TDG Chapter 360 Teaser

The Nethermoon Draconic Beast is a kind of Dragon Bloodline beast that lives in wind caves. These creatures are born with the power to grasp the wind. The wind blades that they form can smash artifacts of the same level.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

The wind blades flew towards Nie Li, like the invisible curves of the full moon.

A dazzling gold light flickered off of the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon’s body as his aura continued to increase. A blazing heatwave spread throughout the area, coming from the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. He spat out a blazing dragon breath that collided with the wind blades.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The dragon breath collided with several wind blades.

The intense battle continued. Powerful energy wreaked havoc on the stage, threatening to destroy the surrounding barrier.

The battle left the students dumbfounded. They weren’t in shock of Guo Huai’s strength; rather they were shocked that Nie Li could hold up for so long against a 9-fate like Guo Huai.

After all, Nie Li was just 4-fate. There were five fates of difference between them!

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    1. Why not? it does nothing too the actual chapter and here we could discuse the teaser xD

      without spoilering anything lol.. I mean noone does that but we could do it xD

          1. I fifth the motion, and motion to include the rest of the divine feather sect’s shiesters along with.

    1. I sixth the motion! Venerable Flameless my ass, more like Dipshit Shameless. He should have all his lives killed, and degrade to a 1-fate, then be killed, and even in death, his soul will be tortured until he can’t take it anymore, then finally dispersed so he’ll never have the chance to reincarnate.

  1. as Venerable Flameless can be seen trying to kill Nie Li twice already with this fight right in front of the big 5, I hope that little shit wont get away unscathed. even if his father did save Skycloud’s life before, that should only be forgiven for his first mistakes, not twice in a row.

    1. Yeah this Skycloud has very kind heart
      He should rape this flameless than make him eunuch
      peel of his skin cut his hands and feet
      and than feed him dog shit that will choke him to death
      Yeah that’s right baby!

      1. Someone’s got the order wrong.
        First cut off his hands and feet, then cut off his tounge. Then you cut all the tendons in his limbs and neck after that letting waterdrops drip on his kneecaps while healing him until his mental and physical health has somewhat stabelized, and his kneecaps has turned into mush. Then continuasly turn him into a vegetable with various men’s manhood while peeling of his skin one or two centimeters every day, starting from his rectum.
        Then leave him by himself for a month while only forcefully providing the bare necessities.
        Then start cutting out every intestine he can live without day by day while showing him the operation at a screen in the background while you eat them in front of him.
        And then finally completely heal him with a miraculous spell, drug him, and then randomly send him off into space. Of corse having the hole trip recorded.
        Then when he returns you treat him as an hero astronaut and , prepare fake kid, wife and friends. So that he doubts his own life and start living this new role.
        Then you rinse and repeat.

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