TDG Chapter 336 Teaser

Nie Li violently charged into the middle of Gu Heng’s group.

An instant later, the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor caught up and smashed into them too.


“Save me!”

Gu Heng’s large army instantly devolved into chaos.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor was simply going way too fast. When its titanic body slammed into Gu Heng’s army, it instantly crushed dozens of them. When it bellowed out flames, dozens more were instantly turned into ashes.

It was a was an invincible existence!

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    1. lol competing for top 10 on a teaser really? smh… one thing I like and prefer about the teasers over the regular chapters at least is that there’s actual comments instead of either “1st! – 10th!” comments and “thx for chapter spam”. Looking forward to next chapter, haha serves Gu Heng right, wonder if Ni Lie will successfully get away?

      1. 1st you are jealous you didn’t get first
        2nd there’s no such a thing “thx for chapter spam” we want to thank the translator for translating a chapter for us and what other way is there but thanking him in the comments?
        3rd if you really want to talk about the chapter, you have a forum for that, its very organize and east to navigate, you can try it, just read rules and you should be fine.

        1. It does say thoughts on chapter “TDG Chapter 336 Teaser” so this is a place to talk about what is going on in the chapter so your 3rd is wrong.

          1. You’re also wrong. Since it’s a teaser, you can only discuss up to the teaser. Anything beyond that should be discussed in the forum.

          2. cant reply to piledriver so ill reply here lol… its thought on the teaser and no spoliers… so its a disscussion on what people who havent read ahead think will happen in the next chapter

    2. i know this us a reply thingy but i think it pretty important suggestion for the translator.
      we know your human and mess up, but that is true wouldn’t leaving your translated work to another wuxia world translator as a safe guard to these kind of thing be good idea? what if error like this or lose connection for whatever reason you can’t upload you at least email some of your work to another translator.

      i think it’s a good suggestion since you aren’t available till the weekend this way our daily drug is up for reading.

      we need our daily dose man! *shivers*

      1. He’s a police officer, so he’s serving his country in their war against crime with their minion the criminals. You’re not one of them, are you? >.>

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      1. nah, i found that somewhere else and sometimes i put it in either where i fail at something or when alot of people are upset :p, just look at some of the others also fliping tables (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ lol

  2. damn you!!!!! i read this like 4 times already im going on withdrawal… just hit me a paragraph so i can suffice.. i want to laugh at gu heng party getting decimated 🙂

  3. I’m not sure to be sad that I’m not reading this or sad that I’m actually refreshing this page every few minutes to check if its fixed.

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