TDG Chapter 342 Teaser

After Li Xingyun, Gu Bei, and the rest made their preparations, they started to take action.

Things like fate souls are extremely profound. Having a fate soul in the Soul Hall was equivalent to having a false body. Once the body was destroyed, a new one would form from the stored fate soul. Upon reforming, the person would only have eighty to ninety percent of their original strength left. That was also why their cultivations decreased.

Without the fate soul, the human race probably would’ve already been annihilated by the dangerous Draconic Ruins Realm!

Only with fate souls could the human race expand in the outside world.

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  1. Yes Yes human race but when we came to the DRR wasnt the DFS supposed to be diverse holding many Sentient races Even in the Nether Realm Humans were out numbered supposedly

      1. In the divine feathers sect most of the experts from the tiny would should be associated with the neather master but at some point around the time of the testing of spiritual roots there was mention of some one with red skin most likely a gargoyle or goblin type race but after that only really Long Yuyin and people from her clan with their dragon blood heritage would be the only non strictly human race that they mentioned its hard to mention any of the other characters as not human but on occasion i also imagine they aren’t human because they aren’t confirmed as humans either and i would only think it to be right that the divine feathers sect to be about diverse as the neither realm but then again the tiny world was operating on the premise that humans were scarese. even if Glory city wasnt the only human city left the amount of humans around the world was still small.

    1. read again pls… it said… that usually they drop one step in their cultivation, but Nie Li didnt drop at all… well just a bit.. but his 3th fate soul still existed, just had to be nurished a bit again to shine 😉

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