TDG Chapter 356 Teaser

Although Venerable Flameless had told him to be lenient, how could Guo Huai not understand Venerable Flameless’s real meaning behind those words?

“Yes!” Guo Huai respectfully replied. He looked at Nie Li, who was standing afar. A trace of ruthlessness flashed across his eyes.

Compared to Ye Chong, Guo Huai was clearly trusted more by Venerable Flameless. Guo Huai was directly under his command. Even if he asked Guo Huai to go kill himself, Guo Huai definitely wouldn’t furrow his brows!

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were shocked when they heard Venerable Flameless’s words. Guo Huai had already reached 9-fate. Even if Nie Li had a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit, he was still only a 4-fate. How could he possibly defeat a 9-fate? Not to mention that Guo Huai had been meticulously nurtured by Venerable Flameless. Therefore, he was stronger than an ordinary 9-fate.

“Absolutely not!” Huang Yu immediately sounded out. He couldn’t figure out why Venerable Flameless was so desperate to deal with Nie Li, but he was doing it without any sense of restraint.

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        1. agreed although they are both shameless meng hao is a better person.
          there are plenty of shameless characters in chinese novels really but you can tell which ones are scum and which ones are not.

    1. dafuq? because they are scared of a little boy who happens to be the disciple of hierach skycloud? they should just go and meet the hierach… or nie li should just say something instead of overthinking shit… or the author should just explain his thought process in the case that fighting this perticular battle is benefitial for his advances on becoming the master of the sect…

  1. Flameless is really shameless but NIe Lie knew he stand a chance if he reach 5-Fate, his soul realm is also kind of abnormal . He had to nutrient his vine and can definitely reach 5 fate during battle, he even have some kind of hidden power inside his soul realm that himself don’t understand.
    It doesn’t seem like we will going to do know anytime soon why his soul fate have different colors instead being colorless.

  2. Flameless is really pathetic. This should be known by Skycloud soon and then he will never get the finisher. Thanks for the chapter. I finally made a login

  3. I don’t get how this idiot managed to think of this plan. I’m going to kill master’s new and favorite disciple so that he can’t get the Skycloud cultivation technique and I will receive it instead! Fool proof plan right there. As in proof that he’s a fool =_=

    1. That I want to ask too. But if I recall well, the Hevenly energy thing is much more profound and better than the laws. Therefore, I think it wouldn’t do much if he played with Laws alone. But you know, that’s if he used it “alone”, he could still strengthen the Shadow and Panda spirits with light and darkness. Maybe use the death law for the Dragon? Kind of vague as to he whether uses Laws anymore or even if they’re useful to begin with.
      But wait, didn’t he fly when he ran from Murong Yu and the snake dragon using his Law wings..?

      1. He can still utilize the wings and arm guards he got from his law energy. Law energy gives earth fate realm a bit of a higher boost but still beneath heavenly energy.

        Even if he used law energy to nurture his demon spirits it wouldn’t provide them with any boost in strength since they are both already in heavenly fate realm.

      2. Because it provides him a movement speed. If he can make a Heavenly wings of course he’d use it. He’s not using it as a way to attack.

        Think it like this, you are car racer, but will you use your race car in the city? Vice versa, will you use yoir city car in a race? *Official race, don’t think asphalt or

      3. experts legend rank and above can stand in the sky i believe though not explictly stated i think black gold can too but im not sure remeber Ye Zong Nie Li And all his friends versus the Demon Lord they were fighting in the sky above Glory city

      1. I think it was mentioned law energy is different on both the tiny word and draconic world. Nie li isn’t strong enough to obtain the draconic world law energy yet.

        The tiny world’s law energy is also only roughly at 3 fate realm and usless because nie li is 4. The only reason why he used it for flight is because it was stil stronger then his fates flying because of the understanding he had in them.

        If he was strong enough for the draconic law energy he’d probably be using it instead of fate energy.

        Also nie li’s knowledge is so vast but yet his training speed is pretty slow, and yet he doesn’t question why to much lol.

        1. Slow my azz as he keeps pace with all his friends from the beginning to date who most of them have sould realms with easier to cultivate and all have them have Cultivation techniques that are supposed to be faster than his heavenly god technique until later levels of cultivation and having more Demon Spirits to combine with.
          Considering that Nie Li can Make any Number of God Level GrowthRate Demon spirits and you can spit out one at any time to cultivate with another it would make sense him keeping pace if he joined with all 7 slots of his heavenly god Technique with god level Growth rate demon spirits just so he could cultivate faster. and i didnt even yet consider the vine in his soul realm that supposedly stealing some of his law energy and then heavely energy but gives it back conveniently.

  4. This teaser is killing me. I really want to see how Huang Yu deals with this! He seems ready to sacrifice something for Nie Li.
    Or am I daydreaming and he will actually cower down the next sentence..?

    1. What is killing me is Nie Li passive behavior!!!! He got the resolution to fight since his card is revealed? Then why not fight this flameshitty bastard directly? He can just confront him by saying: “Are you sure this is what Master order you? Alright if I survived this I’ll clarify with Master, if I died from this ordeal, people here are witness that this thing is arranged by you and Master will surely know, unless you plan to eradicate everyone here.”

  5. that stupid flameless hopefully he would be kickout for doing that shameless act and that stupid elders who doesn’t even act after knowing that Nie Li was also the disciple of skycloud… they should already guess the reason why this flameless dude is trying to kill nie li.

  6. Nie lie should just put his soul save first before doing the 3rd battle, so he just need to sacrifice one fate soul, *note : even he died, his soul fate not gonna destroyed (nie lie have special fate stone.

  7. That Elder should know that no matter what Venerable Flameless says these tests are under their control if they don’t mind a little suppression they can ask Venerable Flameless to sit small or else remove them from their postions as overseers of the test which despite being above them in Hierarchy he still shouldn’t have to power to do just being some ones disciple unless he accuses them of betraying the Divine Feathers Sect tell Venrable flameless if SkyCloud Hall wants to Test Nie Li test him on their own grounds. Which could earn the ire of some people in SkyCloud Hall unless they explain to some one who comes to deal with them or they ask Nie Li to explain it To Heirach Skycloud which they would be ashamed to ask of him but should be able to put aside considering they saved his life.

    1. I’m pretty sure that most- if not all- the dragons here are actually Chinese. You know, the snake-like ones.
      And if my memory serves me well, our glorified translator did a TN at some point where he talks about the dragons not being western but the traditional Chinese ones instead.

      Although when they say “wings” I don’t know how to imagine it, I usually imagine wingless snake-like dragons that fly without the need of wings.

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