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Chapter 291 – Senior and Junior Apprentices

Gu Bei and Lu Piao were dumbfounded. Nie Li was just too cool that moment when he turned around.

Gu Bei felt pity in his heart. What a waste! Nie Li that fellow was a wood-brain! Long Yuyin already said that she’d agree to whatever request he had, and he actually asked for her to stay further away from him. That was just too great of an opportunity. If he were him, he’d certainly make an interesting request for a beauty like Long Yuyin. Who knew? Maybe she’d yield after some resistance.

What a waste of such good opportunity!

Gu Bei kept shaking his head.

However, despite not knowing why, he still admired Nie Li a lot.

After Nie Li and his group left, the news quickly spread that Nie Li had beaten Long Yuyin in physical strength. Without a doubt, he’d become the most dazzling talent of his class and garnered many people’s attentions: especially the other geniuses, who all saw him as a formidable rival.

Long Yuyin’s courtyard

Hu Yong had been waiting here for a while now, but Long Yuyin still hadn’t returned as he felt extremely infuriated.

Long Yuyin had once wasted him and made him lose his masculine dignity. However, even after he was healed, he continued to dream of Long Yuyin day and night. He liked to see Long Yuyin wearing that tight outfit of hers, and seeing her voluptuous outline.

Even if Long Yuyin was crazy angry at him, he’d still slowly approach her. He felt that Long Yuyin was beautiful, even when she was angry.

However, the goddess in his heart, his fiancée had actually been humiliated by a nameless kid!

That was simply unbearable!

He wanted to mercilessly tear that kid apart to ease the hatred in his heart!

When Long Yuyin finally returned to her courtyard, she was still covered in dust, making a sorry sight with that dazed look on her face.

Nie Li’s words echoed in her ears. “Stay away from me! The farther, the better!” Ever since she was young, this was the first time anyone had said anything like that to her. The first time anyone had loathed her so much. The first time anyone had humiliated her to such an extent!

Though she didn’t know why, the emotions within her heart became very complicated.

That youth was the same age as herself and he’d won using only his own strength. Not to mention that it was a total defeat on her part. However, this made her curious as to exactly what kind of person he was. She wanted to become stronger, much stronger, to the point where Nie Li would be forced to see her as a worthy opponent!

However, he’d already told her to stay away from him. The farther, the better. Wouldn’t she be a little too cheap if she went back and earned another humiliation?

Her heart was filled with contradictions.

Hu Yong saw that Long Yuyin had returned. Although she was covered in dust, she was still as beautiful and charming as ever. His heart was heated as he immediately approached her and said, “Yin’er, you’ve returned? How are your injuries? This is the best medicine that I’ve brought from my family!”

Long Yuyin’s expression instantly changed to one of loathing when she saw Hu Yong’s face. “Hu Yong, don’t come looking for me anymore. If you ever come again, then don’t blame me for kicking you out!”

“Yin’er, don’t be like this.” Hu Yong saw that she was rather upset, so he continued, “Yin’er, seeing you like this pains my heart so much. Quick, apply the medicine first! Leave that Nie Li to me, I’ll definitely finish him for you! Back when he came out of the Saint Soul Grounds, I wanted to teach him a lesson, but was stopped by Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu, those old farts. However, you can rest assured. This time, Nie Li can only dream of escaping my grasp!”

Upon hearing Hu Yong’s words, Long Yuyin became stunned for a moment. Hu Yong had brought people to cause trouble for Nie Li? She furiously glared at him. “Who asked you to go and look for trouble? You said that it was me that sent you?”

Hu Yong immediately shook his head. “I didn’t say that you’re the one who sent me.”

Long Yuyin coldly glared at him. “Hu Yong, you’re only good at using your family’s strength. Without it, you’re a piece of trash. The contest between Nie Li and I was a head-on, a one-on-one duel, which I, Long Yuyin, lost. But so what? I can afford to lose. If you want to stick your neck out for me, then go ahead. Find Nie Li and fight him. If you can win against him, then I, Long Yuyin, will idolise you. But in reality, you’re just a weakling! Get lost and stay away from me. Don’t let me see you again. Otherwise, I’ll waste you a second time!”

“Yin’er, I…” Hu Yong still wanted to say something.

“Hu Yong, get lost now!” Long Yuyin yelled.

“You…” Hu Yong finally couldn’t bear it anymore and rebuked, “Long Yuyin, you think that you’re really that great? You’re just the seventh successor of the Dragonseal Family. You can only gain the qualifications for first successor by marrying me! Don’t be shameless when I’m giving you face!”

“Leave!” Long Yuyin gave him a kick that sent him flying out.

Hu Yong wailed miserably as Long Yuyin’s kick nearly snapped his waist. He climbed to his feet and fled in a sorry state.

Long Yuyin pulled her gaze away from him. So when Nie Li came out of the Saint Soul Grounds, Hu Yong had led his group and sought him out. Nie Li probably misunderstood and thought that it was her who sent Hu Yong and his group. Hu Yong’s actions made Long Yuyin the scapegoat. Her mind was tangled in distress; however, she wasn’t going to explain things to Nie Li.

Only a weakling would explain with words!

Today, she’d lost to Nie Li again. However, this time, her heart was at a loss. She was unwilling to accept defeat on the Saint Soul Board; but this time it was a physical confrontation that she had lost. A complete and thorough loss.

She’d always been proud of her physical strength; however, she still lost.

Long Yuyin wanted to cry. She’d always been eager to get stronger, never allowing anyone her own age to surpass her. However, this time, she’d suffered a total defeat in Nie Li’s hands. Her pride had been trampled by him.

Tears filled her eyes. She felt like a wounded stray dog, licking her wounds in her courtyard, all alone.

She thought about her fight with Nie Li and bit her teeth. She still didn’t want to accept the defeat.

When she was about to enter her room, a figure suddenly appeared in her courtyard. This person was as beautiful as herself, but also had the trace of an ethereal aura that made her seem like a fairy. It was Ying Yueru. She showed a meaningful smile from the corner of her mouth.

Upon seeing her, Long Yuyin immediately wiped the tears from her face and put on a cold expression. “Why have you come?”

Ying Yueru smiled with a gentle expression. “Junior Sister, it’s been a long time since we’ve met.”

Long Yuyin stared at Ying Yueru with a frosty expression. A murderous aura emanated from her, even though she understood that she wasn’t Ying Yueru’s match. “Demoness! You were the death of our Master! And you still have the face to come see me? If it wasn’t for Master’s dying wish, I would’ve killed you already!”

“I’ve said this before. It wasn’t me who killed our Master; her fate had arrived. Destiny only borrowed my hand to put it to an end.” Ying Yueru’s voice was ethereal as she continued, “Master had received the teachings of Ancestral Master Phaseless. Although her cultivation was only at the Heavenly Axis Realm, she held a powerful position of in the Divine Feathers Sect. She was tasked with performing divinations and selecting the Divine Feather Sect’s Master. Because of that identity of hers, she was fated to die!”

Long Yuyin furiously glared at Ying Yueru. “Demoness! I don’t care what explanation you try with that glib tongue of yours! I’ll never believe you!”

At Long Yuyin’s reaction, Ying Yueru shook her head and sighed. “Yin’er, in this world, you’re the only person who’s close to me. You have a hard-headed personality and you will face heavy trials in the future. By the time you realise it, some things will have already become lost to you. And when you yearn for them again, they will be forever out of your reach. So why bother?”

Long Yuyin coldly stared at her Senior Sister. “Ying Yueru, are you trying to put a curse on me?”

“This isn’t a curse, but a divination.” Ying Yueru shook her head and continued, “There are too few who can truly alter destiny…” Suddenly, she thought of a specific person, and the corner of her mouth twitch upwards. Maybe, could that person succeed?

“You learned the [Heaven’s Divination] technique from Master?” Long Yuyin’s face changed as her voice trembled, “You’ll die!”

“Everyone will die in the end!” Ying Yueru smiled as she continued, “Only after learning the [Heaven’s Divination] technique did I understand Master’s thoughts! Ancestral Master Phaseless once said, ‘virtuous like water, for water does not compete’. In the past, I couldn’t understand those words; only after I learned the [Heaven’s Divination] technique did I figure it out. Everything we know is but a fabrication, an illusionary blink of the ancient past. Only by shattering the illusion can we turn everything into reality.”

Long Yuying frowned. “What are you saying?” Did everyone who learned the [Heaven’s Divination] technique speak so strangely?

“Someone else will come along and explain on my behalf. I must go now. Good luck to you! Often, no matter how strong a person appears on the outside, they are still frail and weak in their hearts. So what if you’ve fought before?” Ying Yueru lightly smiled and strolled away.

Long Yuyin once held extreme hatred for Ying Yueru. But now that she knew that Ying Yueru had learned the [Heaven’s Divination] technique, the hatred within her heart lessened. Ying Yueru’s life and death were in her hands; if she told anyone that Ying Yueru had learned the [Heaven’s Divination] technique, Ying Yueru would die!

However, Ying Yueru had still told her. At the very least, it proved that her heart are still opened.

Perhaps the death of their Master was just like Ying Yueru had said. Was there really a story behind it?

Long Yuyin watched Ying Yueru leave before looking away. Although she wouldn’t tell anyone that Ying Yueru had learned the [Heaven’s Divination] technique, she still couldn’t forgive her for the time being.

She returned to her own room and smeared medicine salve onto her wounds. Her jaw slightly trembled with a low groan. She had wounds all over her body. Try as she might, she couldn’t prevent them from reminding her of Nie Li’s loathful expression. Nie Li had treated her like dust!

However, the more someone treated her like dust, the more she wanted to prove herself to them.

Long Yuyin’s right hand tightly gripped her quilt as her heart became filled with a sense of unyielding. There will definitely come a day when I become stronger than you, when I no longer have to be looked down upon by you!

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