TDG Chapter 347 Teaser

Li Yufeng continued picking out other artifacts.

Nie Li kept looking around, sweeping his eyes over all kinds of artifacts. Finally, his eyes landed on a Grade 6 artifact — Silvery Moon Blade.

“Let’s get a suitable weapon for Brother Xingyun too!” Nie Li said with a smile towards Cai Die. “Miss Cai Die, please take that item down for me.”

“This is a Grade 6 Artifact — Silvery Moon Blade. It’s price is around fifty thousand spiritual stones!” Cai Die brought the Silvery Moon Blade down from its stand and smiled. That frightening bargain aside, Nie Li was rather straightforward with his purchases. Unlike many who’d spend a long while touching it and thinking.

Nie Li calmly smiled. “Thirty thousand spiritual stones. Whether it sells or not depends on a word from Miss Cai Die.”

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      1. they are indeed making a profit BUT BARELY. xD nie li trolling them a bit too hard if he is going to buy all of them at the lowest price acceptable lolol

        1. Actually, they’re still making a good profit. It’s just that at _____ amount, they’re not making enough profit to make it worth selling. They’re still probably making like 10-20% minimum.

          1. You’re not so wrong. But in this case, they don’t posses identical pieces. Unless it’s a set of dual blades or something like that. Therefore, each piece is unique and has a fixed price. They just increase said price to earn a little bonus.
            But you can’t trick Nie Li and at the end of the day, you make a profit.

    1. Nah that would imply he is making them sell at a loss. Nie Li is instead just cutting their profit greatly to where they just barely make a profit on the item.

      1. He isn’t really cutting their profit, it’s their over profit, as the author said, the market price of the sword from the previous chapter was 35 but they were trying to sell it for the double, it’s not the amount they spent to get the sword but how much it really costs.

          1. They are actually asking for close to an auction price. The reason they sell it at Nie Li’s offer price is because if they sell it in auction and probably go through the effort of inviting several powers within and outside the city not to mention 20~30% will go as auction fees not to mention the uncertain price of the final bid(which may lead to a loss). Selling it in the common market won’t get them higher offers as these buyers are already the richest people in the city :P. So Nie Li buying them in bulk is actually doing them a small favour, otherwise it would take quite some time to sell these things.

      1. Well they are still making a profit plus artifact buyers are rare so as long as they are making profit they won’t turn a buyer away since it could be awhile til they get another buyer.

    1. well, actually it happens in my real life.. traditional old-system store, of course the store owner will still appreciate when a customer like this come along, at least they still bring profit, and it is especially true for mass-production products, which is in my opinion different than in the story “weapons with grades”..
      it will be surely be considered antique shop in modern life..

  1. The sword they bought in last chap ”That was a Grade 6 artifact — Meteorite Sword.”
    Hue hue, Is this Linley Baruch’s sword? (Coiling Dragon Ring)
    (his first OP sword, b4 It got discarded. Not to mention It’s name was never used once by the translators except the one chapter It was created in)

    1. He could afford it but then he just sets the tone he just some buyer with a ton of cash instead of an educated buyer which could open back door deals in the future.

      1. Yeah he is already close to danger of being investigated by the Divine Feathers higher ups. His Demon alliance does not own any deity lakes but still is running. Even if people think it is backed by Gu Bei, the Gu clan knows how much it is giving Gu Bei every month, so the only suspicious person would be Nie Li. Nie Li needs to grow strong enough so that even those old people don’t think of messing with him.

  2. Haha Nie Li is so damn bad ass haha He know’s all it already the Prices this is the 2nd time he went this place so it’s normal for him to slash those Prices ??

  3. That near ~50% slash price just proves that Nie Li’s knowledge extends to a multitude of fields including economic knowhow similar to what he did with the purple mist grass. This is shown when the idiot Li Yufeng tried to bargain 50% for an item that he doesn’t really recognize

    1. it’s not just his knowledge of economics, but also the fact that he could recognize the value of the artifact at first glance shows just how well versed he was in his past life and his bargaining ability is also outstanding because he slashed to the lowest possible number that allows the seller to still make a decent profit and didn’t raise when the seller tried to get a little more.

  4. thx for the Chapter and teaser!

    Anybody else wanna know what grade the thunder sword is, the last time you heard what kinda sword it was, then it was out of this world. could be nice to know how awesome the swords is 😛

    1. me.
      i wonder if Nei Li will contact someone who crafts artifacts – a friend or master craftsman from his past life.
      (or maybe like incantations and alchemy he has “low” level proficiency and can make level 2 artifacts XD)

  5. I know he has enough money now but shouldn’t he ask for a private room for these buys like he did in the auction house in glory city? because it’s not weird for the Gu clan and the Ashen Flames family to be rich but if someone knew that a kid with no background had so many spiritual stones wouldn’t he be asking for trouble?

  6. Because of traffic on this sight, I have to close out my Firefox browser to be able to look at other sites. There is constant traffic as show at the bottom left side of the window. Firefox, Chrome and IE all lock up on a regular basis. If you can slow the amount of add traffic on your site, or get rid of it completely you won’t get harassed as much and make all the people reading at you site much happier.
    BTW how often do you post chapters for this story?

  7. Just got message via email of a double release but can’t get to it I have the link in my email but it was just a cruel prank !!! It only takes me to the page not found page T_T…….begins flipping through realitive number that live near Sydney. hehe

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