TDG Chapter 335 Teaser

At this moment, an explosion came from the bottom of the Deity’s Lake that constantly shook the entire Deity’s Lake, almost as though it’s about to crumble.

The rupture inscription patterns that Nie Li placed were finally acting up.

It’s impossible for the rupture inscription patterns to destroy the Deity’s Lake, but the commotion that it caused was still quite considerable, as there was a series of explosions.

Finally, that Dao of the Dragon Realm Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor could no longer hold back. With such a huge commotion, is someone trying to destroy its Deity’s Lake?


That Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor soared into the sky and with a woosh, it turned into a streak of light to see what’s going on at the bottom of the Deity’s Lake.

Once the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor left, Nie Li and Li Xingyun immediately took action.

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  1. wait what? how did the lake suddenly start making sounds.. they weren’t able to get near the lake cause of the Dao of the Dragon Realm snakey right??

    hmm I guess that will be explained NEXT time on T – D – G

    Thanks guys love the novel and I’ll surely donate tons once I get a job.

    1. Says on the front page

      Release Schedule: 6 chapters/week, no chapters on Sunday!
      Release Timing: 12:00 am (UTC-5)

      It’s Sunday so no chapter, wait till tomorrow.

  2. it seems that the translation has been done till chapter 403 and they are uploading new chapters each day one by one if you search well you can find the rest of the chapters

  3. There its no way that’s true….
    Cuz if it is doesn’t that mean that we’re just wasting our time here?
    Show us the link plz

    1. Omg!!! Its true…
      However the translation quality here is still a lot better.
      I’ll still read here but will go take look at that website after a cliffhanger to get rid of the suspense.

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