TDG Chapter 355 Teaser

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were stunned at Venerable Flameless’s words as they stared at him.

At first, both elders thought that Venerable Flameless was just trying to test Nie Li’s strength. They never thought that Ye Chong would actually want to kill Nie Li. It was a little too much. However, neither of them were in a position to expose the matter. Although they were Elders of the Divine Feathers Sect, Venerable Flameless was still Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple. In terms of position, Venerable Flameless ranked higher than the two of them.

No matter what, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai couldn’t just stand by and witness Nie Li being killed before their eyes!

Venerable Flameless coldly snorted and said in a loud voice, “Ye Chong acted by himself and was too heavy with his attacks during the battle. Someone, drag him down and lock him up. He’ll be handled by the Enforcement Hall!”

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      1. Flameless is so dumb I can’t wait for skycloud to be like ‘Nie li here’s the skycloud technique’ and flameless get all pissy and Nie Li just be like ‘yo I don’t need that sh*t’ lol I sure hope that happens

        1. Thats exactly what up then he passes it to the next disciple besides Flameless because although Flameless seems to feel entitled to the Skycloud technique its because Venerable Flameless’ father saved Skycloud when he was younger not because Venerable Flameless himself earned it and he feels that

      2. Well he is flameless so he can’t have shame since he has no flame. You could also say he is harmless since he is flameless. He can’t burn a thing.

  1. I hoped those 2 elders are smarter than that.
    Even when he’s higher than those 2, they should really asked whether it was really skycloud that ordered the test

    1. what I don’t get is why the elders are like flameless has such a high position being a disciple and yet Nie Li is also a disciple and it seems like they don’t even know I don’t get it

      1. Nobody told them… it’s not like there was a big announcement when Nie Li was taken in as Skycloud’s disciple. At most, only major figures would’ve been informed of it.

        Given his status, Skycloud’s disciples are probably expected to have the ability to take care of small fries themselves. Skycloud would only protect them from suppression by major figures.

        1. Nie li already said on chapters before that he want some freedom within. so no need to inform others about the matters. His master only appears when he encounter some of big troubles within

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