TDG Chapter 339 Teaser

The inside Nie Li’s Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was dotted with Deity’s Lakes. Every low grade Deity’s Lake could produce close to ten thousand spiritual stones a month. The lone medium grade Deity’s Lake produced an even more shocking quantity. In a single month, it could produce fifty to sixty thousand spiritual stones and hundreds of spiritual stone essences.

Just some scraps from these lakes was already more than sufficient to support the three thousand plus Demon League members.

Therefore, Nie Li had told Gu Bei to take in more underlings. The more, the better, since he could easily accommodate all of them.

Although the strength of Gu Bei’s three thousand plus didn’t amount to much, with the large amount of spiritual stones provided by Nie Li, their cultivations would rise much faster than those of ordinary Divine Feathers Sect disciples.

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  1. the only sad thing is he can’t bring them back to glory city… maybe he will just create his own giant areas and bring all of glory city with him?… also do you guys think the guy who threatened nie li’s ‘master’ (from the nether realm i think…) is a martial god? or higher/lower

  2. can’t he bring the painting to Glory City and have the city lord and his other trusted family cultivate inside it once he goes back home? that way some of his family will be able to achieve heaven’s realm and protect the city while he’s gone.
    And he could also leave a few hundred thousands spiritual stones for them before he leaves since unlike him, others doesn’t need that much stones to level up.

    btw, im still sad how his sister(cousin) is totally out of the loop right now. I thought she might have some importance since he did teach her some powerful cultivation

    1. she is only like 10. I’m sure when the 5 years thing end and they go back home she will be ready to go with them. Who knows she might even pass legend rank

    2. he will come back in the city but sadly half of the city will be dead because of the master of nether couldn’t handle the monster legion even with message telling him that he would face a powerful entity in the futur and even with the powerful cultivation technique ni lie gave to him to prevent that
      that’s why he will go with his group later to the jungle where Ninger went inside it and was lost in nie othert life
      nie li sister will be very powerful in the futur and will help their group in many ways especially when nie li will open her powerful aura with his needles
      be ready for much fun in the futur

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