TDG Chapter 289

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Chapter 289 – Confrontation!

Long Yuyin aimed three consecutive kicks that exhausted her strength and energy. It was in that moment that she revealed an opening.

When a person kicks, they exert force through the foot and calf. Since people usually train these parts of the body, it’s extremely tough to attack there. Therefore, the inner thighs are the weak spot.

Nie Li only gave a light punch on her inner thighs, but this caused Long Yuyin to completely lose control and fall.

Even though it was only a light punch, its force directly reverberated through her body.

Long Yuyin groaned as she landed to the side with her face ashen. A soury pain and numbness came from her inner thighs, making her unable to stand steadily. She was also embarrassed by where Nie Li had struck her. However, she was the most surprised by the fact that Nie Li’s strength was obviously below her own; so why did she suffer such heavy damage from such a soft punch?

She possessed the Blood Dragon lineage! An ordinary person’s punch wouldn’t be able to cause any damage to her!

However, the stronger Nie Li proved to be, the more intense her fighting spirit would burn. She was Long Yuyin! She definitely wouldn’t lose!

As soon as she fell, she stood up again and whipped more kicks towards Nie Li.

Nie Li sensed that Long Yuyin was becoming more forceful and was a little enraged by it. This woman really didn’t know when to quit! Did she really think he couldn’t hurt her just because he didn’t go with a heavy attack?

Right now, almost everyone couldn’t help dumbfoundedly watching Nie Li and Long Yuyin. Long Yuyin was someone with the Blood Dragon lineage! All the bystanders originally thought that Nie Li was the one who would’ve been given a beating. However, in this confrontation, it wasn’t Nie Li who had the underhand; it was Long Yuyin who appeared to have suffered damage.

This was too shocking!

Forget defeating Long Yuyin on the Saint Soul Board, that girl was the strongest in physical strength. Was Nie Li also stronger than her in that sense? That talent of his was borderline heaven-defying; was he still going to give others a chance to compete?

However, Venerable Redsoul could see that Nie Li’s physical body was actually inferior to Long Yuyin’s. However, Nie Li’s insights on the Martial Dao surpassed Long Yuyin by far. Nie Li knew how to effectively use his own strength to achieve ‘using weak to win against the strong!’

Long Yuyin’s attacks were very swift and heavily pressured Nie Li. After all, she was also talented in the Martial Dao. She immediately readjusted herself after receiving the small attack from Nie Li.

Long Yuyin continuously struck out with such speed that her attacks left afterimages.

Nie Li’s eyes were slightly narrowed as he backed off without taking any action. Just as Long Yuyin prepared to change attacks, he suddenly moved his right hand and grabbed Long Yuyin’s calf.

Long Yuyin tried to pull back, but she was too late and was grabbed by Nie Li. She could no longer pull away.

“Let me go!” Long Yuyin said in embarrassment. “Otherwise, don’t blame me for being heavy with my attacks!”

Since this was only a combat drill, Long Yuyin didn’t exert the power of her Blood Dragon lineage. She originally thought that she could defeat Nie Li without using the Blood Dragon lineage; however, his strength greatly surpassed her imagination. The moment they clashed, she suffered a small loss. Now, he was holding onto her leg.

“Hmph, let you go? Why should I? Aren’t you supposed to be very powerful?” Nie Li’s anger still hadn’t subsided. Not only did he not release her, he even took a step towards Long Yuyin, lifting her leg higher.

“Let go right now! Otherwise, I won’t hold back!” Long Yuyin’s leg was raised until it almost touched her chest, forcing her to hop a step back. Her heart quaked from the embarrassing position she’d been put in. Her face paled as there were many people watching.

“Long Yuyin, you think that your Blood Dragon lineage is very powerful? It’s just so-so! What methods do you still have up your sleeve? Why don’t you take them all out and let me see just how much ability you have!” Nie Li took several steps forward as his right hand gripped the meridians in her calf. His grip weakened Long Yuyin and she couldn’t help hopping several steps backwards.

Long Yuyin kept backing away as Nie Li forced her closer and closer to the boundary, until finally there was nowhere else to back up to.

Long Yuyin’s face turned pale and she bit her lips at Nie Li’s words. She tried to pull her leg back again, but failed.

Long Yuyin’s struggle didn’t soften Nie Li’s heart. From his previous life, he was well aware of what kind of person she was. Just like how earlier, when Nie Li had come out from the Saint Soul Grounds, Long Yuyin had impatiently sent people from her family to deal with him.

A woman like Long Yuyin would return a tooth for a tooth. He had to crush her entirely, and make her shrink back in fear. Only that way, she wouldn’t be a threat to his master anymore!

Nie Li definitely wouldn’t be gentle when faced with an enemy. He had to let Long Yuyin sense fear so she wouldn’t dare to be so impudent anymore!

Nie Li put his face near Long Yuyin’s ear and coldly laughed, “You’re just a piece of trash that knows how to use your family’s influence. Your family aside, you’re nothing! What Blood Dragon lineage? They’re all just jokes that only you would think are important!”

Long Yuyin’s eyes flickered with tears as Nie Li humiliated her in front of so many people. She look at him. Since when had she felt such humiliation before?

“Nie Li, you’re too much!” Long Yuyin instantly burst forth with powerful energy as her other leg shot up and clamped onto Nie Li’s neck. With a 360° turn, she flipped Nie Li onto the ground.

Nie Li never imagined that Long Yuyin would actually be able to call forth such powerful energy. He was intended to break away from her calf, but it was already too late. The only option was to counterattack.


Nie Li landed heavily on the ground. Although his neck was in her grip, he managed to flip over, pinning Long Yuyin under himself and grabbing her neck.

The two of them were deadlocked in that strange position. Both of Long Yuyin’s tight thighs were clamped around Nie Li’s neck. However, she was pinned down by Nie Li with her body arched and her neck in Nie Li’s hands.

Everyone else stupidly exchanged looks.

Lu Piao and Gu Bei were dumbfounded as well. Just what were the two of them doing? It couldn’t be. Were they going to…

The other girls in the class cried out as their faces blushed red. Nie Li and Long Yuyin’s actions were indeed a little too…

Nie Li coldly barked as his right hand slowly exerted force on Long Yuyin’s neck. “Let go of me, otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

Long Yuyin’s face was a little pale, but she didn’t give up. She furiously glared at Nie Li as tears flickered within her eyes. “Then I’ll take you with me!”

Nie Li scowled and coldly cursed, “You crazy woman! Release me this instant!” He hated how Long Yuyin kept bothering him like this. He already couldn’t be bothered to pursue the grudges from his previous life. But now, this woman was coming after him again and again, insisting on making trouble for him. Nie Li was rather furious.

Nie Li realised that Long Yuyin was about to suffocate him with her thighs, so he pressed down harder on her.

“Let go!” Nie Li deeply snarled. He didn’t wanted to die with this crazy woman. Furthermore, if he couldn’t kill Long Yuyin now, that meant that the current him was still too weak to confront the Dragonseal Family.

Long Yuyin’s face was pale as she coughed. She’d finally calmed down her rage and began to slowly lessen the force between her legs. “You let go of your hands first!”

Nie Li rebuked as his left palm smacked her butt with a crisp sound. “If you won’t let go, then don’t blame me for getting rude!”

Long Yuyin paused as she sensed the burning pain on her rear end. Her face turned red as her voice trembled, “Nie Li, how dare you humiliate me!”

“So what if I humiliate you? Let go now. If you won’t let go, then will you believe me when I say that I’ll tear your clothes off and let everyone have a good look?!” Nie Li coldly growled.

“You…” Long Yuyin’s voice trembled at Nie Li’s cold voice. She was afraid. If Nie Li really stripped her, then there’d be no way she could ever face anyone else in her entire life, ever again. She would rather commit suicide and be done with it. She had finally loosened her legs around Nie Li’s neck and released him.

Nie Li had also pulled his hand back, releasing his choke-hold. He also didn’t want to waste any more effort being tangled with her.

The moment Nie Li released his hand, Long Yuyin suddenly pounced and kicked him in the chest. Nie Li was caught off guard, took the kick head-on, and was sent flying before he heavily smashed into the barrier. Nie Li tasted something sweet in his throat and nearly vomited blood.

Nie Li never thought that Long Yuyin would actually use a sneak attack on him!

“You deserved it!” Long Yuyin’s eyes still flickered with tears. She’d been humiliated by Nie Li in front of so many people. She thoroughly hated him.

Energy and blood raged through Nie Li’s body. When he raised his his head to look at Long Yuyin, his expression frosted over, entirely devoid of emotion. Indeed, he should never go easy on people like Long Yuyin! Once goes easy, that woman will strike back severely!

Long Yuyin’s heart trembled when she saw that Nie Li’s expression was like unmelting ice, looking at her like a corpse. She vaguely realised that she’d been wrong to kick Nie Li when had released her. However, Nie Li had bullied her so badly, so why shouldn’t she strike back?

Long Yuyin clenched both of her fists. Both the incident within the Saint Soul Grounds and this incident today were the greatest shames of her life!

However, it looked like she’d been asking for all of it!

Nie Li held his chest as he stood up. A chill flashed within his eyes. The barrier had already been removed. Nie Li brushed past Long Yuyin without even affording her a single glance as he walked towards Lu Piao and Gu Bei’s direction. No matter what, Nie Li would never go easy on Long Yuyin ever again!

Long Yuyin opened her mouth. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she only swallowed her words. She didn’t know why, but she sensed a terrifying cold in Nie Li’s expression.

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    1. Well i can’t blame Nie Li despite him living for hundreds of years aside from Ye Ziyun and his master that doesn’t care about worldly matters he practically ignored all the girls he encounters so he is close to ignorant on understanding girl’s feelings…

    2. I actually feel sorry for her.
      This is the first time I haven’t thought the main character was right in the way he deals with a character.

      Thanks to his first beating she resolved herself to change, but her shitty fiancee decided to take matters into his own hands, and now because of that, Nie Li is mistaking her pure competitiveness for utter spite.

      Now it feels like he’s actually bullying her based on the way she was a few hundred years in the future, after her ways became set in stone, when she could no longer change, and it’s deepening the enmity between them for no reason.

  1. I think it’s good that Nie Li is loosing his cool alittle. For the most part he hasn’t been phased by much so it’s nice to see him a little emotional. The City lord’s death excluded.

      1. Even in his previous life shen fui or whatever his name was didn’t have much effect on him. I mean yes Sacred family betrayed Glory City but unlike this one that grudge wasn’t exactly personal. Also I think current Long Yuyin isn’t as evil as Nie Li believes her to be. Especially after what happened in Saint Soul Grounds, she’s getting better but Nie Li’s still overdoing it.

        1. well you gotta look at it from his point of view. he isn’t seeing her thoughts like we are. He wasn’t able to see the reflecting she did after the first confrontation and to make it worse, it appears she even sent her fiance over to try and kill him when we personally know she said to leave him alone

          1. This is kind of the same issues as all the times he’s looked confused at the other girls… For somebody who has lived for hundreds of years in one lifetime and resurrected later, he know’s miraculously nothing about how girls think. It’s really odd that he wouldn’t have some better understanding of psychology after all the stuff he has been through.

  2. Wow it was bad but it is getting worse each new chapter! Could the writer get some help in character development, pretty please! It’s presently pure trash! Only dolls walking around talking nonsense. The story is interesting and I wish I’d know how it will end with combat in saving the worlds order and fighting the sage… but I keep hoping the main character Nie lie will suffer the same way he treats everyone else that doesn’t bow to him or his potential = get trampled, humiliated and left in the dust by someone feeling righteous while administering the punishment. At least it would alleviate my frustration with him, his behaviour, sexism and lack of realism (could he be normal and sound of mind even if he’s fictional, please?).

    1. all the characters that are important have shown fair amounts of developement. At the very least they are not boring. Well, i shouldnt talk about that, but there are many more chapters so this matter has some leeway. Most novels like these are slow in that regard, but at least the characters here are not all two dimensional.

      But bro, whats your problem with Nie Li? He isnt all that arrogant. He doesnt want people to bow to him or his talent, he does his own thing and never really says that he is better than others. Also, he treats both sexes equally. When has he NOT done so? Even that Sikong girl from awhile back he didnt have any mercy for. She didnt deserve it, and ke knew it.

      And this one right now? She doesnt deserve it either, and treats her like any other vile person. And you have to admit she isnt simply a bitch, she is also cruel. He would do the same thing he is doing now even if she didnt grow up to kill his master. Remember when she said, or thought to herself, that she would find it normal for a family to be killed off for doing what Nie Li did? I want her to change her ways and become part of the harem, but the current her is simply a bad person.

      And he is even calm of mind, that Nie Lie. He is rational. When has he shown otherwise? All his actions till now were perfectly sound.

      Nie Li is one of the best xianxia MC i have seen. He isnt like Yun Che, that playboy who takes advantage of women whenever possible, or Chu Feng who almost kills for fun.

      This entire story is pretty top-notch. Probably one of the best WW has had.

      Why the hate? Im not trying to start arguements, and i hope that you dont take my tone as offenssive but im actually curious to know.

      1. Nie Li is like just like the people he takes down as soon as he establishes his power he says A if anyone else says B he uses his power to crush them. That is exactly what the established powers and families that are in any area he visits do. Nie Li goes around telling people how their power isnt anything special if they didnt have special circumstances they would be trash the exact same could be said of him and his rebirth and even before that finding the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. He is a hypocrite but its not story breaking for me as some level of hypocrisy lurks in most heros stories, but just because this it a minor itch in the back of my neck for me doesnt mean that I would let it go so that he could remain looking virtuous after all he just decides to bring up his masters teachings about not seeking revenge when everything he did before reaching the Draconic Ruins Realm was about seeking revenge even though there may have been other underlying motives

        1. Wrong. He started his life as nothing. His accomplishments now came from his own efforts and luck without being pampered from the start. It only looks like he has it easy now because the story started with him coming back as a kid with vast knowledge and experience.

        2. the sacred family was about the city. revenge he liked but that was not the reason he did it. every action then was calculated. now that he has reached this realm he seems to need to wing it a bit more.

      2. Perfectly “sound?” I wouldn’t call it that. He embarrassed a highly respected family, and is expecting no retaliation base on people’s promises of protection? Yea, sounds legit to me. Let me give you an example, Let’s pretend you saved a prime minister life. Let’s call him Prime Minister (A). He promise to bail you out of any trouble you get into. You take advantage of him and decided that beating the shit out of the ANOTHER prime minster’s (prime minster B) son, leaving him in a state of permanent vegetation and THEN running back to that nation would somehow absolve you of everything. First of all, do you really think that the prime minister (A) will actually bail you out because he said he will? Secondly, did you expect that running back to that nation will not start a war between the two nations? Just because they have this pact and are on equal in term in influence and power doesn’t mean they don’t have their limits. Thirdly, You know by doing this you are putting pressure on that nation and is instigating all out war. You are literally endangering everyone by hiding behind them and using them as a shield! And before you say something like “that can’t possible start a war”, what about raping Prime Minister (B) daughter or killing his wife instead. My point is that people have gone to war for far, far less; Especially in the olden days. People would literally started decade long war for a woman’s hand in marriage. What Nie Li is doing is literally instigating a war between the institute and the dragon family and putting an extreme amount of trust that the institute will have his back on this one. Why is he expecting the institute to help him out from the family’s? His only protection from them are the empty promises of elder that he have no clue about. They have their limits too you know? seems like an absolute, brilliant and flawless idea. (saracasm) And he continue this trend too! Whether it’s sacred family vs glory city, institute vs dragon family or any other he give’s no shit and just does what the hell he wants! What stopping the sacred family from sending the number 2 assassin from dark guild after him at the very beginning for shaming the sacred family? Is because orchid institute was impenetrable? No, they just didn’t see Ni lie as a threat at the time and decided he wasn’t worth it. Nie Li line of thinking is beyond insane and borderline chaotic. It’s at the line of all out war and a small mistake, or mishap will mean the death of millions just because he wanted to slap a bitch in the face… Does that seem “sound” logic to you?

        Most people hate Nie LI, well that I know of, is his asshole personality. He kind of has the personality of someone who enjoys someones misery and tend to go overboard. Let me give you another example, There is a school bully that is bothering you. He is an asshole and tend to exclusively bully you. So what do you do? A) You can ask for help from friends or others. B) fight him and force him to stop C) Concede to him and do what he wants. Nie Li would fight him, beat the shit out of him, drag his ass in front of the school so everyone can see, but that is not all. He would strip him naked for everyone to see, beat him with a broken stick till he is blue, and then make sure that the humiliation he felt that day will haunt him for the rest of his life. Do you see how people are not ok with that. No matter how much he bullied you, there is a limit to just how much people are ok with retaliation. He does this to pretty much everyone that he hates or ,he felt, wronged him. Whether it’s the sacred family or his own family, it does not matter. But, after saying all of that, I’m someone who is ok with Nie Li because I really like the story and like his drive. It’s like a story about someone who is at the top but had give alot to get there. And finally, when he is at the top, he feels empty because of what he lost, but somehow, someway; he is able to correct his mistake and do it all over again. I really like that idea. The way he treat his friends are pretty cool too. But the way the treats his enemies… Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be his best friend in real life. LOL

    2. Actually, its good that the MC isn’t perfect and is making mistakes. Cultivation-wise sure, he’s the best, but his previous life of being a lone wolf shows he isn’t yet that good with inter-personal relationships. If he was totally perfect from the start then that would be a very boring story. IMO the fact that you hate what he’s doing means the author is on the right track.

      I feel like Nie Li’s development right now revolves mostly around the two new girls. Except unlike in his past life, he’s come to the new realm a bit earlier so instead of Long Yuyin and Ying Yueru being old enough to be his masters, they’re classmates instead.

      Now, I haven’t read the raws, but this time around Nie Li is in a unique position where he can save both his master and her tormentor. Long Yuyin would have been a silkpants who’d never had to answer to anyone, and under Nie Li’s oppression and mistreatment, she’s had a taste of her own medicine. In the previous timeline she grows old like this and pretty much becomes a tyrant, but this time around she’s still young enough to be reformed. From her reaction to her fiance last chapter, her path has been altered already.

      Of course, Long Yuyin isn’t going to take Nie Li’s oppression lying down, and neither is Nie Li wholly correct in his actions. He is treating her for crimes that happened in another timeline. Crimes that she’d never done in this time, and he is prejudiced of both her motives and character. My guess is his development this time will come from Long Yuyin pushing back against his own misjudgements.

      It might be kinda shounen-ish, but Long Yuyin and Nie Li clashing will probably end up saving each other, and Ying Yueru as well. Long Yuyin will become a better person for having been knocked down a peg, and Nie Li has to learn that he can’t keep treating people based only on what he knows from his past life.

    3. @ices Teel Not really he’s realistic enough. He doesn’t trample on everyone that looks down on him only those that act on it. Also most of his actions are dictated by his feelings of that person form his previous life. It’s hard to not judge someone when you already have a preconception of the person personality.

    4. Sexism and lack of realism? You have no idea what you’re talking about. This is xianxia, people in xianxia don’t behave like people in real life. I don’t know what you’re expecting here.

  3. I’m so very tired of Nei Li being all “why do the people I treat like shit get offended” and all that hypocrisy. I want to thank the translators though, it was an enjoyable read while it lasted, good luck with getting into college 🙂

    1. it isnt like they were good people to begin with. Even this girl said to herself that usually she would find it normal if a family was exterminated for offending her like that. Pretty much all the characters till now have been petty villains that didnt deserve his kindness at all. He doesnt treat people like shit if they dont do the same to him. . .

  4. A b*tch is a b*tch can not be treated otherwise, Everything that brings the story is the first time I respect nie li, ni lie is human and has every right to hate, I say she’s an arrogant b*tch and is the only way in which it does not become worse,In this life he could forgive her, obviously she would have to stop being a b*tch first, She is still young, yes! a young b*tch, Do we need to grow and become a huge b*tch?But this is a novel and place of something profound will end up as a member of the harem bleh

  5. lol, she is getting bullied and its cute. The sad part is MC’s misunderstanding that she has not changed. I should note, even if the MC realized that she is becoming a better person, he will still bully her lots. lol. It would be interesting if one day his main two girls meet her, and then get pissed at MC for treating her so bad.

    Still, their fates are intertwined (like how they were physically this chapter, cough, cough), and looking at the big picture, it would be a good bet that she comes to terms with MC eventually.

    1. Your speaking like the people he messes with are innocent victims when there the ones who start with him and deserve what they get for the most part. have you seen him going after others like the sacred family or like this girl is doing to make you think he deserves to be punished. Never mind that you could say he’s already suffered a great deal before his restart. Also why call him a bully she’s the one going outta her way to bother him

      1. Ya but don’t forget. Nie Li is under the impression she sent that group of people to bother him when she took the high road on that one and said not to. And just now I’m assuming she almost apologized for kicking him.

          1. And that’s the great thing about being a reader!

            Nie Li doesn’t know she tried to apologize, but Long Yuyin does, and more importantly, we do too. Right now her encounter with Nie Li has already changed her future self somewhat, and for the better IMO.

            What remains to see if she can impart a lesson to Nie Li as well. Right now he’s acting worse than the thought police on Minority Report, and I feel like Long Yuyin won’t let him get away without giving him a piece of her mind.

      2. what evil did she do since the sacred ground thingy? right, nothing!
        she even trained without her family resources and faught him in a training match without using her bloodline to win over him, like every other competitive person who strives for the top does. she’s constantly about to cry and its not solely because of humiliation, but definitely as well due to her realizing her mistakes. She regrets and feels guilty!
        What’s left now is a little escalation of their emotional conflicts, a few tears, a heart throbbing in realization of overstepping the line and failed judgement, and we’ve got a new, not one dimensional harem girl 🙂

        1. Ummm.. Did you even really read it?? And do you even underatand what bloodline is?? Basically wether you wanna use it or not is not in your control its passive and basically the dragonbloodline or something increases strength so meaning from the start MC is at a disadvantage in strength no question.. and really he’s not bullying her when he lashed her 3 times before that was supposed to be the first and last grudge against her.. and he was also willing to forget all past grudges between her and his master.. and she even challenged him for a practice match but she went too far.. arent you being a little narrow minded?? *sigh* your argument is invalid real BIG… listen.. did Nie Li offended her?? NO but rather the other way around and who was it that challenged?? Her!! She practically still didnt change even if she doubts herself she still think revenge is everything..

          1. Is it just me or the longer I read TL novels…… the worst i become AND start thinking about PRIDE… That’s right! PRIDE!!! *sigh* I really don’t get it though does the parents’ on these spoiled brats only teach them how to POOP?! All arrogant! pride! selfishness! arrogant! and all goes down to revenge….. and then the one goes down and two goes down and until billions goes down! Why not just solve the problem while the conflict is still little…all conflict can be solve by just saying the others “wh”question like ‘I am a person who hated being challenged so WHy did you…. WHat did I do…. WHo did I offended…. or just say “SOORRRRRYYYY!” once in a while … *sigh* their temperament changes in adaptation, forget the word “KINDNESS” and become worst from worse and this is why I BLAME THE PARENTS!!!! If you say that these parents are responsible because ‘the experience will teach them thingy’ so what if all broke apart and offended something that will be “too late for regrets’ … Now, that they started seeing the lights of goodness (sorry if your offended but you’ll think just because it happened in the past future it will happen again) some would say that its just a SHOW! an ACT! …… WOW! I can’t even think much further what happened to your good friends that you start becoming hostile with… do you think that all of those are true on what your thinking! (oh sorry for being emotional back there) All in all can’t you jusssst think that ‘people can turn into a new leaf’ …. baboo!

          2. Thank you! These idiots that keep giving her excuses annoy me to no end, I admit she has the potential, notice the word ‘potential’ to change and become a better person.

            But at THIS moment, she is a horrible and worthless human being, Nie Li already took his revenge with the whip lashes, he wants nothing to do with her. Granted she has the right to take revenge, but why does Nie Li not have the right to retaliate?

            She keeps coming back for more, despite knowing how he views her, and she acts like it’s the most wrong thing in the world. She has not once tried to apologize for her actions despite what people think, when Nie Li walked by her and she wanted to say something it wasn’t to apologize, it was gonna be more crap about how she over-reacted and he got what he deserved anyway.

            These people defending her are really dumb, except for a few that actually have a real reason to defend her. Most of them here are just doing it simply because it’s a girl and they feel bad for her, it’s pathetic to see.

  6. It seems that many people look at Nie Li as childish when dealing with many past life nemesis like Sacred Familiy especially the young generation like Shen Yue, Shen Fei and Long Yuyin from dragonseal family.

    A short summary of events resulting Nie Li’s bad ass behaviour. Firstly, the world in TDG follows The Strong eat Weak, where the strong set the rules, and the weaker group can only follow. Although Nie Li had the Temporal Demon Book and extraordinary talent ( earth grade 7 ), Nie Li did not have powerful master and resources to support him. There are much resentments from his past life, for example Glory City was destroyed, his friends, families and loved ones are all slaughtered leaving him the only sole survivor, and recently we know that his teacher Lin Yueru will be forced to the death by Long Yuyin and dragonseal family. And dont forget that Nie Li target is the powerful Sage Emperor that control Time and Space, Sage Emperor destroyed all of Nie Li’s hope such as destroying all the soul form Nie Li collected for ressurectng his friends and loved ones. Sage Emperor will recover his power hundred years later and start to kill all people, and to destroy artifacts that can challange his supremacy. Nie Li does not have the time, especially he does not have the Temperal Demon Book in this lifetime.

    1. Agree to disagre…

      True this work is where strong eat the weak but, at this time he’s still weak (learning curve) so he has to deal with what come at him.
      Like ignoring all the invite from the big clan was a good move

    2. He’s had 200.000 years of reading books yet he still can’t manage to change these people were there no books with insights to psychology or manipulation?

      1. in that type of world, no. Even our world hasnt studied such subjects for that all that long. So, probably not in answer to your question. manipulation, psychology, those things simply dont fit with the type of world that is, and so no one would really choose to study subjects like those.

      2. Hatred can cloud your judgement. All people have different idea of what is happening. Long Yuying hated Ying Yueru because Ying Yueru killed her (also Ying Yueru’s) teacher. Nie Li hated Long Yuying because Long Yueying forced Ying Yueru to death. But the truth is Nie Li was the calamity of Ying Yueru’s destiny, she died protecting Nie Li. Whereas Ying Yueru’s teacher died to protect Divine Feather Sect. Nie Li cannot understand the “virtuous water realm” and cannot release worldly ties, and this is the reason why TDG is exciting 🙂

        1. now I’m getting confused a lot more…. your saying that his teacher is ‘forced’ and HE is the ‘calamity’ then why would he vent his anger toward others but its all HIS fault for meeting his master … is this called Karma… in his past life he studied in the same sect because of his teacher and in this life he was still studying in the same sect and still meet his master… then doesn’t that mean that her teacher will still ‘die’ because of him?
          Now I really like reading a sequel that tells about AALLLL what happened in that past life of his…. TOTALLY CURIOS!!!!!

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