TDG Chapter 346 Teaser

“My name is Cai Die. May I ask what the four Young Masters are looking to buy?” A sweet and cute girl sat down before Nie Li and the other three. Her voice softened the bones of those who heard it.

“The Celestial Treasure Pavilion really knows how to do business. They sent such a beauty over! It’ll probably be impossible for us to not spend money!” Gu Bei laughed.

“Young Master is flattering me. How could Cai Die’s appearance possibly warrant such high praise?” the girl said a little bashfully.

Gu Bei once again, showed his colours as a hedonist. He looked a little lustful, which made Cai Die’s face boil.

“Enough. Let’s talk about serious matters.” Nie Li sighed as he patted Gu Bei’s shoulder.

19 thoughts on “TDG Chapter 346 Teaser” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. haha, i’m betting nope

      Nie Li don’t do stuff on his own, remember the auction where Gu Bei bought everything on Nie Li’s money?

      this time is likely Li Xingyun’s turn

      whatever Yufeng want to buy, Xingyun would buy higher price, whenever Yufeng want to rise the price higher, Xingyun would let him buy at overprice

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