TDG Chapter 348 Teaser

East District

The East District’s quota was full. The lineup had already been decided.

Nie Li, Gu Bei, Lu Piao, Long Yuyin, and another youth called Xue Yu. A total of five people.

Originally, Jin Yan was confident that he’d make the selection for the East District too. However, the youth named Xue Yu had suddenly appeared from nowhere and surpassed him in cultivation. Jin Yan had been unexpectedly replaced. He was in a rage; however, the matter was already settled. There was nothing he could do.

“Nie Li, I heard that someone called Xue Yu is also entering the East District with us. So, why is it that we have no idea who he is?” Lu Piao asked in confusion. He hadn’t even known that there was such a person in their class.

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  1. Who the heck is Jin Yan again? He’s such a minor villain that i barely had any idea who he is.

    On a side note, with Nie Li and the gang going on a rampage macking a ruckus everywhere they go, of course someone is going to take advantage of that and cultivate silently without any interruption.

    1. it’s not like the gang didn’t cultivate, they headed to the outside world because getting enough spiritual stones isn’t easy (among other reasons). that’s why a new guy that isn’t known is special. he isn’t famous for getting on the spirit board in the heaven energy well training ground, nor did he win a great deal in the training ground where Nie Li faced the genius of last year. and it doesn’t look like he has a powerful background. not the least of which is the fact that no one knew he was in their class.

      if i had to guess I’d say he is related to one of the top 5 of the Divine feathers sect thus even though he is of the same age group he was taught in private and groomed to become the sect leader (an unknown powerful challenger to fight Nie Li for the position, a rival of the same generation that Nie Li didn’t contend with in his past life).

    1. Same thoughts as me. I’m 90% sure that the new person is xiao yu and that she’s a girl. There’s actually many instances that she gets angry and happy when nie li is close to other girl / he stands up for her. So it’s pretty obvious.

      1. Beyond obvious, it was almost stated when they went into the death gods pyramid before coming to this realm. He said something like “I didn’t know the nether realm master had a son, he only has one…”. If it isn’t “daugther” then what? pet? husband? male human-shaped-monster cousin? Not likely.

  2. Is there a character guide somewhere, I can’t keep up with all these names that share part of their name with other characters and its just leaving me confused most of the time.

  3. This is what GOD of Death in Nether Realms Says
    “The Frost Chaos Sword is something that belongs to the Master of the Nether Realm! What is your connection with him? The Master of the Nether Realm definitely wouldn’t pass Frost Chaos Sword to an outsider. From what I know, the Master of the Nether Realm does not have any sons, he only has one…”

    Also remember that Xiao Yu uses a hair pin in their first encounter in the lake in nether realm and xiao yu also acted like a girl. Therefore this new character Xue yu definitely Xiao Yu in disguise. ^_^

      1. hmm.. well actually it did not mention that xiao yu is in the same class but xiao yu can go in disguise in the class just to watch and protect nei li. xiao yu also has a high connection, remember xiao yu’s father is the Nether God. Also, Xiao yu did not reach Heavenly Fate Realm before until nei li help xiao yu to surpass it. Now they surpass it, they are candidate to go to east district… 🙂

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