TDG Chapter 351 Teaser

While Nie Li and Murong Yu were fighting, two people were quietly seated in another corner of the field, enjoying tea as they watched the fight.

One of them was Long Tianming. The other one wore a silvery long robe and bore a graceful manner that was even higher than Long Tianming’s.

“I never thought that Brother Beiyan would be interested in these newcomers.” Long Tianming looked at the youth next to him and lightly smiled. His words carried thorns; his relation with the other party was obviously not harmonious.

“I only came to watch. But the fact that even Long Tianming yourself would care about this makes me wonder which is the formidable genius.” Situ Beiyan was calmly seated. “It seems that this youth is interesting indeed.”

“The only reason he won against Murong Yu was because of his full-body artifact,” Long Tianming said with a smile. “So he’s also gained Brother Beiyan’s appreciation?”