TDG Chapter 334 Teaser

Li Xingyun gathered over five hundred people. Sixteen of them were Heavenly Axis Realms, and thirty-six were Heavenly Star Realms. This was all in order to help Nie Li obtain that medium grade Deity’s Lake. You could say that Li Xingyun was doing his very best.

Nie Li said, “Brother Li, please tell your brothers that if we succeed, those who’ve accompanied us will earn two hundred spiritual stones. If someone dies, a Heavenly Fate Realm will receive an extra one hundred as compensation, a Heavenly Star Realm will receive two hundred, and a Heavenly Axis Realm will receive five hundred! I will be the one to pay them!”

Li Xingyun turned to Nie Li in shock as he thought about it. Right now, Nie Li was a moneybag, so of course he’d be generous about it. “In that case, I’ll thank you on behalf of my brothers!”

“That’s what I should be doing.” Nie Li lightly smiled.

Li Xingyun brought so many brothers to risk their lives in the outside world. Although all these experts willingly heeded Li Xingyun, there was certain to be complaints in their hearts if they weren’t given any form of compensation, even if they didn’t voice them aloud. Nie Li was helping Li Xingyun resolve the issue.

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          1. The time don’t mean anything? He replied to comment, not posting a new one. So in the end he still isn’t second.

  1. i LOL’ed so hard in that “2nd” comment.. i think you need to re-evaluate your training.. maybe use a spiritual stone or two

    i know that the comprehension to achieve the “2nd” dao is not easy.. but with a lot of training and a bit of luck.. i hope you will be enlighten.

  2. I love this VN so much! Keep up the good work 😀
    (BTW I’d like to see if Nie Li can become sooo strong that he could keep up with Aizen Sousuke lel)

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