TDG Chapter 340 Teaser

Control the Gu Clan together?

Gu Bei coldly laughed in his heart. With Gu Heng’s character, ghosts would have to be real for him to be willing to share control of the Gu Clan with someone else. People like Gu Heng, who couldn’t tolerate the slightest grain sand in his eyes, had always seen Gu Bei and his sister as a thorn by his side. Otherwise, Gu Heng wouldn’t have gathered so many people to destroy the Demon League.

Gu Bei looked at Gu Heng and laughed. “I think disbanding the Demon League should be possible. I’ll go back to think about it and give Elder Cousin Gu Heng an answer three days. How about it?”

Naturally, Gu Bei wasn’t stupid. ‘If you want to pretend to be humble, then I’ll play with you.’

A penetrating chill came from Gu Heng’s eyes. A reply in three days? He’d already gathered so many people to surround the Demon League. Was he really going to return and wait for three days? What kind of joke was that?

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        1. the fact that people like you comment on this prove your jealously, you will never understand the pride of f5 sect members and random cultivators have when they get first!

  1. Lol…

    Gu Bei: “Ok I’ll disband it”

    3 days later: “Guys we’re making a new corps. Heavenly Demon League. The pay will be double of Demon League”

    Gu Heng: “WTF?!?!?!?!”

  2. looks like gu bei will use his powerful sword technique he learnt from nie against gu hang, who will win in your opinion ? i think gu hang will still win

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