TDG Chapter 361 Teaser

A strong wind blew through and forced the door open.

“Who’s there?” Nie Li coldly barked as he peered outside. It was dark out there, without the shadow of a single person.

Nie Li sensed imminent danger. There was no way that the wind could just blow open the door like that and he couldn’t see anyone outside, nor could he sense the trace of anyone nearby. This proved that the other party possessed strength that far surpassed his own. He had no idea where the other party was hiding themselves. Nie Li mobilised his Heavenly Energy and prepared to engage in battle.

Could it be…?

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    1. For those who are thinking “This doesn’t look right…”

      Scroll down, I made a rough translation of the 361 Teaser.

      The one above is for 362.

          1. No it’s the teaser for chapter 362
            The author made a mistake 🙂
            He already translated almost all chapters but he keeps uploading one chapter each day 🙁

      1. i thought nie li is having a flashback while transforming to 5-fate.. guess this is for 362 …wootz advance teaser …but i dont know if i should laugh or cry.. huehuehue

        edit: why is there a Claze zien (The insensitive wuxia block) and (the child of the wuxia library) below

  1. This is definitely a spoiler from the later chapters right. RXW needs to delete this. If it isn’t a spoiler, the author changed subject pretty abruptly

  2. What happens next:

    Could it be…?

    “Billy Mays here with the Handy Switch. The new wireless light switch that lets you control any lamp anywhere!”

    The light within the room started flickering.

  3. That Teaser is for Chap 362: Dies to Understand

    What the Teaser is supposed to look like:

    Nie Li feels that the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon mortal body also strengthened.

    After achieving 5 Fate Realm, five Fate Soul float in his Soul Sea sky, perpetually revolving, these five Fate Soul, are overflowing with Heavenly Energy.

    At this time Guo Huai felt depressed, he used many wind attacks and is nearly out of Heavenly Energy.

    However after the continuous bombardment, he was still not able to kill Nie Li, he also did not expect Nei Li to pull a Pokemon and evolve to Fate 5. The transformation restored the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon’s tattered body.

    Guo Huai roared, jumped to crush Nie Li. His superhuman hand fell toward Nie Li’s head.

    Trust me, that’s bad, but boy…the original version is like pig latin…

  4. Bad cliffhanger, pointless teaser, this last chapter wasn’t kind to the readers at all.
    Only the translation is good, thanks for the effort.

  5. As a person with too much time on his hands, is there anyway I could help out with the translation of this series when I don’t know anything about other languages?

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