TDG Chapter 341 Teaser

Gu Heng coldly stared at Li Xingyun and said, “Li Xingyun, are you going to stick your neck out for the Demon League?”

Although Gu Heng’s strength couldn’t be compared to Li Xingyun’s, Gu Heng’s moblised army was still much stronger than Li Xingyun’s Heavenly Path League. There were only two to three thousand people from the Heavenly Path League, whereas there was ten thousand on Gu Heng’s side!

Gu Heng snorted as he said with murderous intent, “If you insist on sticking up for them, I don’t mind destroying you too!”

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  1. I’m guessing they brought higher rank experts with them. Even if they all die and go down a cultivation, Nei Lie is still there with the Painting and a massive amount of spiritual stones.

    1. Isn’t that the truth! Nei Lie is just soaking up spiritual stones, Surely it won’t take too long before Gu Heng is suppressed by shear numbers of the growing Demon League.

    1. Haha I know right! I guess i’ll actually have to focus on school work. But I tend to save reading the chapters for Friday night and just bulldoze right through them. It makes my Friday’s Awesome!!!

  2. Hahaha… so exciting! So bad summer ends today…awwwwww… . Anyway, The more the merrier so it better if more allies shows up tomorrow or if Nie Li shows up bringing his entire fortune that would want Gu Heng and their enemy want to vomit blood. Haha! (Then they will die bcoz of blood loss) *evil smile*

    1. Summer ends 2day? Whaaaat??
      Where do you even live?
      Here in Iceland the students aren’t even In Summer vacation yet, It starts 5 days here.
      And then It’ll end In Mid August / beginning of september depending on which university you’re in.

      ( I dropped out after finishing the Chef 2 years ago though )

  3. ge heng is totaly a idiot why would li xingyun’s men with shear number when his army is second rate army do you all forget li xingyun’s god level growth demon spirits with nie li? gu heng was just an idiot frog in side a well that see a bee hive inside it and wish to bring it down and have a feast with it. he was just to naive cause it already became a snakes house ready to eat him hahahahahahahha I say too much

    1. Don’t forget It’s not been mentioned yet that Gu Bei has activated his God Dragon spirit.
      So they still have atleast 2 God level dragons, + Gu Bei has a 10,000 team of average people.
      While Li Xingyun has 2-3k high level & top level Loyal & trained men with great teamwork.

      It’s like playing Total war, with 3000 Principe’s vs 10,000 basic level militia.
      Each Principe will kill 10-30 before dying.

    2. + Nie Li has so many back up’s from strong factions.
      f.x that Venerable red soul guys master who’s neutral with all factions, and those 2 Hot shots we saw at the Auction house arc.
      The people who have died so far from Gu Bei will have re-spawned & notified Nie Li by now.
      And he’s sent some more people to help.
      Or atleast that’s what should happen If the author isn’t like Coiling Ring’s author who always forgot / skipped over extremely useful things in order to set back his character to prolong the story.
      I loved Coiling Ring, but ffs. The author kept forgetting about major things that could’ve helped speed up the story so much.

    1. There’s never any chaps on Sundays 🙁
      So after midnight on Sunday or Monday :L
      Another 1-2 days.
      + If u got same bug as me, then even later.
      I don’t even try to get First anymore. Cause even though the Firts are always at 12:15 AM my timezone, I’ll keep endlessly f5’ing, but I won’t get to go from Teaser to chapter until at 4 AM and sometimes not until late night on the day after….

  4. then they will fight kill more than 2000 man fr
    om gu heng party
    nie li will suggest making a spy in gu heng men
    skycloud will ask nie li to be his apprentice which will make another guy from skcloud students be jealous of nie li and trying to kill him later

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