TDG Chapter 302

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Chapter 302 – Refining Demon Spirits

Nie Li focused his thoughts on the Nightmare Demon Pot as he placed ten Ordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits into it.

He then activated the pot. Within the device, the ten demon spirits began devouring each other.

Earlier, Nie Li had tried to put a Dragon Bloodline demon spirit with an ordinary bloodline demon spirit together in the Nightmare Demon Pot. However, he quickly learned that the Dragon Bloodlines devoured the ordinary ones too fast — so fast that the Dragon Bloodlines didn’t see any change in evolution. It seemed that Dragon Bloodlines were much more powerful than ordinary demon spirits.

As time passed, Nie Li felt changes within the Nightmare Demon Pot. One of the demon spirits was obviously stronger than the others as it constantly devoured, becoming more and more powerful each time.

When two Dragon Bloodline demon spirits fused, they would do so in a burst of blazing flame-like energy.

The entire Nightmare Demon Pot glowed scarlet red as a surge of energy revolved inside.

After the Nightmare Demon Pot absorbed the released energy, a mysterious pattern gradually formed on its surface. The design looked like a dragon with its wings spread wide; however, the design was also extremely faint and hard to discern. Nie Li had no idea what these changes meant.

Regardless, the refinery process was finally done!

Nie Li removed the Dragon Bloodline demon spirit after it’d finished fusing. Now, it had become a Dragon Bloodline with a Good Level growth rate. Compared to those with Ordinary Level growth rates, it’s price was several folds higher.

He placed another ten Ordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodlines in the Nightmare Demon Pot and restarted the refining process.

Refinery success!

Refinery success!

Refinery failure!

After some quick calculations, Nie Li determined that the Nightmare Demon Pot’s failure rate was roughly around one in ten. The success rate was much higher than before.

Nie Li continued to repeat the process. After approximately fifty times, the Nightmare Demon Pot suddenly shone with a blazing glow that was so dazzling that Nie Li couldn’t help squinting his eyes. There was frightening energy contained in there.

However, it was only a fleeting glow that quickly died down.

A wave of glowing splendor revolved at the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot.

Curiosity arose in Nie Li’s heart. What was going on?

He brought out the Dragon Bloodline that remained at the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot and reached his senses out towards it. This demon spirit was far stronger than any Good Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline. It had undergone its first mutation!

Most demon spirits, including God Level growth rate ones, don’t start out very powerful. A demon spirit requires care from their Demon Spiritualist, in the form of nourishment by Heavenly Energy. In fact, demon spirits require so much energy that they would need to absorb some Demon Soul’s Essence to become stronger and constantly increase their rankings.

Only after ranking up, the growth in strength would be higher for those higher ranked demon spirit compared to those that are lower ranked.

For example, if you have two 3-fate demon spirits, the one with the God Level growth rate will have a combat ability that’s a dozen fold stronger than the one with the Ordinary Level growth rate.

However, a demon spirit’s quality doesn’t increase only in terms of rank. Sometimes, a demon spirit might mutate. When such an event occurs, the demon spirit’s combat strength becomes much stronger.

Nie Li’s Shadow Devil and Fanged Panda had both undergone their first mutations. The more mutations a demon spirit experienced, the more precious it would become!

Usually, there’s a set probability to whether or not a demon spirit will mutate upon ranking up. However, this particular demon spirit had mutated during the fusing process instead. The price of such a mutated demon spirit must be greater by several dozen fold!

Nie Li didn’t know if this demon spirit had mutated by itself, or was influenced by the Nightmare Demon Pot. Either way, it was still good news to him.

Nie Li continued refining demon spirits. It wasn’t until the appearance of the second, and then the third mutated Dragon Bloodline… Now he was sure that it was an effect of the Nightmare Demon Pot!

From the thirty thousand Dragon Bloodline demon spirits with Ordinary Level growth rates, Nie Li only managed to produce about two thousand five hundred demon spirits with Good Level growth rates. And among them, twenty-three had undergone a mutation.

Nie Li repeated the refinery process with the new Good Level growth rate Dragon Bloodlines. He experimented by placing nine regular Dragon Bloodline demon spirits with one mutated one together in the pot.

A brief moment later, an explosion occurred inside the pot. All ten demon spirits had disappeared, making the refinery process a failure.

Was it an accident, or were regular Dragon Bloodlines refinery-incompatible with the mutated ones?

Nie Li pondered over it briefly and decided to repeat the experiment. If he didn’t try it out several times, how would he know for certain?

The second attempt ended with another failure.

The third attempt finally succeeded; Nie Li had created an Excellent growth rate Dragon Bloodline. On top of that, it is a mutated one.

When regular Dragon Bloodline demon spirits are refined with a mutated one, the success rate is much lower. However, the results are much better!

Nie Li continued refining while he searched for the best refinery method. He sensed that the aura emanating from the Nightmare Demon Pot was getting stronger and stronger. Suddenly, the pot issued a dazzling light and the winged dragon pattern became more distinct.

The Nightmare Demon Pot seemed to have upgraded to an even higher level than before!

As to whether it’d gained any new properties with this upgrade, Nie Li still wasn’t sure. There weren’t many records on treasures like the Nightmare Demon Pot. Therefore, Nie Li could only continue refining demon spirits, if he wanted to learn more about it.

The Nightmare Demon Pot’s success rate seems to have become much higher compared to before!

Nie Li continued with his refinery. From the two thousand five hundred Good Level growth rate demon spirits, he received over two hundred thirty Excellent Level growth rates. Six were mutated ones.

Of course, Excellent growth rates weren’t good enough, so Nie Li repeated the process again. In the end, he produced twenty-one Extraordinary growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, with three mutated ones.

Nie Li only had two more chances, if he wanted to continue refining with what he had.

He didn’t know if he’d succeed or fail. After all, if he failed, the loss would be enormous. However, if he could get a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit, he’d save it for himself, of course. After all, if he sold a demon spirit of such a level, it’d definitely cause an enormous commotion. It might even attract thieves, eyeing his goods.

If Nie Li integrated with a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit, it’d definitely cause a shockingly enormous ripple.

A super genius with an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root had integrated with a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit. If such news leaked, not just the higher-ups of the Skysoul Institute, but even the higher-ups of the Divine Feathers Sect would be shocked. The Divine Feathers Sect would definitely treat such a genius with absolute importance.

Every expert who’d integrated with a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit would become part of the Divine Feathers Sect’s strategic power!

And Nie Li could smoothly take another step!

Nie Li thought over it for awhile, then decided to give it a try!

Although the risk was high, the reward was also high!

Nie Li activated the Nightmare Demon Pot with his thoughts, as his heart wildly beat out of control. If he failed, then tens of thousands of spiritual stones would be reduced to nothing! Although Nie Li was earning lots of spiritual stones by selling ordinary God Level growth rate demon spirits, the market still had a limited demand for them.

Risk it all!

Nie Li concentrated his entire mind on the ten demon spirits at the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot. Under his control, the mutated demon spirit began to devour the other demon spirits.

First one, second one…

The mutated demon spirit changed and grew more powerful every time it devoured one.

Only two remained!

Nie Li’s heart jumped wildly. It would soon enter the last phase!

The last two demon spirits fused and devoured each other. The Nightmare Demon Pot gave off a blazing energy and began shaking with force.

It looked like it was about to explode!

Nie Li sensed the peculiar changes in the Nightmare Demon Pot. It was the sign of failure!

The two Dragon Bloodline demon spirits that remained in the pot were both extremely powerful. Neither one could devour the other; however, they were beginning to fuse. If the energy destabilised, it’d cause an explosion and the demon spirits would be reduced to nothing!

As that thought crossed Nie Li’s mind, his heart was no longer able to remain calm. He instantly pour all of this Heavenly Energy into the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot, forcefully suppressing the two demon spirits that were about to explode. Nie Li entered a profound state as though he was personally inside the Nightmare Demon Pot.

The vine inside him seemed drawn to the Nightmare Demon Pot as it released flourishing Heavenly Energy.

Nie Li had forcefully suppressed the two demon spirits with his energy and kept them from exploding. The Heavenly Energy inside his body gushed out as though he was going to be sucked dry.

The two demon spirits that had been on the edge of exploding finally underwent slight transformations as they slowly merged a little more.

Suppressed by Nie Li’s Heavenly Energy, the two demons spirits calmed their clash a little.

After roughly an hour, Nie Li felt like his supply of Heavenly Energy was nearly depleted. However, he could sense that the two demon spirits were almost done fusing, so he didn’t want to cut off the stream.

It was about to succeed! Nie Li didn’t want to give up here!

However, those two demon spirits were simply too powerful as they continued to mutually devour each other, producing berserk energy. If Nie Li were to do it alone with his own Heavenly Energy, it’d be impossible for him to suppress those demon spirits. If it weren’t for the vine inside of him that constantly provided him with Heavenly Energy, he would’ve been sucked dry long ago.

*Boom!* *Boom!*

Nie Li felt his own heart jumping as though it was echoing the sounds from the Nightmare Demon Pot.

Nie Li felt a little dizzy and his consciousness felt a little fuzzy. These were side effects from exhausting his Heavenly Energy.

It seemed that the task of forcing a fusion was still too difficult for him, especially with demon spirits of such high growth rates. After all, these processes usually had low success rates. Nie Li focused and squeezed out the last of his energy. If these two demon spirits actually exploded, then all his refining from earlier would go to waste!

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