TDG Chapter 337 Teaser

Long Yuyin was deeply curious about Nie Li’s mysterious cultivation technique and the Martial Dao intent that he grasped.

This was the Martial Dao realm that she’d never come in contact with before!

Long Yuyin was filled with admiration towards Nie Li.

After Nie Li asked her to start fighting for the Dragonseal Family’s Patriarch position, she sent the news to her father’s old subordinates. They’d probably return before long.

Long Yuyin raised her head to look at Nie Li.

Next on the list, he was supposed to help her open up her meridians. Nie Li removed a set of acupuncture needles from his interspatial ring.

Long Yuyin appeared nervous; her face looked like it was slightly boiling and her state of mind was a mess. After all, this was the first time she’d been alone with a boy in the room.

After Nie Li finished his preparations, he turned to Long Yuyin and said, “Take off your clothes.”

“What?” Long Yuyin cried out in shock.

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          1. Hey, dude Nie Lie had a harem way before Yun Che’s master even existed. Read the book.

          2. gengar
            Against The Gods is the book. If you haven’t read it yet, you should start right this minute.

    1. Take off your clothes,
      Let me see what it is that you’re hiding
      And don’t look so shocked
      You have nothing to fear from my eyes.

      My Daddy is a priest you know
      And I am, not a beast you know

    2. ive watched too many hentai to know where this is going 🙂

      ohh.. nie li.. the dao of hentai is like the sword path.. you thrust the sword in her i mean them err it.. lol

  1. Lol what no cuddling and foreplay?

    Lmao the comments section of a chapter like this always degenerates into billions of innuendoes and trollfaces.

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