TDG Chapter 343 Teaser

Hierarch Skycloud had been paying attention to Nie Li’s expressions and he was slightly surprised by them. Any other Skysoul Institute disciple would’ve jumped for joy if they’d known that Hierarch Skycloud was taking them as his disciple. However, Nie Li’s expression remained calm and tranquil.

Hierarch Skycloud was admiring Nie Li even more for his ability to remain calm. This boy was just like his calligraphy. In his calligraphy’s Dao intent, Nie Li had reached a transcendent state.

Venerable Redsoul transmitted his voice over to Nie Li, “Nie Li, don’t let your emotions affect your decision. This is definitely a great opportunity for you to become the disciple of my master. Don’t give it up just because of Venerable Flameless. Venerable Flameless’s father once saved Master’s life, and he’s also Master’s eldest disciple. Therefore, Master takes very good care of him. That’s why Venerable Flameless occasionally lets it get to his head and lets it narrow his judgement. But don’t let it get to you. Once you become Master’s disciple, you won’t have to worry about anything that he’d do to you!”

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      1. After those i think its Dao of Dragon and Martial Ancestor. then they seem like they will go into another set of ranks in the ancestral god /demon land though unconfirmed

    1. Heavenly Fate ~~> Heavenly Star ~~> Heavenly Axis ~~> Dao of (the?) Dragon ~~> Martial Ancestor ( I put ~~ because it lines up with > better than — (–> see)

    2. Bronze > Silver > Gold > Black Gold > Legend > Heavenly Fate > Fate Star > Fate Axis > Dao of the Dragon > Martial Ancestor > Nei Motherf***ing Li

        1. I don’t think so, I remembered from the past chapters that Nie Li fought the sage emperor with his cultivation as “Dao of the dragon”. It was then said that he gained a greater cultivation rank (martial ancestor) during their fight but it was too late since he already suffered a lot

          1. Do you remember that his master ying also told that once he reaches heavenly axis realm he will be looked by sage emperor. So it should be like his master doing something to help him hide his cultivation.

          2. pretty sure he fought with him at peak martial ancestor and broke through to a new rank. he said that at the end of the fight, he broke through to a new realm and surpassed martial ancestor but it was to late to fight back. it seems sage emperor is peak martial ancestor and is stuck. i highly doubt sage is only dao of dragon. nie li definitely said he surpassed sage at the very end. of course its possible that they both were above martial ancestor and nie li broke through to an even higher rank/realm.

        2. Both Nie Li and the Sage Emperor were far above Martial Ancestor when they fought. After Martial Ancestor is Deity, and if you recall the Sage Emperor had 6 Deity rank demon beasts on his side when he fought Nie Li. Both Nie Li and the Sage emperor were above this rank. By how much I don’t know, but during their fight Nie Li surpassed the Sage Emperor, reaching the pinnacle of the martial arts world.

  1. That’s why Venerable Flameless was the most vocal out of all Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple. He became Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple only trough connection.

  2. Hi there, who is venerable redsoul again? And how did nie li get into contact with him again? I only remembered that he gave the dao word to him or am i missing something before that?

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