TDG Chapter 347

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Chapter 347 – Purchase

Li Yufeng continued picking out other artifacts.

Nie Li kept looking around, sweeping his eyes over all kinds of artifacts. Finally, his eyes landed on a Grade 6 artifact — Silvery Moon Blade.

“Let’s get a suitable weapon for Brother Xingyun too!” Nie Li said with a smile towards Cai Die. “Miss Cai Die, please take that item down for me.”

“This is a Grade 6 Artifact — Silvery Moon Blade. It’s price is around fifty thousand spiritual stones!” Cai Die brought the Silvery Moon Blade down from its stand and smiled. That frightening bargain aside, Nie Li was rather straightforward with his purchases. Unlike many who’d spend a long while touching it and thinking.

Nie Li calmly smiled. “Thirty thousand spiritual stones. Whether it sells or not depends on a word from Miss Cai Die.”

Cai Die looked at Nie Li as though she’d just seen a ghost. This Silvery Moon Blade’s bottom line was also roughly thirty thousand. No more, no less! Since the original price was fifty thousand spiritual stones, she thought that Nie Li was also slash the price in half again. If that happened, then she’d definitely reject it. She never imagined that Nie Li could actually call out the bottom line.

A refusal? Were they going to reject business? If they made this deal, it’d sit nicely at the lowest possible price. Although they wouldn’t earn much, they’d still earn something.

The more spiritual stones that the Celestial Treasure Pavilion had, the more artifacts they’d be able to acquire from the Gods Craft Pavilion.

Cai Die pondered it a little, bitterly smiled, and said in a helpless tone, “Young Master Nie Li really does have good eyes. So intelligent. Thirty thousand spiritual stones is a deal!”

Nie Li lightly smiled. Such an artifact would cost about twenty-seven thousand spiritual stones straight from the Gods Craft Pavilion. Deducting travel expenses and production costs, the Celestial Treasure Pavilion could still earn from thirty thousand. If he yelled for a lower price, the Celestial Treasure Pavilion definitely wouldn’t accept, since they wouldn’t make a profit from that.

Both Li Xingyun and Gu Bei were speechless. According to Cai Die’s expression, they more or less sensed that Nie Li was calling the absolute lowest price. From now on, they’d have to bring Nie Li when they went out shopping. He could really save them some money.

“Miss Cai Die, what about that set of Grade 6 Artifact — Darkcloud Battle Armour?” Nie Li asked as he looked at Cai Die.

“Young Master, please make your offer. If the price is acceptable, then I’ll sell it to Young Master.” Cai Die thought for a while and decided that it’d be better if she didn’t tell him the retail price. If she kept doing that, then others would know how huge of a profit the Celestial Treasure Pavilion was making. She also wanted to see if Nie Li really was a master at appraising artifacts.

“Armguard, chestplate, gauntlets, and belt all together. One hundred thirty thousand spiritual stones.” Nie li said after a brief thought.

Cai Die speechlessly stared at Nie Li. A moment later, she nodded and said, “One hundred thirty thousand spiritual stones it is!” What else could she say?!

Even with so many parts of the armour, Nie Li actually made an offer that was only five thousand away from their bottom line. Just what kind of monster is he?! She’d certainly run into quite an expert!

However, Nie Li was still pretty straightforward with his purchases. Hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones exchanged hands without batting an eye.

Cai Die continued to ask, “Does Young Master still need anything else?”

Nie Li pointed here and there. “That set of battle armour. One hundred twenty thousand spiritual stones! That set, one hundred twenty-five thousand spiritual stones! That set, one hundred thirty-five thousand spiritual stones!”

“So many? Young Master wants them all?” Cai Die was stunned. She’d just realised that Nie Li’s total bill had reached an extremely frightening degree.

“Yeah.” Nie Li nodded, “Go ahead and wrap them up for me. I’ll keep browsing slowly!”

Cai Die appeared excited. “Okay.”

If she served some wealthy Young Master, she could obtain at least tens or perhaps a few hundred spiritual stones for a single sale. From this transaction with Nie Li, she could earn thousands. How could she not be excited?

Wu Die, who was sitting with Li Yufeng, felt rather dejected when she saw how excited Cai Die was. She’d been recommending items to Li Yufeng for half a day now, and she still hadn’t sold a single item. Meanwhile, Cai Die had already sold so many in just a short while — even more than she had managed to sell in a few years.

Why didn’t she have the fortune to encounter such a moneybag?

Wu Die looked at Li Yufeng and felt even more downcast. This Li Yufeng was too picky and kept slashing the price like crazy. Did he even want to buy?

Li Yufeng was also extremely embarrassed. He’d picked several items, but when he tried to slash the price the way Nie Li had done it, they were all rejected by Wu Die. Every single item was so expensive that he had to give it thorough consideration.

However, a short distance away, Nie Li was still buying this and that. Li Yufeng was disheartened to the extreme.

Even someone like a Grand Elder of the Divine Feathers Sect wouldn’t have as much money as Nie Li, right?

What Li Yufeng didn’t know was that those six hundred thousand spiritual stones meant nothing to Nie Li. He still had millions of spiritual stones on his person; furthermore, the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was constantly producing more.

Cai Die turned around and realised that Nie Li had just bought sixty to seventy percent of all of their Grade 6 artifacts.

This was a genuine moneybag! He spent six hundred thousand spiritual stones in one shopping spree!

Li Yufeng observed Nie Li and tried to guess just who this Nie Li was, and what kind of position he had in the Heavenly Path League. What relationship did he have with Li Xingyun?

If such a person remained by Li Xingyun’s side, then Li Yufeng definitely cannot rest or eat in peace!

Li Yufeng was too embarrassed to stay there any longer, so he stood up.

“Is Young Master Li going to leave?” Wu Die looked at Li Yufeng. This guy still hadn’t bought anything! Although she was downhearted, she was still very polite with her words. “It seems that our stock this time couldn’t catch Young Master Li’s eye. I’ll definitely send someone to notify you when the next set of stocks arrive!”

Li Yufeng felt his face burning. How could these artifacts not catch his eye? The truth was obvious — he couldn’t afford it!

“Very well. I’ll go ahead and take my leave!” Li Yufeng cupped his hands towards Wu Die and coldly swept his gaze at the other four before retracting his gaze.

He left.

“Li Yufeng is a narrow-minded person. You guys have to be careful in the future!” Li Xingyun couldn’t help warning his friends as he watched Li Yufeng’s silhouette disappear. His mind flashed back to past events and he tightly clenched his fist.

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded. He clearly understand the conflict between Li Xingyun and Li Yufeng.

Nie Li had bought so many items that, by now, everyone had a good set of battle armour. Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and Li Xingyun also received more suitable weapons. As for Nie Li, he didn’t need to buy any weapons; he already had the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword.

The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword would keep growing stronger along with Nie Li’s own strength. Presently, the power of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword definitely wasn’t beneath that of a Grade 7 artifact. Therefore, Nie Li didn’t need to purchase any offensive combat artifacts.

The group left the Celestial Treasure Pavilion with a generous harvest in their arms.

“With this set of battle armour, there’s nothing to fear, even if we encountered Heavenly Axis Realm experts in the outside world!” Lu Piao said excitedly. He realised that once his Inferno Meteor Battle Armor was attacked, it’d automatically form a powerful barrier around him.

Even if he couldn’t win against a Heavenly Axis Realm expert, running away was still easy!

The armour could easily be worn under casual clothes. You wouldn’t notice it at all.

Although they wore their regular clothes on the outside, all of them couldn’t help feeling more confident in themselves. After all, each of them had an entire set of Grade 6 artifact armour! So of course they’d feel more confident when they wore it! They couldn’t help puffing out their chests.

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  1. This makes literally zero sense. With the way Nie Li is haggling there should be no reason why they would bother selling any artifact to them at all. It wouldn’t even make sense that the girl Cai Die would earn that much more off the purchases after being low balled so hard.

    Using the 2 examples they had early on 72k for a grade 6, with production and etc costing roughly 33k they only earned about 3k in the store when Nie Li haggled it to 36k. We then have Li Yufeng’s retarded haggling from 12k to 6k, when the lowest they’d go would be 10k (I’m assuming the translation was a bit foggy, because they said the cost of the whole thing was 12k, and selling a 12k item wouldn’t be really worth it for the store if their net value is 0). What does this mean? a Grade 5 could earn them 2k where as a grade 6 earned them 3k.

    How does it even make sense that the girl previously earned tens of spirits while now could possibly earn hundreds to thousands? If she is earning per item a flat rate and cutting the sales by that much there is no reason the store would keep her. What makes even less sense is why he needed to low ball a grand workshop when he has enough. The fact that they tried to double the price is kinda messed up but at least make it a reasonable cut!

    1. You are thinking about their bottom price the wrong way. You are assuming that their bottom price is a net gain -/+0, and that is the only reason this doesn’t make sense to you. But this way of thinking is fundamentally flawed. Why would they do that? The answer is extremely simple – they wouldn’t. What does that mean? It means that their bottom price *ALREADY INCLUDES THEIR CUT AS WELL*.

    2. While I do not think it “makes no sense”, I do agree that this chapter is being overly optimistic with its understanding about negotiations.
      While I am no master of the trade myself, I’m not even a novice, but I can tell that Nie Li’s dealer is illogically wet around the ears with green horns barely sprouting out from her arse. She shows no skills.

      She did not even tried to falsely scramble the numbers (“Since you’re purchasing so many items, we’ll give you a discount. It’ll amount to 175,758.”) — scrambling the numbers like that doesn’t give a convenient platform for others to lower or value their items. She did not even try to engage Nie Li in conversation to keep up the ball within the game, she did not even try to create a connection with this sort of fat whale with loose pockets. I mean, if he can spend so much on his generals, think how much he’ll spend on his army? Why not tie him down to their store by offering cheaper, lower-grade armours and weapons en-masse for his soldiers?

      Maybe the grade-6 artifacts came off cheap, but with a large business contract of exclusivity like that, for an entire army, is a huge deal. I absolutely refuse to believe a dealer whom deals with such high-grade artifacts, is such of a newbie with no ambitions.

  2. There is something that I confused about.. When Nie Li first met yu yan in black spring, wasnt he got some OP armour? That was thin as cicada wings? Wasnt it should be able to protect Nie li when he encounter the winged snake dao dragon at the medium deity lake?

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