trouble to send such an expert to kill a kid.

      2. Super wtf

        Do you know HOW MUCH different between nieli and that woman???

        You expect nieli with fate realm can fight againts someone that ALREADY DRAGON REALM?

        Pls think a little

      3. lol what the f***ing hell is your brain composed of? wait do you even have a brain? oie this is the earth, moon do you hear us?
        do i have to remember you that when he was resurected he lost all of his cultivation?
        or maybe i should remind you that it took him hundred of years in order to reach the peak of cultivation in his previous life?
        or maybe i shall inform you that everything since he left glory city is mainly unknown terrain? he certainly does know what happened hundred of years later but that’s it, he can’t know about every f***ing powerfull peoples of this era, nor political and financial situation of everyone

        1. Nobody expects him to fight someone 2 realms above him, but it is expected that he should have methods at his disposal to preserve his damn life at the very least. Those people train of thought should like that of babies to him.

  2. quite a cliffhanger.. it’s gonna be interesting next chapter Hmmm.. 3-4 Chapter needed with this part… now I have to wait next week chapters release..

    “The crotch severing technique” – Men greatest fear and pleasure in a short moment.. only works on a “Fiery Figure” woman…

  3. Venerable Flameless is such a turd. Why does everyone in this story who plays the villain immediately go full tilt to “I need to kill you”?

        1. I never had been bothered about this, but well, the fact that all villains are trying to do the same thing means that it’s the only thing to do, right? I mean, there’s not other way to deal with him.

        2. I think that this is not what you are talking about, so let me redo my reply.

          About the villains on Glory City (Sacred Family and Dark Guild):
          The Sacred Family had been directly challenged by Nie Li (the event with the Book of Divine Lightning Flame, the beating that She Yue have take by Nie Li, the thing with Nie Lie x Nige’r x Shen Fei, the tournement and the following events), so they had all the reasons to think “We have to kill him”.

          The Dark Guild wanted to destroy Glory City and Nie Li was a big potential that could to ruin their plans.

          About the villains on Divine Feathers Sect:
          Many peoples on the Sect are really envious (that’s why the sect had been collapsed in the Nie Li’s previous life), if appears a genius that can threat them and who they cannot to control, the only thing to do is kill him.

          Venerable Flameless are being threatened by Nie Li, so is logical that he would try to kill him.

  4. What is skycloud or even the others doing? they know flameless was after this kid. and they still left him on his own devices and seriously he still found a way to be able to put an assassin out for nie li on the same night of the exam… “facepalm”

    1. I find this entire thing stupid, our oh so powerful main character is really lacking in op-ness. This ark is really the dumbest, I am not sure how in the world there are still deciples n their school if every 5 years when new students arrive and they show they are a genius, they are immediately sought after to be killed. This series really lacks what it takes for me to be immersed in this world or make it seem to have some logic. Time to go back to dragon marked war god to get this chapter out of my head.
      P.s for those who will say that I should drop this, I won’t I just wanted to let out my frustration.

      1. no need to jump the gun and drop this, yet. this terrible part is barely even an arc, as long as flameless is dealt with and don’t get any plot armor like the demon king I’d be happy.

      2. I kinda agree, its been going downhill since the moment they reach the Draconic Realm. It´s like the author has no idea on how to progress the story.

      3. “This ark is really the dumbest, I am not sure how in the world there are still deciples n their school if every 5 years when new students arrive and they show they are a genius, they are immediately sought after to be killed.”

        I think that’s kinda the reason why the sect is ruined in the future, remember? Also, not every genius, Nie Li just stands out too much. It’s like you’re the son of a billionaire but then some illegitimate bastard son appears but he’s way more exceptional than you and you’re in danger of losing your inheritance. If it was just a normal bastard son then there wouldn’t be that much of a problem. There are a lot of stupid people out there, especially the rich spoiled types.

      4. This Sect never had a teenage student with centuries of knowledge. I think you can’t to compare normal students that the sect ever had with Nie Li, who have come from the future, 100 years after.

    2. Well, Skycloud has proven he is an idiot. If he can not tell that one of his older disciples is trying to kill a young disciple not too far away from him, and calls it kids fighting. Then, Skycloud is one of the biggest idiotic masters in wuxia/xaixia. However, I highly doubt Flameless was the one to send an assassin.

  5. Bullshit. No way Flameless would be this stupid, and he probably doesn’t have the means to get someone like her to kill Nie Li, probably a scare in an attempt to pit Nie Li against Flameless more. Someone’s trying to pull some strings. I don’t think any assassin would be stupid enough to “play” with the target AND tell the target who hired them.

    1. Not tooooo far off but for everyone who’s saying this couldn’t happen to the main op character remember he’s in the sect and that 9 times out of 10 killing someone in this series just means wasting cultivation nie li has died several times already! So why does it seem so impossible or bad writing that there are still people much stronger THAN A 14YR OLD KID?? it would be way worse writing to say he could never ever be in danger.

      1. why? it’s simple, because they are either brainless or really stupid and should go back to reading mainstream japaness manga with op character and stop saying stupidities all over

      2. Ummm,Nie Li has only died 2 times or so it wwas mentioned.
        1. When he died against the sage emperor
        2. Not so long ago,when he died when stealing the medium root

      3. see i want him to die… kinda, his soul should be in box right??? i assume as much.
        but still, it is amazingly balanced. he has the knowledge, which helps him thru the problems he faces. but sometimes, its just impossible for him to do anything if he is overwhelmed by cheer power. im pretty sure he lived more than anyone that he has encountered so far.

        and going back to the point of him being defeated, where is the fun or the depth if he can just win every single time??? and dont forget that demon lord, the old crazy dude, and the other candidates for the “truth”… i dont remember what i was called and i dont feel like going back and looking it up. None the less, 100% with you on this

    2. Every character have a different personality. Maybe she is stupid as a assassin or she have a intention by let these words “slip”. Let’s wait for the next chapters to see what happens and criticize.

  6. There is alot of times he could’ve been doing something so if he has 5 fate souls why does he have to wait for the yellow fate soul to become stable? Why doesnt he place any other fate soul in the black boxes while that happens?… Irrelevant but if they drop everything like storage rings and armor when they die does everything one come out of the soul hall nude? I figure they keep extra clothes in rings. Do they place clothes in the box along with the fate soul?

    1. i am assuming that you can only place your latest soul, and i theorize, because it has your latest progress info.
      as for the clothes, i assume they do yea.They might even leave ring in there.

  7. Now here is the problem. this teaser, IS SO FREAKING TEASING
    help my life has been thrown into chaos. i need my TDG dose :S

  8. I just want to say that every day I wake up and shuffle my way to work, I eagerly pull up this site and read the next TDG chapter. Thank you for your hard work and for making the start of my day a happy one. Rest easy! I look forward to the 11th!

  9. so many comments ,people are bored 😛
    I`m sure a few already read the very poorly translated chapters but are still waiting for the “real deal” to come back 😀
    We await for your return master Thyaeria 😀 😀

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