TDG Chapter 259

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Chapter 259 – Rage

Nie Li tightly grasped the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. When he saw how pained Ye Zong looked, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. With his current strength, he was capable of engaging in battle Demon Lord; however killing him would still be a difficult task.

After spending so much time together, Nie Li regarded Ye Zong as a second father in his heart.

Ye Zong endured the pain. Even though one of his arms had been ripped off and he was being held in a choke hold, he still had an air of unyielding pride.

Ye Zong solemnly said. “Nie Li, don’t worry about me. Use all your strength to kill him! Even if I wind up in hell, I’ll go happily!” His gaze moved away from Ye Ziyun. He had spent his entire life protecting Glory City, and would until his last breath. The only thing he would regret was leaving Ye Ziyun behind.

When she saw how much Ye Zong was suffering, tears fell from Ye Ziyun’s cheeks. She recalled her childhood, when her father had held her hands and led her along as they watched the distant scarlet clouds.

“Yun’er, did you know? Glory City is the one place we can call home. Countless ancestors have died in order to protect this home. Their spilled blood has contributed to the glory of the Snow Wind Family. You should feel proud of your ancestors. If Glory City meets with danger one day, I will also hand over my life without hesitation.”

Back then, Ye Ziyun couldn’t understand her father’s words. But as she grew up and started to understand, she tried her best to become stronger and help her father. Finally, she had stepped into Legend rank, but right now, she could only watch as Ye Zong suffered.

The Demon Lord laughed and said, “Ye Zong, did you think that if you lot were to join hands, that you’d be able to kill me? Hand the demon spirit stone over to me. Otherwise, not to mention just you, everyone here will die!” As he finished speaking, the Demon Lord grabbed Ye Zong’s other arm and tore it off.

With both of his arms dismembered, Ye Zong’s face twisted in pain.

On the contrary, his suffering caused the Demon Lord to be happy. He held onto Ye Zong’s neck and continued to exert strength. He could kill Ye Zong whenever he wished, if he cared to apply more force.

Seeing Ye Zong’s life hanging on a thread, Ye Mo hastily yelled, “Wait, as long as you let Ye Zong go, I’ll give the you the demon spirit stone!”

Ye Mo took out a demon spirit stone.

The Demon Lord coldly laughed, “Throw the demon spirit stone over!”

“Let him go first!” Ye Mo said in solemn voice.

The Demon Lord smiled sinisterly and said, “Ye Mo, it seems that you’re still unclear about the current situation. You guys have no other choice! If you don’t pass the demon spirit stone over right now, I’ll kill Ye Zong first, then take it from your hands. After that, what can you possibly do to me?”

The Demon Lord continued to exert force as Ye Zong’s sides continued to flow with blood. If he didn’t receive immediate aid, it would be too late!

Ye Mo’s eyes widened. Although he was usually extremely strict with Ye Zong, Ye Zong had always made him proud. As he watched his own son suffer, he desired that it would rather be himself who suffered!

“This is the demon spirit stone that you wanted!” Ye Mo threw the stone over.


The Demon Lord caught the demon spirit stone in one hand and verified it.

“Now, let Ye Zong go!” Ye Mo clenched both fists tightly and prepared to engage.

“Of course I’ll return him to you!” A cruel and sinister smile was plastered on the Demon Lord’s face. One of his arms pierced Ye Zong’s chest and sprayed blood everywhere. The Demon Lord licked at the blood that had splattered on his face, “Tsk, tsk. Such a fragrant scent! Ye Mo, both you and I have fought for dozens of years and today, your son will die in my hands. But don’t worry, I won’t let him die alone. I’ll take your life next and let the two of you reunite in the underworld!”

The moment the Demon Lord pierced Ye Zong’s chest, an unwavering determination expressed itself on Ye Zong’s face. His adrenaline spiked and a wild energy spread throughout the surroundings, emanating from his body.

A bone penetrating chill instantly froze the surrounding air.

A relieved smile showed on Ye Zong’s face. “Nie Li, take good care of Yun’er!”

In his heart, he was already very satisfied. To have been able to entrust his daughter to someone like Nie Li, he could now rest in peace.

Ye Zong’s body turned into ice and a terrifying frost instantly extended onto the Demon Lord’s body.


Two of the Demon Lord’s arms burst and he instantly issued a miserable shriek, “Damned ant, even in death, you still dared to hurt me!” The Demon Lord furiously roared as Ye Zong’s secret technique caused him to suffer heavy injuries.

“Father!” Ye Ziyun wailed piercingly.

“Ye Zong,” Ye Mo was stunned for a moment. In that instant, he couldn’t bear such an emotional impact. He couldn’t imagine Ye Zong dying.

The others on the sidelines were also dumbfounded. They never thought that the Demon Lord would actually kill Ye Zong after getting his hands on the demon spirit stone.

The Demon Lord had already made his decision. Regardless of whether Ye Mo handed over the demon spirit stone or not, he would have still killed Ye Zong!

Ye Zong had executed the self-destruct technique of the Snow Wind Family. Once this technique was executed, his soul would be utterly destroyed. As he watched Ye Zong’s body turn into ice, Nie Li’s eyes reddened. Rage filled his chest, even he never imagined that the Demon Lord would kill Ye Zong without reason.

A frozen expression covered Nie Li’s face as his terrifying killing intent spread around him. The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword in his hand issued a blazing luster and filled the sky with lightning bolts.

That glow reflected on Nie Li’s face, flickering in his glistening teardrops.

Countless of memories of his time with Ye Zong flashed through his head. From the first time they met and had fought to Ye Zong’s attitude towards him slowly changing and gradually admitting his relationship with Ye Ziyun. In Nie Li’s heart, although Ye Zong was someone who he’d constantly butted heads with, Ye Zong was still a kind and benevolent father.

That image of Ye Zong still remained in his mind.

The instant Ye Zong died, everyone’s eyes turned scarlet red and were prepared to fight the Demon Lord. However, they suddenly felt a terrifying killing aura that caused the blood in their bodies to solidify.

They turned their heads and looked at Nie Li. His clothes were fluttering as his entire body became enveloped in the three frightening types of Law Energy. The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword in his hand also unleashed unimaginable might.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Nie Li’s aura surged. Right now, he seemed like a demonic god that had ascended from the underworld.

When he had returned to this time, in this life, Nie Li had intended to change everyone’s destiny, including Ye Zong’s. However, now he realised that he wasn’t able to control everyone’s destiny.

Back then, Nie Li had felt a little sympathy for the Demon Lord. After all, the Demon Lord’s foster father had been killed; therefore, he betrayed Glory City. However, Nie Li never thought that the Demon Lord would be so insane. When he thought about Ye Zong’s death, Nie Li’s heart burned with eternal rage.


With that soaring killing intent, Nie Li became the demonization of bloodlust, and locked onto the Demon Lord. Countless bolts of lightning shot towards the Demon Lord, making the entire sky look as though it was about to be torn apart by his rage.

The Demon Lord had been injured by Ye Zong and two of his arms were gone. Before he could recover, he sensed an endless sea of killing intent rampaging at him, suffocating him with its pressure. He never imagined that Nie Li would be able to burst forth with such powerful strength!

Nie Li probably executed some secret techniques that allowed him to raise his strength by several folds.

For the first time, the Demon Lord sensed danger; this energy was sufficient to destroy him thoroughly! Before, he didn’t place Nie Li with high concern. In his point of view, even if he couldn’t kill Nie Li, killing Nie Li’s companions would be more than sufficient. If it was Nie Li alone, it was basically impossible for him to pose a threat to the Demon Lord.

However, he was wrong. He never imagined that Nie Li would be able to summon such a powerful aura in this instant.

Nie Li roared in rage as he grasped the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword in his hand and slashed it towards the Demon Lord. A large bolt of lightning pierced the sky and brought a suffocating pressure down on the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord immediately wielded his pair of maces and used all of his Law of Hell to unleash a wild energy against the lightning bolt.


The sky was almost rent apart. The dispelled energy instantly sent Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the rest rolling away. This energy wasn’t something they could withstand even at Legend rank. They were like leaves in a tsunami.

“What powerful energy!” Du Ze and the rest were utterly shocked.

A gigantic lightning bolt struck down so hard, it was as though it was trying to smite the world.

The Demon Lord couldn’t withstand such a powerful attack with his maces and were sent flying out of his hands. The impact of the bolt devoured his entire body and destroyed several of his arms in an instant.

“ARGHH!” The Demon Lord shriek miserably.

The lightning bolt destroyed all of the Demon Lord’s arms. Just as it was about to land on his chest, his chest suddenly glowed with a dazzling light and was sent flying.

The Demon Lord spat a mouthful of blood as deep shock showed itself in his eyes. The power of this lightning bolt was simply too great; it’s wasn’t something that he could withstand. If it hadn’t been for his artifact, he would’ve been destroyed by that lightning bolt.

Nie Li was like a demonic god that had descended, making others feel like helpless mortals.

When he realized that the Demon Lord was still alive, Nie Li waved the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword once again in an arc towards him.


The Demon Lord was sent flying yet again. This time, both his legs and even his head had been destroyed by that pillar of lightning. However, the artifact still barely protected his body, turning him into a streak of light that shot off towards the distance.

“KILL!” Nie Li was still in a raging state as he mobilised his lightning pillar to chase after that streak of light. Countless bolts of lightning rained down.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Innumerable lightning bolts landed on that streak of light; however, it still continued to tear through the sky and eventually disappeared into the horizon.

“Demon Lord, even if you escape to the ends of the earth, I will pursue and destroy you! I will ensure that you never reincarnate for eternity!” Nie Li’s raging voice resounded throughout the horizon.

The Demon Lord’s artifact was at least a Grade 3 Artifact in the Draconic Ruins Realm. In this Tiny World, aside from powerful experts like the Nether Master, no one else could kill the Demon Lord. Right now, Nie Li couldn’t do a thing to the Demon Lord!

Would the Nether Master help Nie Li kill the Demon Lord? That’s practically impossible!

In the eyes of the experts like the Nether Master, both Nie Li and the Demon Lord were in an equal position. They had decent talent, that was all. Only by reaching the Draconic Ruins Realm and wielded sufficient strength, would those experts place them with any amount of high concern.

Nie Li stared at the horizon dumbfoundedly as his tyrannical aura gradually weakened. Ye Zong is dead?

Just earlier this morning he had been chatting and laughing with Ye Zong. Now, in this instant, he was no longer here. Nie Li was still unable to accept that fact.

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