TDG Chapter 323 Teaser

These days, Nie Li had been using spiritual stones to tempt Jindan and he’d finally been able to thoroughly establish a firm connection with it. Basically, he didn’t have to worry about Jindan getting out of his control anymore.

After Jindan entered the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, it immediately awoke to the rich Heavenly Energy. It appeared extremely excited as it opened it’s mouth and started to frantically suck the energy in. Instantly, Jindan turned into a huge round ball twice its former size. Even the face shrank back until it almost disappeared.

That little guy became round and plump and was no longer able to move. It landed on the flat ground between the hills. It’d probably take a long time to digest the Heavenly Energy within its body.

This little guy’s ability to absorb Heavenly Energy was simply too powerful. Originally, Nie Li was a little worried that Jindan’s terrifying appetite might suck the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting dry. However, he realised that Jindan only absorbed a small portion of the Heavenly Energy within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and that the painting was still producing Heavenly Energy.

Although Jindan still looked like a little guy, according to in Nie Li’s estimations…

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    1. Well, Xiao Ning’er can cultivate in Heavenly Note Sect’s training ground whenever she like while Jindan and Yu Yan are fully dependent on Nie Li. And that space can actually hide those two.

    2. Because no one will miss them while they are gone. Ninger can only stay for a couple days and even then if she isn’t seen that entire time people will ask questions.

      But only Nie Li’s friends even know those two exist so he can just tuck them away inside the painting and no one will say a thing.

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