TDG Chapter 358 Teaser

“Master Nie Li, please don’t be rash!” Long Yuyin’s brows were tightly knit as the concern on her face expressed itself in speech. This was the first time she’d ever displayed concern for someone.

Xiao Yu glanced at Long Yuyin. He couldn’t help snorting and turning his head away. Nie Li was still claiming that he wasn’t committing adultery with Long Yuyin? As if he’d buy that! However, he didn’t want Nie Li to risk his life either. Although he was worrying in his heart, he didn’t say anything.

Lu Piao and Gu Bei both spoke up after Long Yuyin. “Nie Li, you don’t need to fight with him at all! You’re only a 4-fate and he’s already 9-fate!”

“I have my own plans!” Nie Li lightly smiled in reply.

When everyone saw how calm Nie Li was acting, whether if it’s Lu Piao, Gu Bei, or Li Xingyun, they were all a little puzzled. Was Nie Li really that confident in this?

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    1. Dude… Not cool… That’s not getting revealed for another 2 weeks. 🙁

      It’s not like I’m confirming it or anything… Not like I read a poorly translated TDG till Chap 377 to confirm that information, idiot.

      (xD 80% unintentional, I started writing and it began to sound tsundere so I rolled with it.)

        1. I had a feeling that Xiao Yu is biologically a girl since his appearance in the novel because it happened quite a few times in anime where some characters’ genders aren’t what you think it would be *cough* Shugo Chara and Haganai.

      1. It’s not a spoiler when it’s painfully obvious. I haven’t read ahead and I’ll say I’ll eat my shoes if “he” doesn’t turn out to be a she.

  1. God, Xiao Yu, shut the hell up. Even if Nie Li was intimate with Long Yuyin, how would that be adultery in the first place? It’s not as if he’s married, or even if an official relationship, with any other woman. And even then, what the hell business is it of Xiao Yu’s, anyway?

    He is way, way out of line. This is just stupid beyond belief. This misunderstanding better clear up soon, because Xiao Yu is turning into a horrible trash character.

      1. Technically Xiao Yu is wrong. Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse between a “married person and a person that is not his or her spouse”. At what point did Nie Li engage in any act of sexual behavior? Also Xiao Yu is thinking of Xiao Ning Er and not Ye Zi Yun, so isn’t Xiao Yu actually wanting Nie Li to cheat with someone he isn’t engaged too?

        1. If Xiao Yu thinks Nie Li is together with Ning’Er, then he obviously isn’t really their friend, because he obviously never outright asked Nie Li or Ning’Er about their relationship. Nie Li being in a relationship with Ning’Er is nothing but a fantasy headcanon for Xiao Yu, and yet he still thinks these horrible thoughts.

          Xiao Yu is absolutely the one in the wrong, here. Ni Lie has committed no adultery, and shown no romantic or sexual interest in Long Yuyin whatsoever so far, and even if he did, it wouldn’t have been “betraying” Ning’Er in any way, shape or form. Additionally, it would be absolutely none of Xiao Yu’s business in the first place.

          Besides, in the Small World, it’s already been established that it’s acceptable to have multiple wives. Even if Xiao Yu doesn’t know that, the fact that he hasn’t outright asked what their relationship is and only jumped to conclusions and assumptions means he’s a scumbag of a human being.

      2. Aren’t you forgetting Poligamy is a confirmed thing in this world? Hell that Gu guy has 20 something wives!!! If that playboy can have 20 why can’t Nie Li have a few?

        Meaning the fact Xiao Yu is even upset at Nie Li over possible relations with Long yuyin is because SHE is jealous but until this story admits her real gender the author will keep up this game of “No Xiao Yu isn’t jealous “he” just doesn’t approve of Nie Li cheating on his fiance. Even though that’s 100% normal in this world “he” is just randomly angry and Nie Li specifically over this matter.

    1. Yea! What kind of guy friend gets mad because his friend is good with the ladies? Heck I help him hook up with one and take the heart broken ones for myself!

      1. Well , is doesnt matter if he is she or not, is not his problem anyway, they just barely met and not very close, even they are friend, is not close like lu piau etc, even gu bei more closer to nei li, than Xiau Yu, that why nei li not really bother to explain anything to her about his relationship, example if Ye zi yun the one saw it, i believe Nei Li will explain everything immediatly

  2. Is it finally time for Nie Li to show his Law of Light , Darkness and Death powa? Demn I’d love to see everyone’s reaction seing him doing all three of them as if it’s child’s play lol

  3. is it because nie li knew that his Saint Jiao Dragon have more skills that he still doesn’t still learned ?
    and this is the time to test the skills of his Saint Jiao Dragonblood God growth rate ?

  4. and then xiao really was a girl, then its time for the genre “shoujo ai” to pop out, though it’s one sided with the girl who is fond with xiao yu.

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