TDG Chapter 254

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Chapter 254 – Becoming a Disciple

When they heard the words of the black robed expert, everyone was astonished. Was the person standing before them really the Nether Master that they had heard of in legends?

Yu Yan, who was hiding in Nie Li’s sleeve, also felt the aura of the Nether Master and the others who stood behind him. She was also utterly astonished. It turned out that there were so many experts in the Nether Realm, a total of seven, who had reached the level of Spiritual God.

Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help asking in a low voice, “Xiao Yu, your relationship with the Nether Master…?”

Xiao Yu turned towards Xiao Ning’er and explained with a smile, “The Nether Master is my foster father and treats me kindly.”

So it turned out that Xiao Yu had such a huge, terrifying background. No wonder Xiao Yu once said that no one in the Nether Realm could touch him.

The Master of the Nether Realm looked everyone over and casually smiled. “All of you are talents that we have chosen from within the Nether Realm. Perhaps you are still unsure of your futures. But from now on, all of you will be introduced to a whole new domain.”

“This world that we currently reside in is called the Tiny World. It is only a small portion of the Draconic Ruins Realm. Furthermore, the Legend rank that you all have praised is only the beginning of true cultivation. Above Legend rank, there is still Heavenly Fate, Heavenly Star, Heavenly Axis, Dao of the Dragon, and Martial Ancestor.”

At these words, a deep shock revealed itself in the eyes of Cang Ming and the others. So the Tiny World was only a small area within a larger world. Furthermore, they have been told that there were many more realms above Legend rank.

The Nether Master continued, “There are many sects in the Draconic Ruins Realm: supreme forces that have lasted for aeons. Any one of these sects alone could easily exterminate the entire population of experts of the Tiny World. The only reason why the Tiny World has maintained its current peace is because the residents of the Tiny World can exit as they wish; however, those from the outside world are unable to enter. The portal between the Tiny World and the outside world only opens once every five years. Only people who were born in our Tiny World can come and go as they please.”

In his previous life, Nie Li had also charged through that portal to reach the Draconic Ruins Realm and entered a whole new world.

At the words of the Nether Master, Cang Ming, Mu Ye, and Hua Huo were filled with strong anticipation and desire to venture to the Draconic Ruins Realm. Just what kind of world would it be?

The Nether Master’s gaze swept over everyone. “The six experts here have the same motive as me. They are also experts born in the Tiny World. Each of you have already been chosen to become a disciple of these experts. If you are willing to establish a master and disciple relationship and bear the Soul Seal, then your master will bring you to the Draconic Ruins Realm. From there, you will join various sects, learn higher level cultivation techniques, and become supreme experts!” As cultivators, such temptation was simply irresistible.

Once the Soul Seal is formed, your relationship as master and disciple will be stable. In the Draconic Ruins Realm, cheating and betraying your master is the most unforgivable sin!

Du Ze whispered in Nie Li’s ears, “Nie Li, are we going to the Draconic Ruins Realm?”

Nie Li nodded his head as he glanced at the Demon Lord, who stood far away, and said, “It’s a must for us to go to the Draconic Ruins Realm. Otherwise, in five years, we’d no longer have enough strength to protect Glory City from the dangers it might experience.” If they stayed in the Tiny World and allowed the Demon Lord to enter the Draconic Ruins Realm, then five years later, it would be an easy task for the Demon Lord to destroy Glory City.

A trace of sadness flashed through Du Ze’s eyes. “Then, will we be able to bid farewell to our parents?”

Nie Li pondered for a brief moment and said, “The Nether Master should give us some time to do that!”

As if the Nether Master had overheard the party’s discussion, he lightly smiled, “Before heading for the Draconic Ruins Realm, I will give all of you few months worth of time to spend with your families. Furthermore, if any of you have unfulfilled wishes before entering to the Draconic Ruins Realm, we will also do our best to help you fulfill them!”

Suddenly, Cang Ming stood out from the sidelines, bowed, and asked, “Esteemed lord, I would like to ask as to who will be our master? Are we going to choose our own master?”

The Nether Master shook his head and said, “You master has already been decided. If any of you are unwilling, you are permitted to leave!”

Hearing the Master of the Nether Realm’s words, Cang Ming immediately shut up. They didn’t have the right to make any choices. In fact, it was already a great favor to them for experts of that level to accept them as disciples. They couldn’t help being a little anxious as they wondered what kind of master they would have.

Ye Ziyun, Du Ze, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest were a little nervous. With so many of them here, they probably won’t have the same master. Did that mean that they would all go separate ways?

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er almost simultaneously turned to Nie Li. After all, this was the distant Draconic Ruins Realm that they were talking about. They wondered as to what kinds of experiences they would have once they’re there.

The Nether Master’s gaze swept over everyone. “After you have become a disciple, your master will explain to you in detail the situation regarding the Draconic Ruins Realm. However, all I have to say now is that no matter which sect you enter, all of you originate from the Tiny World. A person should never forget their origin nor betray their master! Otherwise, we will do all in our power to kill you personally!”

Sensing the terrifying chill within his eyes, everyone immediately nodded their heads.

The beautiful lady who stood behind the Nether Master revealed a gentle smile, then pointed at Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Xiao Xue. “You, you, and you come here! From now onwards, you are my disciples.”

Compared to the other experts, this beautiful lady appeared far more kind and gentle. Nie Li could rest more easily if Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Xiao Xue followed this lady.

Quickly, every expert found their own three disciples. Du Ze, Hua Huo, and Cang Ming were placed together with a blue haired expert. Duan Jian, the Demon Lord, and Mu Ye were also grouped together.

Nie Li, Lu Piao, and a twenty year old Demigod rank expert were placed together, as disciples of the Nether Master.

Although the Soul Seal placed certain restrictions on the disciple, the same also applied the master. In the Draconic Ruins Realm, those who have established Soul Seals all had an extremely stable master-disciple relationship. The master would definitely not place any harm on the disciple; therefore, Nie Li could calmly form a Soul Seal with the Nether Master.

“The next three months will be time for you to bid farewell to your families. Once the portal to the Draconic Ruins Realm opens, all of you will head for the sects.” The Nether Master said to everyone as he glanced at Nie Li’s sleeve.

Nie Li had also understood that the Nether Master knew that Yu Yan was currently concealed in his sleeve. However, the Nether Master had only given a glance without saying anything.

The Nether Master eyed Nie Li and the other two as he said, “From today forwards, all three of you will address me as Master!”

Nie Li took a step forward and cupped his hands, “Lord Master, before heading for the Draconic Ruins Realm, I have a request. I wonder if Lord Master will agree to it?”

“What request?” the Master of the Nether Realm asked.

“I come from outside of the Nether Realm, a place called Glory City. While I’m not around, I hope that Master could do his best to protect the safety of Glory City!” Nie Li said with respect. He had decided to be honest with the Nether Master now that their master-disciple relationship has been established. Therefore, the Nether Master would surely agree to aid in this matter. After all, protecting Glory City wasn’t a tough problem for the Nether Master.

“Oh? Glory City?” When the Nether Master heard Nie Li’s words, he wasn’t shocked in the least. He smiled meaningfully, “A city of the human race in the main world, practically the only one. Furthermore Glory City has managed to preserve itself until today and hasn’t been destroyed by the demon beast hordes. Did you really think that the few experts of Glory City were capable of that all by themselves? Rest assured. I have long been entrusted by a friend; as long as I live, no one can touch Glory City!”

Someone had entrusted the protection of Glory City to the Nether Master? Nie Li was stunned for a brief moment. But now that the thought about it again, he realised that it must be true. Glory City had experienced so many disasters, yet still managed to survive; this was indeed an unusual matter. So there has always been someone protecting the city from behind the scenes.

However, Nie Li was puzzled as to the identity of the one who had entrusted the protection of Glory City to the Nether Master.

If that’s the case, then why was Glory City destroyed in his previous life? Could it be that in his previous life, the Nether Master had…

Nie Li’s heart was embroiled in endless confusion. But since the Nether Master wanted to keep it a secret and didn’t seem willing to talk about it, Nie Li ceased his questions. It seems that the solution this puzzle had to be saved for the future.

By the time the disciple ceremony ended, each person formed a Soul Seal with their respective master.

Xiao Yu lightly smiled towards Nie Li. “If we end up in the Divine Feathers Sect of the Draconic Ruins Realm, brother Nie Li has to look after me!”

Nie Li shrugged. “It should be the other way round.”

Previously, he didn’t know Xiao Yu’s true identity and therefore, had his guard up against him. But now that he was aware of the relationship between Xiao Yu and the Nether Master, the guard he originally had was now gone. However, Nie Li still disapproved of Xiao Yu’s sissy attitude.

“Then we’ll meet again in three months!” Xiao Yu laughed.

In three months, everyone will head towards the Draconic Ruins Realm! These three months would be their final period in the Tiny World. When they returned next time, it would be five years later!

After the ceremony ended, the talents chosen by the seven experts bidded farewell and decided to return to their own families.

“Nie Li, are we going back now?” Du Ze asked Nie Li. After this, they would stay in Draconic Ruins Realm for at least five years!

Everyone was also in anticipation of Nie Li’s reply.

Nie Li went silent as he pondered for a brief moment. Then he said, “Of course we will return to Glory City. But before we go back, there’s still a place we have to visit!”

“What place?” everyone looked at Nie Li in a puzzled way.

“The Desert Palace!” Nie Li said as he stared into the distance. Before heading for the Draconic Ruins Realm, he had to make a trip to that place!

The Desert Palace? Everyone was slightly stunned at the name of it. They wondered. what kind of place was this Desert Palace that Nie Li spoke of. Why did Nie Li want to go there?

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  1. (wow this was long i didn’t even realize it LOL sorry for a long post for my thoughts 😛 )
    Didn’t Nie Li originally have 2 years to grow strong enough to protect Glory City? So Originally the Demon Lord never headed for the apprentice spot for the Nether Lord since no one other than the Nether Lord and the Dark Guild knew about Glory City in the past life. And since the story started it hasn’t even been close to a year since Nie Li was put back in this life. So this entire interaction with the Nether Lord is new to even the Demon Lord. Unless the Demon Lord found a way out of Draconic Ruins Realm, but there would be a 5 year gap then from when Glory City was destroyed.

    So theres a few things:

    Either the Dark Guild wasn’t involved and the Sacred Family got scared and ran to the Dark Guild, which we know is false since Dark Guild members came in and attacked Glory City with the Demon Horde. So this is false. (unless Dark Guild members weren’t in the attack? But i believe they were since i remember reading that they ran into the Abyss Realm)

    Was there a selection that year for an apprentice? Its quiet possible that there originally wasn’t going to be a selection but after Nie Li’s weapons being distribute everywhere that might of caused the Nether Lord to start a selection that year since the Weapons were on par with the Draconic Ruins Realm level (possibly Demigods were amazed at these weapons so..). Lets be honest, would the Demon Lord allow his guild to just destroy Glory City without him being there? Most likely not. And since we know that the Legend Ranks from the Dark Guild are the highest ranks in the Dark Guild we know that the Demon Lord trusts very little people so he wouldn’t want anyone other than them being the leader (possibly). Now granted that the Ex-step child (forgot his name) from Glory City could of gained trust some how before the Demon Lord left, and gained a higher ranking in the Dark Guild but what can he do that the Demon Lord couldn’t do other than poisoning the City Lord and getting away Scott free? But Nie Li would of learned in his previous life that the City Lord was poisoned.

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    But so far, with my knowledge, Glory City is protected for the next 5 years unless the Demon Lord has a way out of the Draconic Ruins Realm before the 5 year gate is opened but we can also assume Nie Li might know of a way out as well (probably). So yeah. What do you guys think? Also this is probably the end of the Glory City protection bullshit or whatever and actually heading into something more interesting.

    1. They say it in the chapter that the people from the tiny world can come and go as they please but people from the other world may only enter every 5 years. Found the paragraph where it says that:

      The Nether Master continued, “There are many sects in the Draconic Ruins Realm: supreme forces that have lasted for aeons. Any one of these sects alone could easily exterminate the entire population of experts of the Tiny World. The only reason why the Tiny World has maintained its current peace is because the residents of the Tiny World can exit as they wish; however, those from the outside world are unable to enter. The portal between the Tiny World and the outside world only opens once every five years. Only people who were born in our Tiny World can come and go as they please.”

      1. From my understanding from that, it means only people born from the Tiny World can enter the portal, but only every 5 years but they can leave after the gate open again in 5 years. While people born there can’t ever leave..

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      Rock on Thyaer!

      1. The attack on Glory City is not mentioned but in Nie Li past life it happened before , so most likely the selection of the disciple did not happen or something like that . Also you never know if the Sage Emperor is from Nie Li world because it never says where they fight , it only says the Sage Emperor saw him as his natural enemy and he was cornered and destroyed because the Sage Emperor had the 6 Helpers those Beasts i can’t remember the name . Yes by changing the starting point can also change the way the future is going so the destruction of Glory City can happen like it used to be 2 years later or it might happen later after the Demon Lord returns from the Draconic Realm , you never know . And one thing is for sure Nie Li was killed after the destruction of Glory City because if you read the past chapters there is Nie Li saying that he learned alchemy after he left Glory City and the alchemy level of those people there can’t even be considered alchemy those things we’re learned after he left Glory City and he escaped the massacre . So his fight with the Sage Emperor should happen at least 3-5 years later or even more because he acquired 7 spirits in his past life and that is not so easy to do , but those spirits might have been weaker or something like this since he was beaten , but it never clarifies it for sure .

        1. It’s mentioned that Nie Li was hundreds of years old so he fought with the sage emperor a lot later after the glory city got destroyed. And in his previous life Nie Li was not talented, he using the temporal demon spirit book took hundreds of years to break through the legend rank

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