TDG Chapter 332 Teaser

Nie Li looked at Li Xingyun and lightly smiled. “Danger is unavoidable. But right now, I’m already at 2-fate, so what is there to worry about? If Li Xingyun could protect me and help me reach the heart of the Deity’s Lake, it’d be greatly appreciated!”

At Nie Li’s words, Li Xingyun’s heart slightly shook as looked at Nie Li and understood his true meaning.

Since Nie Li had a way to remove the Deity Root, all Li Xingyun needed to do was escort Nie Li to the heart of the Deity’s Lake.

Trying to get that medium grade Deity’s Lake would still be rather difficult, since there were many Heavenly Axis Realm Dragon Bloodline Demon Beasts guarding it, and even one of the Dao of the Dragon Realm. If Li Xingyun wanted to strike down that medium grade Deity’s Lake, his own forces alone were insufficient. He would have to form an alliance with other forces.

But if he did join forces, then the distribution of the rewards from that medium grade Deity’s Lake would no longer be his decision alone…

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    1. I got the feeling that he could attack it in an alliance if he had his underlings that would normally be guarding one of his Deity lakes so he can now shuffle his forces around with enough to attack it then buy out the allies

    2. I felt like he did so in order to make nie li not feel bad for taking a lake of his own, or to further convince him to get one (since he gave him a god level dragon bloodline).

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