TDG Chapter 357 Teaser

This raised everyone’s expectations a little. They never thought that Venerable Flameless would accuse Nie Li of being a spy from the Demon God’s Sect.

Was the Venerable Flameless speaking the truth, or was he just making it up?

All of the East District’s students were watching the situation unfold, but the majority of them didn’t believe it. Unless Venerable Flameless provided sufficient proof, it was more likely to just be slander. Anyone could tell that the relationship between Venerable Flameless and Nie Li wasn’t very good.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai both couldn’t help frowning. They already understood what kind of person Venerable Flameless was. It was more likely that he’d flown into a rage out of humiliation, because his plot against Nie Li had failed!

Li Xingyun pointed at Venerable Flameless and yelled, “Actually, Venerable Flameless is the real spy! He discovered how talented Nie Li was and felt threatened, so he tried to kill to him to remove a threat for the Demon God’s Sect!”

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    1. Wait. what? So we were all sent from the same sect to spy on this sect which is nothing but spies of the same sect?.

      *Sect master laughing his as$ off*

      1. he means that theres a ‘to’ between kill and him which shouldnt be there not sure if you just overlooked it when reading but it does indeed say ‘kill to him’

  1. This kind of inside conflict is very real in real world. The terror and threat of opposition forces, and how easy it is to get own forces to be put in power struggle.

  2. brilliant! if i filmed a youtube video of venerable flameless’ face this entire episode i would probably get a billion views easy
    too fcking funny xD

  3. His action could be considered more proof than he could produce against t Nie Li. I wonder if Nei Li told Li Xingyun to say that if Nameless decided to take that route.

    1. I love how his name keeps getting tossed around in the comments. It started of as venerable flameless, then it turned to shameless, and then to nameless

          1. Well, he’s definitely not Venerable Fameless, even if the fame is infamy.

            And this is my first post on this site after reading since 2015! My WordPress login finally worked unexpectedly! YAYZ!

  4. Wonder who is more credible 1 Sect elder disciple or or 2-3 Successors to the sect’s 3 major families. 1 coveted sheltered from he was young or generations of loyalty to the sect and being the pillars of the sect.
    As interesting as this teaser was interesting it ruins the suspense of the end of the last chapter and I think it was should have been skipped. That was painful to say ill sit in a black hole now as a from of self punishment

  5. Hahaha! Go Li Xingyun! No wonder the sect became broken in Nie Li’s previous life, so many trashes in high places. I’ve noticed most sects seem to be in decline because of this reason. No smart people to guide the sect, everybody only thinking about him or herself.

  6. So I’ve been reading this book on Wattpad and I got hooked. I found 1 guy who would update everyday and that was simple… Until ofcourse I lost my phone. I haven’t found the author since. But thanks to wuxiaworld I can read again. Thanks for the chapter. Keeps me going each day.

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