TDG Chapter 362 Teaser

Nie Li extended his perceptions, with his senses on full alert.

He still couldn’t sense the other party’s presence!

Traces of sweat beaded on Nie Li’s forehead. He was already a 5-fate and his perceptive abilities had reached a frightening degree. He could sense the slightest movement of anything within fifty meters of himself, even if his opponent was a Heavenly Axis Realm expert. However, the other party could still manage to conceal themselves from his perception!

That meant that his opponent must be of the Dao of Dragon Realm!

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          1. Almost guess it…. hehe finally it came the most awaited turn of event in Nie Li life…

            Most men is afraid when it comes to ‘that’ treat technique

          2. Oh. It is something very very very very good. 🙂 😀 You’ll die laughing…

            Oh, and, don’t worry I’ll take care of your funeral after you die from laughter.

          1. Some guys read chapters by Translation Machine.
            I don’t know if I’m allowed to post the link here, but if you search on google for advanced chapters you will find it.

          2. Hahaha thx for the info, i just read the Lnmt-vrsion, and i had a good laugh. I cant wait to read the next chapter here. Plz post faster lol.

  1. Looks like my “teaser” for chap 361 was spot on xD

    Also… There’s a blatant plot hole with the next chapters… How did #$#*& &)^ @#^ caught.

    1. cant you read the big ass “NO SPOILERS”

      come on, we dont want to read the bad translation, give the translators to give it themselves.
      The author already gave the teaser so please, stop with this spoilers,

      “Also… There’s a blatant plot hole with the next chapters… How did #$#*& &)^ @#^ caught.”

      no matter how vague your words are, you still should keep it to your self. Or atleast got to forums where you and your mates who have already more advance can discuss, not here please.

      1. He has read the untranslated (or computer translated) chapters, and isn’t guessing despite the question mark. I think he is trying to be an arsehole.

        1. you’re god damn right! These people who read the computer translated chapters are feeling all high and mighty here in the comment section “guessing” what they already knew and somehow they feel pride in that. F^&*ing losers.

  2. I don’t get only one thing. Since when did everyone knows that Nie Li is master of Demon league sect? There were no even a slightess hint on that sh**, what’s the crap?

    1. I think you didn’t get it
      Flameless didn’t say he was the master of that league but said that he was from a beast clan that are enemies with humanity in the realm
      Soon you will understand that
      In a bout 7 to 10 chapters
      I can’t say more

      1. What are you even talking about? He was asking why everyone knows Nie Li is a member of the Demon League, since it’s never really been publicized. S/he never said anything about Shameless

    2. In chapter 330 they did hint it. “However, these newcomers quickly realised that the boss of the Demon League wasn’t Gu Bei, but actually someone else. Curiosity arouse within them for this mysterious person. Just who was this person? To make someone like Gu Bei serve him willingly?”

  3. haha, this kind of novels are almost all the same! The MC starts from scratch then meet so called strongest individual. then as times passes by when he reach that so called strongest strength, he then meets people a lot stronger than him. the same thing then happens again and again until the author gets bored and decided to make that strength the peak, and end the novel. haha

  4. when this finally catches up with the novels there will no longer be daily releases(more like monthly releases) 🙂
    So enjoy it cuz its fun and good read 😉

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